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21 Big Smoke - Intro
22 In The Beginning...
23 Reuniting the Families

Not number one, but this mission was so much fun, especially the ending.

Bets mission by far

I love these type of missions - Datguyisweird666

I'm on this mission next after two missions from Big Smoke, one from OG Loc and High Stakes Low Rider. Do you have to complete High Stakes Low Rider to unlock this mission or not?

24 Badlands - C.R.A.S.H
25 High Noon - Casino
26 Cut Throat Business - Madd Dogg
27 Catalyst - Ryder

Go to the train and defend the ammo crates from gangbangers. Throw some in Ryder's truck. Respray the truck and head back to grove street

28 Tanker Commander - Catalina

Why does Catalina get angry when it disconnects? You can just reconnect it! - Datguyisweird666

It's a good mission but its too difficult
the best way to do it is just blast the car that's behind us

29 Body Harvest - Badlands
30 Stowaway - Airstrip
31 The Green Sabre - Sweet

This mission was a big turning point in the story.

32 Freefall
33 Fender Ketchup - Wu Zi Mu
34 Mike Toreno
35 Los Desperados
36 Local Liquor Store - Catalina
37 Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
38 Small Town Bank - Catalina
39 Robbing Uncle Sam - Ryder
40 Og Loc Party
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