Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is an American animated television series that aired for three seasons on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008. Avatar: The Last Airbender is set in an Asiatic-like world in which some people are able to manipulate the classical elements by use of psychokinetic variants of Chinese ...read more.


This show has great pacing, animation, and story. If and when you get into the show, you will likely fall in love with at least a few of the characters, and you are sure to be mesmerized by how well they animated everything. I can't really think of many times they cut corners in animation to save money, and I can't say I can think of a time when I wasn't amazed by how well they coordinated the characters.

This show is better than almost every anime I've ever seen (and I've seen plenty). The show is very similar to an Anime in terms of style and focus on story. Considering it has the restrictions of being a show in America, and a "kids" show, and yet it still manages to get intense fights, deep stories, and witty humor, I would say that this is the blurred line for Anime vs American cartoons. Honestly, I feel this show will (or should) revolutionize the way American cartoons are made and seen, and should receive some high honors.

The four element premise is ...more

I was really tied up between this and Black Butler but this should be a lot higher up than it is. People need to give this show a chance it has a really good storyline and has characters that everyone can relate to. This show has me hooked I declare myself a fan of few animes and this is one of them.

Avatar has to be in the top 5. It has a well-written plot with epic fight scenes, good soundtrack, countless awesome characters and deep stuff you can relate to. What you don't have is fillers, fight scenes where characters are taking a dump or telling us their life story (YouTube Goku or Naruto fight scenes). Useless female characters that are there to cry or admire the hero. Characters that never show us their full potential and let us imagine what they are capable of. The only flaw to avatar is it's simple (no major twists) and it is light-hearted but the clever concept of how the character manipulate the elements as well as the story and fight scenes make up for it. It is hands down my favourite show.

Based solely on story line, Avatar has no equal. The plot is amazing, with truly tremendous side plot and character development. Each character is so complex and has so much going on, it's extremely difficult to not relate to the characters and really fall in love with them. AMAZING voice acting, each voice suits the character perfectly, all are respectable actors, clearly this show had a huge budget. The actual animation was tremendous as well, it as well as its counterpart Legend of Korra are the two best drawn animation I have seen to date. All in all, great anime! Best show I have had the pleasure of watching, my ultimate favorite.

I don't wanna disrespect animes but Avatar is funny, charming, emotional and the characters are so relatable. You fall in love with the characters and genuinely feel connected to them; from Aang's sweet boyish love for Katara to Zuko's search for his destiny. It addresses so many things like war, redemption, love and is quite deep at times but never is remotely dark (though that isn't a bad thing, I loved Death Note, Shingeki no Kyojin and the likes). All in all if you love cartoons, are happy and you love life; this cartoon is for you, if you are unhappy with life and you want something to motivate you this cartoon is for you also. Watch this, peace out.

Although the first season was in my opinion a bit slow, the development of the characters relationships with each other is done well and the show is general has had a lot of time put into it. The drawing style is unique with a more american style (as it is an american produced show). The shortness (relative to other animes) of the series is a great contrast to other long animes with many fillers and little plot progression. I love the story line and would recommend this anime, especially to younger audiences,

For the last time THIS IS NOT AN ANIME. I will admit it is one of my favorite works ever created but it shouldn't be on this list. Anime is based on where and who animated it, not the art style or themes. Avatar: The Last Airbender was created by Americans, in America, for Americans. True it my look like an anime but it is not one, it is an anime inspired cartoon. But I will agree it is by far one of my favorite animated works of all time.

According to my opinion this show may be the best animated series made besides Justice league and the simpsons. It has great quality animation, awesome character personalities and amazing bending action. It also shows the point of view from more than one character especially Zuko's point of view. It also has an epic plot that surprises me it's a kids show. The first season may have been a bit lighthearted but the second season was when the characters's personalities really began to unfold. The third season was just action packed and the by far best season.

Amazing. The character development is so intensely amazing, and the humour is awesome, the plot is beautiful, and so is the animation. The fight scenes are beautifully choreographed, and the character relationships are amazing. I swear, there's not one unlikable characters. This may not technically be an anime, but it surely surpasses most anime in visual quality, beautiful plot, characters, action, and humour.

This isn't just the best "anime" show. It may well be one of the best shows of all time. Families can sit together and watch this show. They can laugh, cry and relish in the amazing battles and animation. The plot is superb, and the character development is flawless. It may not be traditional anime, but it is something more special and exciting than anything else in the world of anime. It IS the best anime show.

I have seen a ton of anime, and I have to say that this beats them all. The character development is incredible, the animation is amazing, the action scenes are simply awesome! The avatar world carries an air of epicness equal to that of dragon ball, and fullmetal alchemist. There are no filler episodes. The fight scenes though epic, don't drag on... and on... The series has a powerful morality incredible multidimensional characters (protagonists, and antagonists alike). The characters go from inexperienced kids to awesome warriors by the end. Top 2 anime in my opinion 1st Avatar, 2nd Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Talking about quality Avatar is definitely the BEST. Most of the others have either dragged on (like Pokemon) or were made to go overboard (like dragon ball z or Beyblade). This is the only anime with a flawless storyline, compact depiction and electric action. Free of boring emotional bits and clumsy fighting scenes, it definitely DESERVES TO WEAR THE CROWN.

Easily one of the greatest animes of all time. Amazing character development, captures you with the first few episodes, addicting. The depth is great. A lot of life lessons can be learnt from it. Three seasons, though they have came out with a new last airbender trilogy called the legend of korra... Season one is already out. Overall top ten material for sure.

Wow best anime ever. I know some people consider it as a fake anime cause it's american but let me tell you this show will give you feels like no other anime has. I've seen a lot of animes but this one is by far the best. When I was a kid this show was my life and childhood. I know so many adults like myself who watch this show because it brings them happiness. Avatar has taught me the value of life.This show will take you on an incredible heart-warming, sad, crazy and a bit romantic adventure. by the way This show will make you imagine yourself as a character in this show, and let me add this show is funny as hell. this show has taught me that there is no good and no bad and that happiness is something you and you only give yourself. This show deserves to be first.

Peerless. Best animated show. Ever. Better than every single anime and cartoon I've ever watched. It has memorable characters, great story, grand adventure, epic fight scenes, superb voice acting and beautiful graphics. It has comedy, tragedy, family, friendship, struggle, despair, love and hatred like most successful animas and cartoons but nothing is over done. Just perfect.

The last airbender had the build up to a fight that so man animes need. This is the most defining show of my childhood and when it was finished I hardly ever watched Nickelodeon again because the shows nowadays are terrible.

The legend of korra has got nothing on the last airbender though it is still a pretty good show. It will never be as good as this.

This show was amazing. I remember when it first came out I figured it would be a stupid children's show. I was wrong. The whole story line and idea of having different nations wielding different powers was so much fun to learn about. And the characters were hilarious! Whenever I stumble upon a re-run, I always take the time to watch it.

Avatar NEEDS a better spot on this list! It's amazing! It never drags on, the battle scenes are realistic, the characters all have stories and are awesome! There's humor, tragedy and etc. etc. Whatever! This is just the best anime ever! A lot of people don't watch it because it's American but, WATCH IT OR DIE!

One of the most original and authentic! Unlike some animes, Avatar: the last airbender, has Comedy, Romance, Action, adventure, and FRIENDSHIP. People need to let go of all those over-rated animes like DBZ, Naruto, Black Butler, Maid-Sama, Fairy Tail, Sailor Moon etc. And know what really matters.

Avatar were do I start it's not a full anime but if it was it would be the best I love that show so much I cried when he found out there was only one episode left that show has made me die of laughter it made me pee long story short it's a great show

Like no other show on this list, Avatar: TLA contains a satisfactory amount of comedy, action and drama. The fight scenes don't last 2 hours like in some animes; It has got, in my opinion, the best story line out of the whole list and, although it's aimed at children, I've heard many adults loved the show. Yes, The movie was complete and utter rubbish handing out exposition all the time, destroying the characters, worst acting and the firebenders not being able to bend. I'm not that annoyed about them changing the names. Don't judge the show because of the movie. AVATAR FOR THE WIN!

I liked it, and was happy it actually has an ending. So many of the top anime never wrap things up which I know is good from a marketing standpoint but I would like to be able to complete the journey. I wonder if One Piece ever will...

There are a couple of anime on the list that I really enjoyed, but avatar was the only one that really made me sad that they chose to end it so soon. Never before have I been so attached to a show, and never before has a show genuinely made me "laugh out loud" on so many occasions, or be excited or sad or whatnot. Legend of Korra is fantastic too, and I love the 20's style world they chose, but the last airbender is just so amazing in every way.

It is so sad to think that after what shyamalan did with the IP that we likely wont get anymore TLA content.

This show is my life. I can't even describe how much I am in love with the characters. WATCH THIS FOR YOUR OWN SAKE. Lovely morals, AMAZING martial arts, and I'll never forget Sokka and his comedy. WATCH THIS. NOW. YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

Not sure if it REALLY is an anime, but this has to be one of the highlights of my adolescence. It is what got me into anime in the first place, and the characters are all loveable in their own way, as well as a gripping storyline!