My Top 10 Favorite Pokemon Starters

-What a get up to not start my listing with starters from my favorite anime series in this current time which will never practically end but to start off with a starters I will be doing from bottom to top which means the Pokemon I like the most is at the top so without further or do let's start.And yeah this means it's my opinion guys if you like to vote who's best then go ahead!
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Incineroar

-Fire/Dark -I know it sounds harsh for some people who doesn't accept it but hey who doesn't need a burning bodybuilding wrestling tiger is a terrible thinking machine although some types would beat up this starter and it is kinda bit off but hey I want a starter that will make me a winner.Wait till you see its signature move Darkest Lariat.

2 Chesnaught

-Grass/Fighting -Why not this guy might be weakened by any other types but it's design and art is so awesome and fantastic cause he's a real grass and fighting.The shell,spikes and red-linings are indicating that he's more of a warrior than can fight although his signature move Spiky Shield makes up a Offensive and Defensive move altogether if I say,and yes its face may indicate that he's serious but it's the opposite of that if you look into his former evolution.

3 Charizard

-Fire/Flying -This one should be respectively cared every time or else it will unleash a stream of fire into your face and this dragon-looking guy doesn't want to mess around with fools it is capable of being a very serious fighter and it was seen in the anime beating off a Blastoise more than one time.What's cooler that it has two Mega-Evolve forms which is X and Y.

4 Blastoise

-Water -This one also has a Mega-evolve form but it beats off our Charizard in Mega-evolve form X and it is known for its furious water-pumping cannons in its back shell resembling a gigantic blue turtle that probably rapidly spin on you.Capable on trusting to bite or chew on things and can wreck a truck for no reason too.

5 Typhlosion

-Fire -Why not love a Gen.2 starter this guy was my favorite Johto Pokemon ever because with it's holes on the back lets out a furious fire rising upward when this guy is angry and serious.Another reason that he looks like a volcanic animal which makes even awesomer that he is a starter.

6 Decidueye

-Grass/Ghost -He might be a bird but he can sense your presence when around and totally an accurate starter in battle which might make him a Robin Hood in Pokemon.With its big wing acts as a bow and a green leafy mask is so perfect to make up a owl turned into an archer,it's signature move Spirit Shackle is going to split your spirit away or maybe not but that's the ghost type move I loved ever since.

7 Sceptile

-Grass -Why mix a plant to a swordfighter I mean just look at him he knows Leaf Blade and is perfect to cut things open and I don't know he's plain great at cutting things up for real.With calm and serious face together makes him like a 80's dude just joking,he do has a Mega-evolve which makes him a Grass/Dragon type.

8 Delphox

-Fire/Psychic -This half psychic and half burning fox makes her a witch I mean not be insulting she should have a furious personality too cause that's how all Fire types act together and I mean instead of a wand she has a stick with fire tip at the top.Well I don't mind the foxy look of this one but she is perfect for Pokemon Showcases or contests.

9 Swampert

-Water/Ground -I like Mudkips do you don't,I mean keeping a Swampert is a fun task it knows how to attack and be friendly to others.Has Mega-evolve form too and when that happens he looks like a bodybuilding salamander that can dash through seas,lakes,or even rivers.

10 Torterra

-Grass/Ground -Why not resist electric type attacks and be able to make up earthquakes I mean that this one has the ability to grow plants like trees on its back shell with three spikes and two spikes on both side on its face.With a spiky teeth and gigantic turtle look there's no way this guy wouldn't fight.