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1 JIRA Agile

In JIRA, the sub-task estimates don't roll up to the story estimate. That bug has been around since 2013.
In addition, you can't embed epics in epics, which severely constrains how you organize your Feature Epic-StoryEpic-Story-subtask hierarchy.

2 ConceptDraw PROJECT

This tool is not only interesting for project managers (to be in time and in budget is a team responsibility).
Concept-Draw PROJECT offers the full set of features you need to plan, organize and manage a project, including task and resource management, reporting, and change control. - anastasia.krylova

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3 Pivotal Tracker Visit Website9
4 VersionOne

Very good at managing layers: Portfolio, project, backlog. Besides missing a bug-tracking feature, this tool basically has everything else. Excellent customer support as well.

Very comprehensive
Excellent support help

. complicated and difficult to grasp
. Little clunky too

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5 Yodiz

Very clean ui and very easy to use. Best agile project management tool.

Yodiz helps you to in every aspect of Agile project. Either it's planning, retrospectives, sprint reviews, reporting or sprint/release management, it covers all of it and saves you time with easy to use UI/UX. Yodiz UI is pretty balanced, it's cleaner and well categorized not overly over the top. It's UX is what makes you fan of it, especially boards.

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6 Zenkit

Manage your workflow, projects, business or databases. With the different views, templates and options to use Zenkit it's the right choice for every department and every size of your team. - JessiLu

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7 Rally

It is not only the tool, it is the people behind the tool. Thought leaders in Agile with a united purpose.

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8 Axosoft Visit Website9
9 Kanban Tool

Far the best agile project management software (both: online and on-site versions available).

Great, no-nonsense app. My team have been using it for over 2 years now, loving it.

Easy to use and simple to understand. All I need for my team.

Best tool to organizate your work, realtime tasks and simple interface makes it best choice!

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10 Redmine

Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.

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11 Agilefant

Agilefant is a simple but powerful solution for managing software development projects and related activities. It brings together the perspectives of organizing daily work, long-term product and release planning and project portfolio management.

Agilefant is an excellent tool for agile software development. We have been using it for a while and we will be using it also in the future.

Great tool, that let's us be truly agile and doesn't force us onto some predefined methodology or way of working.

Agilefant is great tool. It's very easy to take into use. I like the unlimited epic-story-substory hierarchy. The tool has evolved a lot during 2016 and covers now most features I need from an Agile management tool.

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12 Planbox
13 ActiveCollab
14 ProofHub

All-in-one project management software. With this tool, you can easily manage projects, schedule tasks, discuss plans, work with remote teams and communicate with clients, all from one place using our project management software.

ProofHub, a SAAS based project management software that helps in managing, discussing and communicating with your team members and clients from anywhere and anytime. This online collaboration tool offers a centralized place where you can add To-Do’s, Milestones, Files and much more. ProofHub is the only project management software that provides In-built browser chat feature, Casper-Mode (Hidden Mode) and Proofing Tool.

15 Eylean Board

All the functionality one expects in an agile tool with easy to use and nice user interface.

Great Agile templates so you can work right from the get go.

A project management software that not only uses agile and lean methodology, integrates with the most popular business tools such as MS Outlook, Excel, TFS, but is also very adaptable and provides a beautiful user interface.

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16 Team Foundation Server
17 Nutcache

Smart & simple collaborative project management web app with time tracking, invoicing and expense management. Its collaborative boards are flexible and allow for great Agile Scrum/Kanban methodology setup.

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18 TargetProcess
19 Herogami

I am using Herogami and it just makes a lot more sense than other Agile Kanban tools we were previously using. We are a mid-size development shop with lots of projects going on and a mainstream product constantly under development. Our selection of Agile tools was, honestly, tough. Came out with Herogami which, in the end, looked to us like the best combination of agility and clarity. Overall, the most usable tool, no training required. Cannot say that for many in the list above.

It's a powerful tool with an amazing user interface. A good tool for the agile development

Shifted on this one after years of pain with Jira. Amazing interface, makes it easy to configure projects with plenty of attributes. Stories and issues are managed in a way the recalls Jira and Greenhopper but with greater distinction, in the end issues and stories should not fall in the same bucket like in Jira but have their own paths. Herogami does a good job also tracking activities in timelines and calendars. Document sharing is available as well as a project wiki. Overall a very clean and reliable tool, never gets in the way, we are about to install the on-site version which is not too pricey. Good tool, worth a try.

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20 QuickScrum
21 OrangeScrum

It is an agile project management and collaboration software through which people can efficiently and easily manage projects, team and tasks at one place.

22 Kanbanery
23 Trello
24 RealtimeBoard

Http s:// realtimeboa rd.c om
Powerful online sticker board for backlog grooming, user story mapping, and remote online retros. Recently was integrated with JIRA. - Sirina

25 Brightpod

Check out Brightpod ( for managing your marketing campaign and todos. It has got pre-built social media and other common workflows


Combines CRM, task management, time tracking and billing all into one app. Free version for freelancers and very well structured for teams - beams

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