Top Ten 7 Sacraments


The Top Ten

1 Baptism

This is the very first Sacrament a person receives to enter the Christian Church. Most Christian denominations administer it to infants. It is through Baptism that one becomes Born Again in Christ. - clusium

2 Holy Communion

The Holy Eucharist is the Literal Presence Of Christ. Children receive their First Holy Communion at around 7 or 8 years of age. Children are dressed like miniature brides & grooms on a wedding day, no doubt to show that they will receive this Holy Sacrament for the rest of their lives. - clusium

3 Holy Confession

This Sacrament is also known as Reconciliation. It is when a person confesses his/her sins to the priest. This Sacrament is considered complimentary to Holy Communion. - clusium

4 Confirmation

A person usually receives this Sacrament between the ages of 12 - 15 years of age. Th Bishop lays his hands on the young person's forehead, & the young person receives the Holy Spirit. The young person also has the option of taking on the name of a favourite Saint. - clusium

5 Matrimony

I don't think I need to explain this particular Sacrament. ;-) - clusium

6 Holy Orders

A man who is called to the priesthood will receive this Sacrament. Women do not serve as priests. Rather, women who are called to dedicate their lives to God & His Church may take Vows of Consecrated Virginity, and become Brides Of Christ (though this is not counted as a Sacrament). - clusium

7 Anointing of the Sick

This is the final Sacrament in which a person may receive, when he/she is gravely ill or injured. Christ Comforts the sick person in this particular Sacrament. - clusium

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