Top Ten Best UK Theme Parks

UK has some really cool theme parks with lots of rides.
The Top Ten
1 Pleasure Beach Blackpool

This park is well known for Pepsi Max Big One, the tallest coaster in England. But Blackpool Pleasure Beach has a lot of other rides too. They have the only Steeplechase ride left in the world. Valhalla is a world class water ride taking you though an era of vikings. Roller Coaster is one of the few out there that have no restraints. A classic Noah's Ark funhouse is still there. They also have the oldest Haunted Swing ride still in operation. Grand National is a rare mobius loop coaster which features a two trains racing each other, but on a single track. The wooden Wild Mouse is something to behold with its crazy structure and equally crazy ride. And new for 2018, they'll introduce Icon a multi launch coaster.

Pleasure beach has to be the best, most valued theme park in the UK.
The value for money there is phenomenal, the rides at pleasure beach are just spectacular and are well worth the money. With the most coasters at at park in the uk pleasure beach is well worth the money and a visit. Many rides to cater for all ages as well with nick land recently opened and so many improvements for 2012 it's the place to be. Best value for money and has the best opening times for rides.

2 Thorpe Park

Sure I might not be able to go on those rides, but I was able to go on rush. I was like "Holy mother of god! " Saw probably would break a record for most nuts and bolts used in one ride (11,788) nemesis inferno has the similar amount of G-Force an astronaut experiences during a rocket launch (4.2) Colossus has probably the most amount of track inversions (9) With 2 corkscrews,1 vertical loop,5 heartline rolls and a cobra roll. And the swarm probably breaks 2 records. The longest track length (2543ft or 38.6m) And the most tonnes of steel used in a ride (100 tonnes) Which makes this an awesome and record breaking theme park.

Thorpe Park has probably got the best collection of rollercoasters in the UK. It has swarm, stealth, nemesis inferno, Saw - the ride, but most of all, it has colossus! Colossus is my favourite ride in the UK and it is the ride with the most inversions in the world. Go TP!

A park with possibly the best rollercoasters in the whole of U.K with lots of records.

3 Alton Towers

It's not about height of the coasters or any of the stats, Alton Towers is such a good example of this. They have some brilliant coasters, Nemesis, The Smiler and of course, Oblivion. But they are not very tall, or fast. But just Enjoyable Rides. Yes they do have a bad problem with Flat Rides (probably worse than Six Flags). Also the scenery is better, Than Thorpe Park or Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Alton towers is so amazing! I promise you that you'll have an amazing time there! My whole family went, they are 40, 41, 13, 11 (me), 9 and 6. We all enjoyed it, since they're so many family rides to go on! Try the runaway minetrain for a thrilling family experience or Congo river rapids for some soaking wet excitement! Or try scarier ones like oblivion and nemesis. Just don't go on the smiler! It's very unsafe!

Don't let one accident ruin your opinions on Alton Towers. The Smiler itself wasn't unsafe, but it's the incompetence of the engineer (who has been fired.) The ride has much better safety measures now, and it's still a brilliant coaster to go on.

Probably the reason the Smiler crash was so infamous was because of the park's legendary reputation in regards to safety.

4 Legoland Windsor

Top tip: If you live near enough to Legoland like I do you get a number of free tickets for guests and either free or half price (depending on how near you are) season tickets, get to have an opinion on new rides and ideas.

They have taken over some new land and may be making a campsite soon with log cabins as well, and making some more lakes to.

Also you get to see the bonfire night and New Year's fireworks for free, and they are in the evening not midnight so you don't get kept up.

Legoland is fun and safe unlike Alton Towers which is shady, dangerous, and rips off other parks. Oh, and did I forget that Alton Towers has one of the creepiest mascots ever: HENRY HOUND! Legoland has cute mascots unlike Alton Towers. Everything about Legoland is better then Alton Towers.

I love Lego Land especially the lego star wars as well
It's the best theme park ever in the UK number 1
Remember that everything is awesome when you're part of a team!

5 Flamingo Land

Stayed there camping for 5 days in the summer 2011 and had a great time, loads of rides for old and young ones plus the zoo is great too and there is a new wooden park with lots of slides for the kids

6 Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington is excellent! Vampire, Dragonsfury, Tomb blaster, rattlesnake etc

It is better than thrope park. Believe me Dragon fury is the best one

7 Drayton Manor

A Park with a tall (apocalypse) ride, a stand up (shockwave) rollercoaster and much more.

8 Adventure island

I literelly work here ofc I'm voting for it. It doesn't have as many rides as the likes of Thorpe Park and other UK theme parks but for it being local to me and relatively cheap, its good value. The best ride is Axis, and it also has Rage which is the same ride as Saw (Thorpe Park) with different theming. It's great to go to at least once if you live in Essex.

'I just love it here, I'm getting older now so went to thorpe, the rides were better but couldn't match the great atmosphere of family filled fun at AI...
There's Somthing For Everyone, Rage Etc. For The Bigger Guys, Mediocore Family Rides, Funny Stupid, Rides To Go On For A Laugh With Mates, Little Kiddies Rides... I Could Go On And On.
Iv'e been going to AI since I was about 1 and I am now 12. I love this park with all my heart and have loved watching it evolve all through the years.
Its Just Magical.

I used to go here a lot as a kid and loved it every time. There's some amazing rides (especially Rage, Vortex, Dragon's Claw, Sky Drop and the Time Machine) and the lack of hour-long queues really tops it off. I miss it so much!

9 Fantasy Island
10 Camelot

I love taking the family here every year, I can't hink of any where better than camelot, with it superb shows from the jousting show, the birds of prey show, and merlins fabulous magic show, the best part was watching our kids scream them selves to death on excalibur 2, they wanted to ride it again. And you can't beat a great look on the farm with there cheeky goats and animal centre can't wait to visit again this season

90s! (Then again it opened in 1983)
The All New Sooty Show.
I think there used to be a different play area before the castle one.
The last time I ever went there was in 2003 and I thought wow its changed.
But now closed, but on 2018 news housing plans have been rejected and in 2012 Camelot Theme Park "should remain leisure site"

This is truly a magical theme park to visit, even better than blackpool pleasure beach as there staff are rude, compared to camelot where staff our friendly, I love knightmare roller coaster which pulls more than 5gs, bit the best bit about the day was watching king Arthur and the knights of the round table in the jousting show, it was a great day out for the kids

The Contenders
11 Lightwater Valley

Are people out of their minds? HOW is this number ten? It shouldn't even be on the list! I get better rides at my local funfair that visits the park! One of those is he "scary" ghost train where you have to kick the door open with our foot;the whole thing is decorated like the inside of a poundland store.

Home to the Ultimate, and with the addition of the rides in Skeleton Cove and the transformation of 'The Rat' into 'Raptor Attack' this park is worth a visit.

Good park with quality attractions, well worth the money better than alton towers. Very friendly staff and keep adding new attractions, Keep it up!

12 Gullivers Milton Keynes

Fun places to go to shame when you grow up. (For under the age of 11 or 12) can't they make bigger rides most of the Gulliver's theme parks have been around for decades. They made bigger rides with Camelot before it closed. Oh and Japan used to have a Gulliver's theme park.

13 Pleasurewood Hills
14 Pleasureland Southport

Previously a sister park of Blackpool Pleasure Beach this park Historical rides such as the Cyclone that was a wooden roller coaster much like the Big Dipper at Blackpool, a mini circus, a old caterpillar ride and also it had some good modern rides. It was the original home of the traumatizer which was stripped down and moved to the Pleasurebeach and renamed to Infusion when the park closed in 2006. It has since reopened and although most of the rides were sold or demolished like the cyclone, it is no longer the same park as how it was but I do feel that it should still be on this list it is developing into a bigger better park every year now! In time this will be a great place to have fun!

My local park, and while it may not be the best theme park in the UK, after the park closed in 2006, it was stripped of all its rides and reopened with a small budget. This park is getting better every year and new rides are being bought all the time. There are 3 coasters there, one has 2 inversions.

15 Paultons Park
16 Shrek's Adventure!
17 M&D's
18 Flambards
19 Crealy's
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