Top Ten Most Annoying Family Members

Who is the most annoying family member in your family?
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1 Sister

She was sent here to ruin my life. Every little thing I do is bad! I'm not perfect. Now, she says I'm talking back. All I said was, "I didn't do anything. You're just getting mad at me." She says, "You need to stop acting like a little smart ass. I'm telling mom you're talking back." Ugh, older sisters. I hate them. She treats me badly. I sometimes cry because of her.

I have two sisters, Stacey, who is 16, and Melissa, who is 11. Stacey is just a normal teenage sister who always tells you to go away, takes forever in the bathroom, and has boy problems. But Melissa is an extremely good sister to me. We always have each other's backs and care for each other. Love you, Melissa!

2 Brother

My older brother treats me like I'm the only one being bossed around. Not joking. He always worries about what I bring upstairs, always snitches on me, and asks if he can tell me what to do. I hate him so much!

Brothers are by far the worst. They constantly pester you and basically make your life hell, especially with one like mine, who acts a fifth of his age.

If you think about this, the brother is slightly hilarious. But he still wants to ruin you.

3 Mother

My mom used to brainwash me when I was little about my dad, and she still tries to now. I realize everything she said about him is bull.

I have mixed feelings about her. I don't hate her at all, but we could bump heads at times.

4 Cousin

Okay, so I have a nine-year-old cousin. This summer, my mom invited him to my birthday, which was at Disneyland. Sounds cool, right? Well, I never want to hear his voice again. He puts me in a chokehold for playing music, always plays with my stuff, and cries about everything. At Disneyland, my sister, who was watching us, couldn't go on anything because he's scared of everything. I can't handle it.

You should know, if you have cousins, you are a cousin too. Anyway, one of them is always on her phone. Another never gets in trouble by his mom or aunts and uncles, but my sister and I always do. He always reads my diaries and messes up my stuff.

Another cousin is always watching old cartoons or playing Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Another is always on Snapchat. Some other two always take my clothes, claiming they are just borrowing them. Lastly, one always hurts the baby.

5 Father

My dad is dumb and annoying too.

6 Nephew

Yes, the five-year-old enjoys chewing on wires only when I'm babysitting.

I have a 6-year-old nephew that's basically becoming a little me. Personality, Steeler.

7 Grandma

Every time I'm with her, she always says "do this" or "do that." I don't remember once when I had peace and quiet to myself when I am with her.

My grandma is so annoying that when she's out at work, it's a relief! Basically, she nags every day, saying oh give me this and give me that, even when she can get it herself!

My grandma only cares about herself and tries to make my sister and I feel horrible for not going to babyish movies with her.

8 Uncle

I hate my uncle. He is so annoying and shames people in my family for being fat even though he is himself.

I have one really good uncle on my mother's side. And one that acts like a 5-year-old, smokes, drinks, and looks 21 years older than he is.

9 Stepfather
10 Grandpa
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11 Aunt

The one who makes sure you're eating well and then slips the diet book into your Christmas stocking.

12 Stepbrother
13 Stepsister
14 Great-Uncle
15 Stepmother
16 Great-Aunt

Mine speaks to me, my sister, and my cousins like we're 1-2 years old. Our ages range from 7-25 years old. Seriously, it's so annoying!

17 Niece
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