Egnomac's Top 10 Favorite Arthur Episodes

My personal favorite episodes from Arthur it was a tough decision for me to just name 10 since there are so many for me to name I'll just give a few honorable mentions: Is That Kosher?, Best of the Nest, Bully for Binky, The World Record, Arthur's Sleepover, Arthur vs The Very Mean Crossing guard, Arthur Goes to Camp.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 The Great MacGrady

It was really great episode that deals with the subject of cancer after Mrs. MacGrady being diagnosed with cancer and everyone becomes affected by the news but none more than Francine who mentions that her grandfather died from cancer and is afraid to see her it, the episode ends on a high note as Mrs. MacGrady recovers and returns as the lunchlady.

2 Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Great holiday special that sees the characters during the holidays, Arthur wants to have the perfect Christmas but things don't pan out like he hoped but ultimately learns that you don't always get what you want in life but you get something even better, then we have D.W. constantly annoying everyone that she wants the latest toy Tina the talking Tabby, Francine and Muffy get into a fight after Francine doesn't show up at Muffy's party despite telling her multiple times she couldn't go to her party because of Hanukkah and Muffy offends Francine by saying Hanukkah is not as important as Christmas, then Buster's mom worries that Buster won't have a good Christmas on account on his dad not be around so Buster comes up with a new holiday Baxter Day to avoid anymore stress on him and his mom.

3 Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival

For an out of genre episode it plays out better than one would expect.

4 April 9th

Yet another episode that tackles a heavy topic the school catches on fire and everyone had different reactions, Arthur worries about his dad who was at the school when the accident happened that he could be in another accident, Binky becomes traumatized after witnessing the fire and Buster who wasn't even there becomes good friends with Mr. Morris who was injured during the fire and then has to move, really good episode.

5 Elwood City Turns 100

Great musical episode with the class putting on a musical about Elwood City turning 100, plus a special appearance by Larry King.

6 The Last Tough Customer

Good episode about bullying, the episode opens with a flashback as Molly was bullied by a group of kids which turned her into a bully then we cut to the present as the tough customers deciding to give up bullying but it proves difficult for Molly then later she see's her little brother bully another kid and when she asks him why he's doing that he says its because of her she has a revelation and finally decides to give up bullying eventually writing apologies to everyone she bullied.

7 The Blizzard

The whole city of Elwood City is hit by a massive Blizzard and everyone holds up at Arthur's house the only house in the city with power until it goes out, then we have Francine having to write a paper about the pioneers which proves difficult for her.

8 Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll

Great special with guest appearance by The Backstreet that sees Francine starting a band one that will hopefully won't sell out and from there the band goes through the usually problems with forming a band.

9 The Contest

Such a great concept for an episode, I also like references including Beavis and Butt-Head, South Park, Dexter's Lab and Dr. Katz.

10 Arthur Makes a Movie

A simple premise Arthur and his friends decide to make a movie and of course things to go as planned although they don't make the movie they were expecting they did have a lot of fun doing it.