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Warning: These are my opinions (duh) and they are unpopular so obviously there's 98% chance you won't agree with anything or some opinions here because they're well uhh unpopular opinions! So let's get right into it. Feel free to share your opinions as well.
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1 Avengers: Infinity War is Overrated and Not even that good.

I don't see what people see in it. It's not even that original. Just the same story as the other 900 MCU movies before. Thanos is a idiot. - B1ueNew

I liked it, but Endgame was better. I feel this movie had too much action and not enough character development, where Endgame had just the right amount of each. - Gametoon

I prefer Endgame, but Infinity War was cool. Opinion Respected though

I personally loved it, but opinion respected. - Misfire

2 Fortnite is Better than PUBG.

Yes I said it, I think Fortnite is better. Personally I like Fortnite more because of the style and creativity of the weapons and items in the game. I mean PUBG has pretty much everything in a standard shooter game. Fortnite has more. I think both games are good however. - B1ueNew

I agree. Fortnite is more intense and fun. PUBG is too realistic.

This is a popular opinion

I don't like the battle royale genre as a whole. - Gametoon

3 Superhero movies are Overhyped

I know I said Infinity War is overrated but these movies are so overrated and overhyped that I have to give them their own spot on the list! Most best movie lists now have these movies at the top that it prevents users here see actual good and original movies! - B1ueNew

This is true on so many levels - Joeljohns249

Aren't they all? - RogerMcBaloney

Oh yes definitely. - Jasmine21064

4 Nintendo is overrated.

Everyone thinks Mario is underrated. No It's not. Literally everyone here treats Nintendo like the greatest thing ever. - B1ueNew

@Jasmine21064, just check lists about best / underrated / overrated video games / characters. There are a lot of comments like that. - RogerMcBaloney

Nintendo is my favorite video game company, but yes, it is overrated. Fans act like it's the only good game company in the world, when there are other great games made by other developers, too. Still love them, though. - Gametoon

I 100% agree with you. Nintendo is treated like they are gods, especially on this site. A lot of Nintendo fanboys treat other developers and games like they are trash and like only Nintendo matters. Really sad. - RogerMcBaloney

I'm a Nintendo fan, but I completely agree. - Jasmine21064

5 Most Donuts aren't too good.

I really prefer Cookies and brownies for my taste. Some donuts are great like the ones with the frosting oh and the cinnamon ones but I don't really like much others. - B1ueNew

I can agree with you on that. I only like some donuts. - Jasmine21064

I love donuts! - Gametoon

Glazed donuts are the best in my opinion - Randomator

6 The Hunger Games is Overrated.

It's just killing and executing people, I read a bit of the book. Got extremely bored I just couldn't follow the main plot. Tried watching a bit of one of the movies. Still couldn't like it. - B1ueNew

Never watched Hunger Games and I'm glad I didn't. - RogerMcBaloney

Haven't seen or read any of them. - Gametoon

I agree - Randomator

7 The Lego Batman Movie Sucks

It ruined the main purpose of Batman. The Dark Knight isn't supposed to be working with childish heroes. The toilet humor is beyond overused. I rather have a kid watch The Dark Knight instead. At least if a Kid sees the Dark knight they will know what Batman really is! Batman isn't supposed to have any feelings for the joker. - B1ueNew

Not bad, but kind of average. It had a good story but the pacing and jokes could've used work. The characters could've been more interesting, too. - Gametoon

The Lego movie series sucks - Dvafan2

I do get why, the movie is too fast paced. Animated movies in 2017 were a disaster to the point of a mediocre movie (Cars 3) being one of the best simply because it did not suck. - iliekpiez

8 Minecraft Sucks

I like Minecraft, but I respect your opinion. I also think it's really overrated. - 40

I like Minecraft, but I get what you mean. Also, this opinion isn't unpopular. - Jasmine21064

It was popular in 2017 but it's becoming more popular now and people are starting to like it again. - AlphaQ

Roblox is way better.

Roblox WAS better back in 2012, but after that year, it started to suck and go downhill. - RogerMcBaloney

It's super boring. Everything you do amounts to nothing. - Gametoon

9 Metal Music is overrated.

Everyone here is either a pop music eltist or a Metal and rock music elitist. Where do I fall in? Let's just say I like both. - B1ueNew

On the top tens yes I don't know about in general though. - Powell

Outside this site, I think metal is fairly rated. - Userguy44

I agree. Metal ain't bad, though. - RoseWeasley

10 Teen Titans Go is Overhated

While It's not amazing. It's gotten better. Yeah the original's better but people seriously overhate on this one. - B1ueNew

Overhated on the internet, sure. On the network itself, it's praised like a god. - Gametoon

Oh yes definitely. People treat TTG as the worst CN cartoon, or just the worst cartoon ever in some cases, when there are way worse cartoons than this. - Jasmine21064

I find that true. It's not great although it's not the best either. - LightningStrike

The Contenders

11 Big Hero 6 is overrated

This is movie is great, but also overrated. - Gametoon

Yes, yes it is. I still think it's a good movie, though. - Misfire

I think it's Disney's best animated movie not including Pixar - darthvadern

Not in my opinion, but I can see why - iliekpiez

12 Finesse by Bruno Mars is a bad song.

Why does everyone like that song so much? It's not good at all. It's just another bland pop song with overplay and overexposure that it doesn't deserve. And this coming from someone who thinks pop music is Overhated There's much better pop songs out there. - B1ueNew

Who? - Gametoon

I like the song but it's far from the best song of the year. - AlphaQ

Like it but I prefer modern-is songs. - Queen_Hoe

13 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the worst game ever

Not the worst game ever. But the worst one that I actually played. - B1ueNew

Ok guys. You guys are misunderstanding what I'm saying. I personally Infinite Warfare is the worst game that I myself have sat down and actually played. I never played Superman, E.T. Big Rigs. Any Phoenix games, or any games that you guys are saying are worse. - B1ueNew

This goes for all Call of Duty games to me. - Gametoon

Top 100 maybe... top 10 ha! I can think of 10 others that are almost unplayable compared to this bomb in the series. - htoutlaws2012

14 Overwatch Sucks

Same. I saw some gameplay and I don't get why everyone, including half of my friends started playing this game for hours and hours. It really doesn't look special. - RogerMcBaloney

7,8/10 "Too much violence" - a sith lord - darthvadern

I never played it. - MrCoolC

I saw the gameplay and it wasn't that great - Goliath

15 The Force Awakens is Better Than Revenge of The Sith.

Many will disagree that TFA is better than ROTS, To be honest TFA had better characters. Most characters ROTS were annoying. TFA was the only disney star wars movie so far I liked. - B1ueNew

I disagree. To me, Revenge of the Sith is in the top 3 best Star Wars movies. It's really good, full of action and reveals the story of Darth Vader. - RogerMcBaloney

Force Awakens is alright, Revenge of the Sith is mediocre. In my opinion, every movie after the original trilogy ranged from mediocre to bad. - Gametoon

I disagree, Revenge of the Sith was in my opinion one of my all-time favourite action movies. The Force Awakens just lost its charm and felt boring at times (however I find it way better than The Last Jedi) - darthvadern

16 Lego Ninjago is good 

I really enjoyed watching this when I was younger. It's fun! - RogerMcBaloney

I like Ninjago. It's my favorite show, although I am 14. I have to keep it a secret that I like it because people will make fun of me and call me immature. There are other people my age who like it, but not in my school.

I liked the show, but the movie... - Gametoon

I like Ninjago too.

17 Super Mario Galaxy 2 is Better than Super Mario Odyssey

Both games are good but SMG2 is better - B1ueNew

I thought Odyssey was better, but I respect your opinion. - Jasmine21064

I love both games, but Odyssey is better for me since it's more unique and original. - Gametoon

Both are among the best in the series but I think Odyssey slightly tops Galaxy 2 just because it was more innovative. Galaxy 2 basically rehashes the ideas of the first game. Although I think Galaxy 2 is better than the original - Randomator