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Black Butler is a Japanese anime television series produced by A-1 Pictures and premiered in October, 2008.


This is a great anime, though maybe not for all. The art is amazing; it captures the romantic beauty of the gothic Victorian aesthetic. The themes overall are rather dark and twisted, however is balanced with comedic relief. The character matrix is very complex and intricate, each character distinctly individual, perfectly complemented by the voice actors (subs). The basic plot revolves around a 12 year-old boy named Ciel Phantomhive who makes a contract with a demon in order to escape from and enact revenge on all those who have sullied him and his family crest... In exchange for his soul. Ciel's character, assuming the role of the Queen's Guard Dog is rather cruel, but also pure, which makes for an interesting watch. Sebastian, Ciel's demon butler, is exceedingly capable however very twisted. There are BL hints between the two sprinkled throughout (which is why it might not be for all).

Good story and plot, but the thing that made me love this series to death were the characters. Especially the main characters, Ciel is an adult in an adorable child's body (WHich I can often relate to) and Sebastian is just too handsome and cunning for his own good. Their rather cold personalities are (as far as I know) quite refreshing in the more

Mainstream anime. The combination of detective stories, comedy and action was near perfect, though Grell takes the cake for the comedy for me personally.

I found the second season not nearly as good and the end was AGGRAVATING. No seriously. Stupid wish.

Oh man! I would really like it if Black Butler will be one of the top ten if that's it then that's it that doesn't bother me at all anyways, I like Black Butler only because their story is about revenge, comedy, action, detective stories, and horror, Ciel, One of the main characters is so... Cute I would really want to have a figurine of Ciel, and Sebastian the butler of Ciel can be scary sometimes, so If you never heard or saw it see it I know you might love it

Yes. Just yes. This anime is perfect! Most animes will be boring from the start but this one kept my eyes on the screen all the way through! I definitely recommend this one. If you plan on watching it, the episode orders are a bit weird. First watch through episode 15 in season 1, then watch the book of circus, then the book of murder, and then watch the rest of season 1. I do warn you, however, that you may cry. I did. And honestly, I never do! The characters are loveable and the plotline is great. I'm sure you'll love it!

Oh My God, this anime is amazing. It is my current obsession. I love how the characters all have such unique and refined personalities. (Grelle especially) This anime brought tears to my eyes more than once, but has also made me laugh out loud! It deserves a higher rating. Though the plot may lean towards horror, the show itself cannot be placed in just one genre. It is filled with mystery, fantasy, comedy, and a little bit of fantasy. Most of all, it is emotion-filled! You are sure to bond to the characters within this masterpiece!

It is truely one of the best anime shows out there, Although it may not be for everybody. It is full of mystery and it is about young master ciel phantomhive who makes a contract with demon, sebastian Michaelis, who becomes his "black butler" as you may say. Sebastian stays at his ciels side like a shadow. Always there when needed although they may run into quite a few difficulties which is up to you to find out. The contract ends once ciel takes revenge on his parents. I recommend this for a more mature audience if you consider watching it though. And I guarantee you that sebastian is "merely one hell of a butler.

Amazing, simply breathtaking I should say. There is no other Anime that can compete with Black Butler. None. None in the entire, well the entire I don't know something big, and really amazing. Sebastian, Ciel, and all the others.

BEST ANIME EVER! I love love love the storyline and it has a lot of cute characters. It was the first anime I ever watched and it's still ongoing so that makes it even better, right? I could go on for DAYS about how great this anime is. I am a true Ciel Phantomhive fangirl. This anime was exciting, sad, and funny all at the same time. It always left you wondering what would happen next. Great anime. It will always be number 1 for me.

Black Butler deserves to be a bit more popular, in my opinion. The story and the character designs are both very good, but I wouldn't say the best. It's great in most aspects, but there's still a downside somewhere in there. If I were to rate Black Butler from 1 - 10, I'd say 8/10. Great anime.

I'm in love with the show and the book brings greater detail, this is my favorite along side with Attack on Titan. Japanese Anime is amazing and so is Black Butler. Demons, magic, dark and light and frightful fights that will leave you on the edge of your seat. This should be one of your best reads.

One the best I've seen highly enjoyable if you do not know what to watch, watch this it is a Superb anime. The characters are unique and are developed well the plot line is a bit slow but after that the climax is great and very we'll thought out! I would recommend this to anyone who has half a brain!

An amazing anime with just the right amount of comedy to counteract the dark themes it so well uses. I don't hate a single character from it- they all are just so unique and amazing in their own individual ways. And the culture! X. X Setting the series in olden day England was a wonderful choice that just adds even more effect to the storyline. The artwork is wonderful, the story perfectly written and it includes characters that'll make you WANT to keep watching-what more could you ask for in an anime? ^. ^

Behind Death Note, Black Butler is my favorite anime of all time. The characters in this anime are the best characters I have ever seen in anything. They are all so different, with individual personalities that are reflected in their voices, attitude, and clothing, (which makes for some very entertaining cosplay panels! ) There isn't a single character I don't like. My personal favorite character in this anime would have to be Grell. In fact, I think Grell is my favorite anime character of all time. I love the personality, style, and voice and I love watching people cosplay Grell too.

I love this anime. I disliked the second series but the first one was great. I love the different characters and the time it is based in. I also prefer the Japanese voice-actors over the English ones as well.

This anime is awesome just plain awesome such a shame they wont continue the anime and they didn't release an anime chapter in a long time this is an awesome anime for girls especially and many boys as well. I mean there is such a thing as brony and this anime mind you is much darker. This anime is one of a kind especially in the manga it gets much darker but not as dark as hellsing man I love tat sow

This anime is pretty popular, but not as noticed as it should be. It is about a kid named Ciel Phantomhive who sells his soul to a demon, Sebastian Michaelis, in order to get revenge on the people who burnt down his house and humiliated him.

Black butler is the best anime I have ever seen I love how the story takes place in England and it has a really good story the characters all have interesting personalities and it's just amazing I can't even express it using words

Black Butler Is Perfection. It should be higher! Yes season 2 wasn't amazing and the end was disappointing. It's really funny but also can be really serious. The character development is great and all if the characters are so unique.

I can't believe that this anime didn't appear in the top ten. It is seriously the best anime series ever, with amazing plots and the characters are a work of art. This anime portrays many different emotions and always has many meaningful themes. Amazing!

I haven't been able to find a single anime that I love more than Black Butler. The Japanese and English dubs are both amazing! The story itself is awesome it's got mystery, action, comedy. This should be higher up on the list for sure.

Very good if you like bizarre. I watched every episode, but I have to admit, the charters are far better than the plot itself. It's impossible for any girl in the world to not fall in love with Sebastian. He is just going to be every girl's little anime crush...

I literally just got into this series, and it's already my favorite. Characters, story, everything is fantastic. I honestly don't know how anybody could think this anime didn't deserve to be in the top ten!

Black butler is the best anime I have ever watched. And I watched ALL of these animes. I've watched Black Butler at least 10 times! I stopped counting after I hit the tenth. It's such a brilliant hot anime!

This anime is sick and twisted but so intriguing and exciting I can't get enough! Sebastian is my all time favorite character as well as ciel. Claude is very scary though

This is the very thing that made me an anime lover... I'm telling you the story is really great specially Sebastian... it's an anime where angels are the bad guys and demons are the good guys.. (I think)...