Dragon Ball Z

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Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation. Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of Goku who, along with the Z Warriors, defends the Earth against evil. The action adventures are entertaining and reinforce the concept of good versus evil. Dragon Ball Z teaches valuable ...read more.


Dragonball. I mean, nothing needs to be said more than that. It practically created the shonen genre (or at the least, brought it in the mainstream)

There is not a single shonen out today that does not, even if the slightest bit, take from Dragonball. It just captures fantasy, it captures it in a way none other anime or manga can; although, they can try and can even be on par with Dragonball, but the truth of the matter is: Dragonball was there first. It's fan base and notoriety spans across generations. I'm only 18, and my 28 year old brother is a fan, my 30 year old brother is a fan and our 56 year old mother is a fan. She would even stay up late and watch it with us when I was a baby and my brothers were teenagers. Whenever the family all gets together for special occasions (even extended family) we reminisce the awesomeness that is Dragonball.

If you went to the school I just graduated from, you could talk to anyone (jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, you name it) and bring ...more

Dragon Ball Z is more than just a regular anime it has emotion and character. The long fight scenes bring it above others because the writers new about keeping suspense up and you watching. Another fact is that it posses the most powerful characters in anime history. If you compare all the fighters in Dragon Ball Z to those in other anime series you will see that even the first enemy, Raditz, could easily defeat the strongest character in their series. Also the comedy is perfect. I LOVE it when I see Goku getting drug around and beaten by Chichi. If you have never watched an episode of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, or Dragon Ball GT, I encourage you to watch the first 3 episodes of each and see if you can stop there

Me personally I watched All the DBZ episodes and I LOVE them there so intense just get a few episodes in and that's when it gets exiting but I would recommend watching DragonBall first because it came before Dragon Ball Z watch Dragon Ball first because when you watch dbz you would know the story a little better its when Goku is a kid.

I have no idea why the hell Naruto is on top, because, compared to DBZ, it's nothing. Naruto's storyline is very repetitive, boring and dragged out for at least six episodes. Most episodes are hardly action, rather flashbacks and cuts to other insignificant characters. Dragon Ball Z is an old-school classic and, hands down, one of the greatest anime of all time. - frostwiire

Dragon Ball Z is the father of all anime. It set the bar for all animes to come after it. People may criticize it for the long fight scenes and overuse of orgasmic screams, but hey, so do I. It may not have as great a storyline as many other titles that came after it, but we're talking about greatest overall. Dragon Ball Z was a big part of my childhood that I still continue to love in my teen years. In all honesty, it is one of the few animes to make me cry. Vegeta's final atonement hits me every time. I just remember being a little kid, just loving this show with a fierce passion, cheering along for the characters and getting pissed at the characters. The parts of Dragon Ball Z that might be considered cliche now, were original when it first came out. That's right. Dragon Ball Z created many anime cliches. It's overall just a great show and really holds a permanent place in your heart that somehow isn't matched by amazing animes like Clannad or One Piece. It's timeless.

I'm not going to claim that every other anime in the universe is rubbish in the face of DBZ. I've watched the whole of Naruto, and I'm busy watching Shippuden at the moment. But I still think that Dragon Ball Z is the father of all Shonen anime's, and by far, one of the best of them too. It's famous for it's intense battles which last for episodes on end, packed with epic moments. Come on, who can forget Final Flash. It's also got it's lighter, more humorous moments, for example the whole mini-series with Gohan at High School and the time when Goku and Vegeta were trapped inside Buu. Those few episodes always make me chuckle when I watch them. All over, it's a brilliant anime, and it deserves the number one spot it has up here.

I loved this anime from the beginning all the way to the end. I started watching this as a young boy when it first started to air on Toonami a long time ago and I have been hooked ever since. This site was the highlight of the day whenever I would get home from school, I would look forward to the new episodes every week. I think this anime deserves top spot because it is the first of its kind, and you can check that with quotes from many of the current top anime and manga writers out there today saying that this site was their inspiration. While there is a lot of hate for this series as well for different reasons, like story and some for character development, it doesn't change the fact that this series laid the groundwork for most of the popular animes and mangas that you all love today. If this show never existed, we would still be waiting for anime of this caliber and style, so before you go bashing it, think about how it influenced the animes that you love today and be thankful it ...more

Dragon ball z is the best anime ever... Because dragon ball z story is very enjoying and the best thing in dragon ball z is Goku... He is the best personal that I saw... He is strong and friendly and enjoying in the fight... And do not forget vegeta... He is one of famouse persons in DBZ... And many of fans love him... He is Mysterious and strong... I love dragon ball Z... Yes DBZ have many haters but it is the best anime... I can only Describe it the ( best&greatest&cool&strongest) anime... Watch it and you will understand what I talking about... I do not mean that is Naruto shippuden and One piece are bad animes... But DBZ is the best... Goku teach me to never stop dreaming and trying to do something so thank you GOKU... I will never forget you... You teach me more than other people... And vegeta too... So I can't forget it...

Dragon Ball Z no doubt in my mind is the best that ever was. I've tried to entertain other shows and it's just not the same. I'm an adult now and it has been over a decade since I first saw my first episode, but I can still remember running home from school and turning on the television set to watch this series. From that day forward, there was no looking back. Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z became a ritual in my home. The characters, the power and even the plotting in my opinion were masterfully done. Dragon Ball Z destroys any and all. There is no denying the truth. I just tried to purchase Dragon Ball Box Vol 2. And it's going for $750 new on Amazon and $399.99 used! I looked up every single other one of these "other" wannabees like "One Piece" and so on, and there collections are selling for $1-$30 laugh out loud. Give me a break, hands down, no disputing the power of the DBZ.

No other show influenced Japanese animation into western culture more then dragonball z did. It is the first cartoon ever to have an article in wall street journal which called it a blockbuster hit. Possibly the greatest cartoon series of all time, there is a reason why it was the most highest rated program in the world for kids age 9-16 for a six year span. It was a staple of most kids lives who grew up in the 90's and early 2000's. Greatest anime of all time and it's not even close.

It's just great that even the anime series is completed I still wanted to watch it over and over again but, I wish they were not just planning for a new Dragon Ball Movies or even Remastered or cut version of Dragon Ball...

I wish they go make a new season...

But I think no way because a new goku and a new vegeta shows up in the last episode of the GT.. So I wish they show what Happens to goku after he becomes a DragonBall and a Legend I wish the Love Story of pan or goku comes back and his journey continues.. Getting the Black Star dragon ball again to make him Big Guy again I wish Toriyama do that... There is a more story to show and please continue the anime series like what happens to vegeta? Or Gohan or Trunks or even Goten... And what is the reaction of chi-chi and the promise od Goku that he will take Piccolo out of that Hell.. Dragon Ball > DragonBall Z >Dragon Ball GT>Dragon Ball Kai>Dragonball Kai 2014 the remastered version of buu saga.. And I wish ...more

Dragon Ball Z is the greatest anime ever made. Point blank period. The fight scenes are mostly what people rant and rave about but, the character development (such as vegeta) was something to be revered and respected. Dragon ball Z has earned that respect in kind. The fan base is world wide and it isn't just us old dragon ball z fans. Thanks to the video games new dbz fans are showing up and trying kamehameha waves in there back yard just like I did when I was 10. An anime is truly great when it has gone its course then is utterly smeared by the wretched DBGT & Dragon ball evolution (barf) and returns after nearly 15 years with a new movie (which came out 3 days ago) just by the many people demanding it.

That is what you call greatness.

Anime which is the epitome for shonen anime success worldwide.
DBZ has set the benchmark for all shonen anime to aim for. Brought in the concept of train -- get stronger -- beat your enemy, the rule piously followed by all current animes... But nothing comes close to this masterpiece, not because it's the most brilliant plot rather the idea was revolutionary and fun to watch.
I can still watch DBZ again even after all these years, which cannot be told of any current animes (because they will put you to sleep)

DBZ No. 1 ever.. Enough said.

Obviously an overrated anime. Okay I used to love it as a kid and it's undoubtedly a pioneer. However, compared to so many other anime such as with death note, Naruto, code geass, hunter x hunter... :

- The fights are boring and mainly consist of throwing punches and ki blasts up until the strongest wins. No strategies are ever used. Basically, if you're weaker, you're screwed, even though life doesn't always work that way.

- The powers are very unoriginal. It just consists of strength. Also, the writer has been milking the characters' powers by constantly increasing them. There just seems to be no limit. The meaning of power seems to have lost its value with the constant new transformations and increases in power. Value lies in rarity.

- The plot mainly runs around a few characters and the rest of them just look useless.

- No background story, no explanation to why the characters are evil (take Frieza for example). Evil is just there to be defeated. A very ...more

Dragon Ball Z is what practically started every other anime and manga. Really. Every other show that I watch is somewhat based on Dragon Ball Z. I mean, compared to newer anime the story probably isn't as great, probably doesn't have as good action scenes, sure. However, This was made in it's time. And it's still loved today, and that should count for something. Besides, it's not all about how good someone looks while they're beating someone's face in. I mean, sure it's fine to show alittle bit of the fight instead of them bouncing around everywhere, Dragon Ball Z does that, But really, do you require to see every bit of action? You probably already know what it looks like. Also, they have to put emphasis on how fast they R. It just adds to the awesome, and how really Super-Human/Saiyan they R. I love Dragon Ball Z. It's my favorite now, and it always will be.

Just voted to say this: Fathers are meant to be surpassed by their sons. Not always but on anime. I think it follows the rule. Dbz is the father of action animes. Its amazing without a doubt. The characters are original, badass, supersaiyayin is an incredible concept, destruction of planets, epic fights, its all a kid/young male needs. Goku is perhaps the best character ever created. But there's an issue here. Dbz has no depth in terms of story, character development, or emotional bond toward the viewer. Not really to be honest. Naruto blended everything good about Dbz, with an original concept and characters as well, AND, most important of all, with an incredible story with all I mentioned before: with an emotional bond and depth toward the viewer. I hardly think I will ever watch a show that got me crying, shouting, smiling, like, from genuine life happiness, and connects me to its characters on the way Naruto did. Fathers are meant to be surpassed by its sons. Naruto did it.

Dragon Ball Z is my very favorite. It's forever making me so excited to see what happens next, what enemy they are going to fight next and the like. I cried like a baby through most of the series, but that may just be because I'm a girl. I see all these other animes and think "Man, this is just like Dragon Ball Z. " And they R. It was so great, everything had to copy it! Story wise? Yeah, there are some out there with a more interesting, fun story. But all in all, Dragon Ball Z is my favorite, forever. It's got a fandom that's growing, even today. And you also have to take this into consideration: a lot of people who don't know what anime is like Dragon Ball Z. So they won't come to these things to vote, they don't even know they exist. They don't know about Naruto, or Bleach... Inuyasha, or One Piece. All they know is they like Dragon Ball Z. That's why the fanbase is so big, because people who don't care for, like, or even know what anime is, like Dragon Ball Z. <3 Also, It ...more

Champion all the time. The give the impossible villain all the time, and then the hero will definitely losing the battle. With consistent fight, persistent, will power, somehow the hero make it back and save the earth. Genius story. Yet funny. All the entertainment needed in anime/series was here. They don't make it like this anymore. It won't be fair to compare other newer series to this, because the can't compete with it.

Look here all DBZ haters you can say that DBZ is old and that it was popular but its time to move on you may also say that its stupid worst anime ever etc. but my I just say yes maybe DBZ is not as popular as back then or it may not be as popular as the ongoing anime's like Naruto, Fairy Tail, One Piece etc but DBZ has maintained strong for 17 year it still has fans out there that still want more DBZ even the creator thought it was better to bring it back that how much DBZ has been able to stay alive so yes maybe its not the most popular anymore but DBZ can never die there will always be people out there that love it and I am one of those people

As a 21-year old person, I've watched countless animes: Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, One Piece, Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, you name it.
It is not about beeing a fan or not. It is not about the fact that Dragon Ball Z was the anime of my childhood.
It is about the greatness, ingeniuity, and originality of the anime. In every single way, it was able to keep my interest, to keep me grinding my nails, to make me cry, and even to make me laugh. In every single way, it amazed me. From the fact that a person can use energy to destroy or heal, to the originality of the capsule's technology. The mixture of myth's such as the Dragonballs themselves, or the myth of a Super Sayan, with fabulous designs and a main character that simply speaks to your heart has had this outcome. This anime is in my opinion, the absolute greatest. For it's simplicity and complexity at the same time. For it's wonderful creator: Akira Torayama. For it's amazing way to give you just what you want to see. ...more

When you talk about dragonball z especially on though topic of anime you can't but deny its ability to be a world renown anime let us remember what we watch as a kid and tell me which anime the you bought was your first its dragonball z and also everyone of us probably had a DBZ game still realizes one every year with out fail for over a decade. one piece had its dub scratch off the western market its only subbed in many languages but its not success if you only have subs for the world. just saying it's a profit machine around the world so you can't deny it the number one spot when talking about success because you've all heard recent news still got a brand spanking new game which looks amazing and two movie titles in the last two years its still going strong for at least or 35 years since the manga began in 1984 so glad to have the first copy to reference but yh peace haters BOOM!

There is and never will be a question of which anime is the best ever made it is DBZ, there is no avoiding its influence on all the animes that came after it. People may hate the show since it is one of the only animes that will ever be mentioned by those that don't watch animes (and the over the top long screaming to level up for each match, but that is a quirk we have come to love about the series), which just goes to show the influence these anime has had, the only other anime that has had DBZ level of success is pokemon, but that is only because of the combination of the games and the show and not the merit of the show alone. - germshep24

No question 'bout it. The Best anime ever, DBZ. It has proved to be the most exiting series yet the fights last long but the goosebumps that those fights brings makes it the best. The action so fast, the characters so great. I could spend my whole weekend watching this series rather than hanging around with my friends, it's so fascinating rather I would say addicting that no other anime series could create such an impact at least on my mind. Naruto is yet another a great one but Naruto has a father and his name is Goku.
LIKE if you agree.

Dragon ball z is truly the greatest. The characters are combination of not only the extreme skills but immense power capable of easily blowing the planets. The fighting style is direct and simple and easy for every generation to enjoy. There is nothing more you can ask from a fighting characters and they got all the skills, intelligence, extreme strength truly make them the Perfect fighting characters and still today many animes followed the DBZ the greatest fighting anime show ever existed.

There is no other anime out there which showed power levels and fight choreography like DBZ has. I have not come across one anime which I consider can even come close to beating DBZ. When I really got into DBZ, I used to sit all day in front of my computer and see at least 30 episodes a day. DBZ is the greatest of anime out there. There are lot of comparisons between Superman and Goku. But you must consider that Superman had powers given to him without any effort or training, on the other hand Goku had to earn his powers with rigorous training, which is true in real life that you have to work hard to get the better things in life. I do not like the newer version because it cuts off all the fun part of DBZ. DBZ rules forever.