Top Ten Things to Do On a Snow Day

Since we had an early dismissal and will have lots of days off due to a blizzard I decided to brainstorm a list on stuff to do on a snowday
The Top Ten
1 Go Play In the Snow

I say playing in the Snow is so much fun especially with family and your cousins . I always loved playing in the snow .Playing in the snow was my favorite thing to do when I was growing up.

Get off your laptop for a while! Have fun with your friends! Build an igloo, a snowman, pelt people you hate with snowballs.

Today is a snow day for me.

2 Sleep In

I love Sleeping in , it's my all time number one favorite thing to do , while I sleep every night I listen to my music . Sleeping in is so much fun to do while listening to music.

Napping is so rare when you are in middle school or high school.

3 Make Lists

Today is a snow day and I'm making lists

Yup. That's about it.

4 Watch Youtube Videos

I watch a saddening amount of YouTube videos... It's a real problem (that I'm never going to fix! ).

5 Do Your Homework
6 Play Video Games

I like to play Minecraft when school is canceled because of snow.

That's what I do when it's a snowy day. That and shoveling snow.

7 Watch a Movie
8 Listen to Music
9 Sing About It Snowing

It is so much fun singing about snow with music playing , my favorite snow songs is Let it snow by Jessica Simpson , Sleigh Ride Shoveling by Tom Chapin ! Snow is so beautiful when comes down , I love to catch snow on my tongue

10 Tweet Random Stuff
The Contenders
11 Take Instagram Selfies
12 Watch TV
13 Stay in Bed All Day
14 Go Sledding/Tubing
15 Throw snowballs

Throwing Snowballs lead to snowball fights and Snowball fights are fun especially with your cousins and I love them very much sometimes I would get snow down my jacket and or my shirt when I throw at my cousins or my father ! Throwing snow is brings back memories for me.

16 Pet Your Cats
17 Throw Snowballs at Cars
18 Snowboard
19 Read a Book
20 Start a Snowball War
21 Shovel Snow
22 Study
23 Pet Dogs
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