Top Worst Family Jobs We Have to Do

The Top Ten
1 Wash Dishes

I hate doing dishes so much! It's so time consuming!

2 Cleaning the House

My mom makes me clean everything because I'm better at it than my siblings. It's probably the one thing I'm willing to than my siblings.

3 Cleaning Up Your Room

The best way to clean your room is to put on music and dance that what I do , make it fun your on way , that "s my dad tells me to do . Whenever I have to clean my room I turn on the tunes and have fun while doing it , but sometimes my room can turn to pigsty , just fun sense of humor of mine

I am so lazy when it comes to this. That's why my room looks messy most of the time.

If you just keep it clean in the first place it's a lot easier

This is pretty tedious

4 Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the lawn + listening to music = best time of your life!

I actually enjoy this

5 Cleaning the Toilet

I only do this as punishment for not flushing the toilet

I have to do this twice a week

6 Making Your Bed

Making your bed can be fun once you turn on some tunes plus music can make anything fun . Sometimes I try to make my parents bed with my tunes on as well . .

7 Putting Cloths On the Line

Um this is 2019 not 1819

8 Cleaning the Car

Not a fun experience cleaning your siblings trash...

9 Picking Up Rubbish
10 Water the Plants

No problem with that. It's actually relaxing.

This is like the easiest job

The Contenders
11 Getting Stuff That Your Parents Tell You to Do

My dad forces me to pour tea for him

12 Laundry
13 Cleaning Up Dog Poo

When my dad gives our puppy dog Lilly walks and or hikes he always keeps a bag with him to pick her poop . Luckily we train our Lilly , by the way she is now 9 months now and she is a great dog with a wonderful personality and a sunny smile and she is a Golden Retriver

I wasn't told to do this, but I did this once and it was nasty.

We have two boxers, so I have to do this a few times a week

I find this satisfying

14 Cleaning the Bathroom
15 Spanking Children

I wish I can spank people

Bend over, Justin Bieber.

16 Cleaning the Floor
17 Fixing Things
18 Toilet Cleaning
19 Paint the Wall
20 Punch a Baby
21 Cleaning Up Cat Vomit
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