Top Ten Activities to Do In the Summer

The Top Ten
1 Go In a Pool
2 Summer Camp
3 Moviegoing
4 Go On a Vacation
5 Knitting
6 Bowling
7 Day On the Beach

Me and mommy are going sooner or later! Mommies are very sweet

I'm from nj and I think you need to go at the right time if year otherwise nj bordwalks suck.

8 Swatting at Flies
9 Hang With Friends
10 Playing Video Games
The Contenders
11 Have a Beach Party

Great. Good food and music. Be barefoot.

12 Visit an Amusement Park

I love amusment parks my faviorites are alton towers an drayton manor but want to go to thorope park

13 Have a Water Fight
14 Playing Monopoly
15 Going On TheTopTens
16 Go for a Walk

I give mommy an earful on my walks!

17 Sunbathing
18 Wrestling
19 Get Active
20 Pool Time

especially if it is a pool of thick gooey sticky slime !

21 Picnic In a Park
22 Scavenger Hunt
23 Make S'mores
24 Sell Lemonade
25 Go On a Hike
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