Top 10 Scariest Rides at Busch Gardens Tampa

These rides aren't necessarily bad, but they scare me and many other folks.
The Top Ten
1 Falcon's Fury

I've been to Busch Gardens once and about to go again... Falcon's Fury is the only one I remember about that trip other then the extinct Gwazzi ride. Scariest ride out there dude.

This is the tallest freestanding drop tower in the US. It's a staggering 335 feet tall, and when you drop, your seat points you down toward the ground.

2 SheiKra

A 200 foot, 90 degree drop, and floorless trains. What's not scary about that?

Just as scary as Griffon over in Virginia.

3 Montu

I love this ride the drop is amazing the circles are a little scary at first you will get use to it

4 Kumba

Even from a mile away you can hear this ride's bone-chilling roar, coupled with 7 inversions and a top speed of 60 MPH.

5 Cheetah Hunt

This ride has 3 launched sections, and a top speed of 60 MPH.

This is so weak compared to EVEN it's sister coaster, Tempesto, which is also weak.

Great ride... Love it

6 The Wild Surge

This ride is another drop tower, but it's a far cry from Falcon's Fury.

7 Cobra's Curse

This isn't only a roller coaster, it's a spinning roller coaster. Plus, at the top of the lift hill, there's a giant snake that can scare riders.

8 Scorpion

Looping roller coaster

9 Phoenix

It's an Intamin Looping Starship attraction, and it goes really high up.

10 Stanley Falls Flume

You could fall and die

The Contenders
11 Tigris

This just won the all time roller coaster at the park, beating all the others.
Don't let its simple look fool you, because it's a beast like no other.

Tigres is a soon to be added roller coaster in Tampa, Florida, Busch gardens. It will replace the famous go, guazzi and will come out in spring of 2019...

12 Gwazi

Gwazzi is an extinct roller coaster and has been SBNO since 2015 it was the first duel wooden roller coaster in the state. They are planning to do something with the old tracks in 2020 they are going to make it rocky mountain construction probably. The old walkway is one of the haunted houses hollow scream

One of the funnest. I'm so excited for the "reboot" or "remake" I'm gonna ride it on the first day it comes out though I'm gonna have to camp out the entrance to the park.

13 Sand Serpent

The sand serpent is a mouse coaster witch the turns make you feel like you will fall off. It doesn't look scary, but it is.

Sand serpent it a mouse coaster that makes the turns like your flying. It's near scorpion.

This ride made me wish I was back on Sheikra. Scariest coaster in the world.

14 Air Grover

Air Grover is a small ride for little ones in the sesame street section of the park. It's a great beginner ride.

Intensity is off the charts. Made me grey out. Beats i305 in my book.

15 RMC Gwazi
16 Python

Python is a old roller coaster which is no longer standing. It was the first roller coaster to be built in Busch gardens, Tampa, Florida. It had many loops and was good for all ages.

17 Skyride

This terrifying experience culminated into mankind's fear of heights. A truly destructive and brain melting ride. I would not ride this nerve racking rollercoaster. You could die at any minute.

I' have to agree. It is horrifying.

18 Iron Gwazi
19 Congo River Rapids
20 Serengeti Flyer
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