Egnomac's Top 10 Least Favorite Arthur Episodes

My personal least favorite episodes of Arthur, honorable mentions: Sue Ellen Chickens Out, Based on a True Story I personally always hated the new character Ladonna, Arthur Accused, Best Enemies, Arthur's Big Hit The only good thing about the episode was Arthur hitting that brat D.W., Prove It, The Last of Mary Moo Cow, More, Whom the Bell Tolls, Return of the Snowball, Fern and the Case of the Stolen Story and every episode where Pal and Kate talk.
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The Top Ten

D.W.'s Very Bad Mood

I despise any episode where D.W. acts like a total brat for a majority of the episode and this one is no exception, D.W. acts like a unlikable jerk throwing tantrums and slamming doors and of course mom and dad completely ignore all of this so Arthur and Francine have to figure out why D.W is so angry turns out she wasn't invited to a birthday party and that somehow justifies her her bad behavior.

So Funny I Forgot To Laugh

Just the way the episode plays out really rubbed me the wrong way, Sue Ellen gets a coat from her pen pal and Arthur teases her about it at first its all in good fun but quickly turns to bullying as Arthur continues to make fun of Sue Ellen despite her telling him to stop Mr. Ratburn then talks to Arthur later in the episode also telling him he should stop then Arthur gets mad at Sue Ellen for getting him in trouble there are so many things wrong with this episode for starters Arthur doesn't seem to be the kind of person who bully anyone and second has he already forgotten how everyone made fun of him for wearing glasses, so back to the episode Arthur has to write an apology letter to Sue Ellen instead he writes a half assed apology to her not being the least bit sorry at all this makes everyone else mad at him and they no longer want to hang around him anymore Arthur then sends a picture of Sue Ellen with a dogs head which is the final breaking point for her she throws out her ...more

Poor Muffy

Muffy stays with Francine's family and is incredibly rude to everyone only caring about herself and no one else.

Play It Again D.W.

Again another D.W. episode this time she plays her music incredibly loud it annoys Arthur so much he threatens to destroy her CD and is unfairly punished for it then D.W.s CD goes missing and she blames Arthur for it with no proof and everyone sides against Arthur.

Desk Wars

Everyone is in a really foul mood during a really hot day after several characters are moved from their desks, Muffy asks George to sharpen a pencil who belongs to Brain and then threatens to destroy Georges model dinosaur if he does which leads to a series of ultimatums as each character to destroy other peoples stuff then the dinosaur is accidently destroyed and everyone goes through with their threats just a horrible episode.

Cast Away

Yet another D.W. episode, D.W. cry's and complains after her unable to have her time with dad after wines and cries some more Arthur agrees to let her come with them on their trip and she has a great time while Arthur has a miserable time this whole episode just shows how selfish and spoiled and how she always gets her way usually by complaining.

Buster Gets Real

Another really bad episode Arthur is shock to learn that Buster no longer likes Bionic Bunny and instead likes a new reality show that everyone but Arthur likes, later Arthur tries to pretend to like the show so he and Buster can hang out but it fails.

The Election

Muffy becomes really unlikable in this episode when she and Arthur run for class president and takes the election way too seriously she goes to great lengths in order to get everyone to vote for her including making ridicules promises, passing out muffins in the hallway and really being ruthless in her tactics, in the end Binky wins despite Muffy protesting not to let him run.

The Perfect Brother

Brain stays with Arthurs family while his parents are away and Arthur's family immediately praise Brain for be well mannered and basically be a lot better than Arthur in just about everything making Arthur fell inadequate by comparison, later in the episode his family is playing a board game with Brain while Arthur is doing his homework and everyone is having fun without Arthur at point D.W. says out loud that Brain is more fun to play with than Arthur.

Revenge of the Chip

As much as I hate D.W. in this episode she ends up becoming the victim in this episode, following the previous episode D.W. thinks she's dying after eating a green potato chip who Arthur jokingly says was poisonous, everyone in town knows about it and jokes about to D.W. she immediately thinks Arthur is behind it but turns out mom was the one who told everyone and really goes out of her way to embarrass her which really upsets D.W. mom promises to not talk about it again then later in the episode D.W. overhears mom talking to someone about the story even after she promised she wouldn't.