Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail is a manga franchise created by Hiro Mashima. The manga has been adapted into an anime series produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight, which began broadcasting in Japan on October 12, 2009. Additionally, A-1 Pictures and Satelight have developed seven original video animations and an animated ...read more.


Fairy Tail, the best anime ever! Unlike every other anime fairy tail consists of many qualities like action, fantasy or magic, story which in my opinion is the best and its comody. It doesn't waste time fighting but it is not too short. The story is makes you want to be a part of the anime itself. The characters have the best personality unlike Goku in dragon ball z which pratically always say fight me. The story arcs get you sucked into the show even more because as soon as something amazing happens bam another amazing thing is loaded on top

I believe this deserves number one not just because it is epic but that as I said is a anime with multiple genres in one which make it look, sound and even feel fantastic. I use my spare time to draw characters from the show and not meaning to brag are awesome. I haven't drawn anything for any other one but this does not mean it is the best it is just my opinion.

I adore its magical abilities like no other anime has ever thought of ...more

Fairy tail is just ridiculously awesome and my all time favourite. It has different genres in this anime that not all animes can achieve which makes it the perfect blend of everything: it's funny, dramatic, serious, sad, emotional, adventurous and action-packed. The characters are original and timeless and the arcs are beautifully structured. It teaches lots of morals about life, friendship, bravery and standing up for your friends, family, yourself and what you think is right. As you watch the story develop we see more of the characters back stories and how they came to be who they are now. The best story arcs that I've watched so far are the Phantom Lord arc (reminds me of the battle of Hogwarts) and the tower of heaven arc. The characters are truly inspiring and even though you didn't like a few of them from the start, they really start to grow on you. I love Natsu, Happy, Gray, Lucy (and her celestial spirits), Erza, Jellal, Wendy, Carla, Gajeel, Panther Lily and everyone else in ...more

I don't think I have loved an anime as much as Fairy Tail! I went to my first anime convention and who did I go as? Natsu Dragneel! I even got the Fairy Tail logo in the same spot where Natsu has his! Fairy Tail has inspired me from the very first episode! The biggest reason on why Fairl Tail is one of the best is because I went to school to be a game designer, and I loved dragons and I also loved magic and how different things portrayed magic as something different. Once I got to Fairy Tail it changed everything! The way magic is portrayed as a "life force" and how some people are insanely powerful just because of how strong their magic is or the potential that it has so it can keep growing! Natsu has the combat development on par with goku in my eyes. How strong can Natsu really get? We will ever know! The same thing happened with Goku, by the time DBZ ended there is speculation on how strong he is but no one really knows because he spends so much time training! Natsu is on par with ...more

Fairy tail is by far the most emotional, heart-touching, agitating anime I have seen in my life. It leaves you weeping at times then again, laughing your hearts off the other. It has the ability to communicate with the audience with several mind-blowing characters-Erza scarlet, Natsu dragneel, Lucy heartfilia, Mavis Vermillion, and undoubtedly the other characters who participated just enough to catch your eye. I think this anime well deserves to be rated the best anime of all time, I see no reason for not doing so! You gotta be kidding me that Naruto and fullmetal alchemist are ahead of fairy tail! Impossible!
Bleach deserves good place, its almost as good as fairy tail.
I strongly suggest that there should be over a thousand more episodes of fairy tail and still more if possible. TO sum up, I love this anime like hell

I agree... It's so heart touching, full metal is too. The best anime for me.

Fairy Tail is awesome. This anime always have me on the edge of my seat. When first I watched fairy tail and I did not stop watching fairy tail until my body betrayed me and forced me to go to sleep. I lucked up and found fairy tail and it saddens me deeply for all the people who have yet to experience Fairy Tail. ;_: I love that show!

Fairy tail is the best anime I've ever watched, I think it should be in the first place as well, fairy tail gives the person who gets entertained a feeling of friendship, love, and protection. Even children who are lonely can be entertained from this anime, I really love this anime. I never thought that I will get addicted to an anime ever, I didn't watch anime much but now I'm like an addict, I'm saying that it's a good thing in a way since when you don't have anything to do and you don't feel like doing anything, watching anime (namely fairy tail) is the best idea. Specially if your an only child. I think that everyone should watch fairy tail, I have watched one piece to find out the reason for it to be so popular, but I really enjoyed fairy tail way more than one piece, sorry one piece fanes, all I'm saying is that 'try watching fairy tail sometime' it's really awesome. It's really better than Naruto and one piece, I'm not saying that in an insulting way, I'm saying that fairy tail ...more

Fairy Tail is my favorite anime. I love Fairy Tail because there is action, comedy, fantasy, adventurous, and supernatural. Well, I like this anime from two years ago. I really like Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and Mavis Vermilion. I read the chapter every friday. The truly is every saturday... But because Manga Reader already post the chapter every friday, I read it every friday. And, I have so many friends that love this anime. This anime always we talk it at school and chat on blackberry messenger. And then, there's a time that I forgot Fairy Tail. But, I can remembered again because I listen Hajimaru No Sora (Fairy Tail opening 11). I always wait the next episode, Fairy Tail episode 176. Fairy Tail is a great anime. And I think, There's no Fairy Tail haters in this world.

Fairy Tail is just awesome. I like it because it's fantasy, action, and many other genres. The characters also spot in, and they're perfect. They should've been #1 to me. The storyline is also really great, they can twist it and make it match. The abilities is also very creative. One of the best anime I've seen so far. It's also great that they can make creative characters names, like Natsu Dragneel it matches with the word "dragon", Lucy Heartfilia matches with a rich girls name, and Erza Scarlet which matches her hair because it was Jellal who made the name because of her red hair. The magics are also unique, like fire dragon slayer, celestial, and any others. Dragon slayers and god slayers also have an interesting history, like how were they born and why did all the dragons disappear. The purpose of the villain is also clear, not like other amines which the villains kill for no reason. Their history is also interesting, like about Zeref and Mavis. It's absolutely amazing, if you ...more

I love the anime Fairy Tail. It definitely has not been the first anime I've watched but it's one of my most favorites, next to a few others. I was so upset when I thought it was over, before I found out the story has multiple arcs, with new enemies, friends, and just the story line all together. All of the characters have some importance in the show, and depending on the arc, they may be the hero of it all. The battles don't drag on for too long and normally end in an unexpected way. The filler episodes throughout the series, though there aren't that many, are always enjoyable and amusing to watch. Despite it being long it definitely makes time pass quickly. It contains all of the action and (for the girls) romance that many anime fans look for. It's definitely worth watching!

Fairy tail is the BEST EVER ANIME IN THE WORLD! Its makes my heart beats fast, makes me cry, makes me laugh a lot, makes me realize, it taught me a lot about life, it brings my spirit up, it remind me to never give up.. It is really a great anime.. It is not all about fighting.. As you can see many anime just fight as they please.. But fairy tail is different.. If they are fighting it must be a reason for that.. It's my first time to watch an anime and feel like I am in there too.. Its seriously amazing.. It's a fantastic anime where all the people unite together as one in the guild and treat each other like family.. Although its not number 1 here.. I'm sure all the fans of fairy tail already make FAIRY TAIL NUMBER ONE in the world..

This should be among the top five animes! Certainly better than One Piece. I mean the story is just incredible. The characters keep bringing joy to me every single time I watch the show. Not to mention it's not strictly about one or two or even 3 characters. It's beauty is in the variety of characters in the Fairy Tail guild. So you're always in for a scene that would make your stomach hurt from laughing, or a warm-hearted scene that'll make you a second away from crying.
I'm new to Anime. I've watched Code Geass and Deathnote before Fairy Tail. They are Amazing. Incredibly entertaining! But I'll never see an anime like Fairy Tail. To me it's the best Anime there will ever be

Fairy Tail is amazing! It is a one of a kind anime that makes its audience speechless for its battle scenes, laugh out loud for its humor, and cry so much for its drama. This is such a remarkable anime that taught me important lessons in life that I haven't learned in school and from anywhere else. I definitely think this anime should be first in the list!

Man! Fairy tail is the best anime I have ever watched. I just love the characters in it. Boy they are so funny. I really think this should be in the first place. By seeing this anime I just want to be in their place. I like the way they always stick together in their hardships. Oh! Man I really want to be part of team natsu. I totally want to see fairy tail in the first place. Some people don'like this anime but, once when they watch it they will know it how amazing it is and will never be wanting to stop watching this anime. Fairy tail is number 1

Awesome show multiple characters talked about all in all a great anime that could easily get better as it's popularity gets better. Though it will get boring at first the storyline will get much better as the story progreses. One of the best animes ever a must see watch as soon as possible. It is about a magic guild watch right after you see this just type in the name with a space and 1 on the end and that's it

Fairy Tail is the first anime after Soul Eater that I have obsessed a lot over. The show provides many different genres and magical abilities. Sure it has the typical characters like the OP male, The nice and pretty female, the sidekick etc. But they handle that by making them interesting and making them their own. Also, I don't understand why people think Fairy Tail has a lot of fillers, because I think there's not enough. They have these arcs that are pretty long, so don't you want a little break and see what they do OUTSIDE the dangerous missions? Fairy Tail is an amazing anime with a hint of subtle romance.

Fairy Tail has always been of my top 3 list of obsessions and will continue to be. If you have only watched 5 episodes and decide to stop, don't. The anime is only starting to heat up around then. Give Fairy Tail a shot, yea?

(Fairy Tail has the best ships)

Fairy Tail is a funny, dramatic, and an adventurous anime all rolled into one. It's full pack and the best thing about this anime is that it has a big heart. It's an anime one will never forget. Fairy Tail will make one laugh and cry at the same time. It's an anime to be proud of and to be shared. Love, Friendship, and Family it's all there! Like Makarov said, it's an ending mystery. That's what Fairy Tail is all about!

This is and has been my favorite anime. The characters are well thought out and no one is blindly acting without some kind of back story. There are endless possibilities so the series could go on forever! I LOVE the relationships because it never gets too cheesy or predictable. There aren't clear cut romances but the writers constantly foreshadow couples which allows the series to incorporate romance without it becoming the main topic. Genius. There are also enough characters that it isn't always focused on one or two people. And each episode has the perfect balance of action and comedy so that it is never too intense but also not childish. It also isn't focused on beautiful women falling for the same average guy like a lot of other animes. This is hands down my favorite anime! If you haven't seen it, you really should! It will take a while to catch up but its totally worth it!

This should be in the top 5 with the reason that Erza was awesome in Pandemonium where she defeated all 100 monster by herself! Everyone was like "holy " with their faces.

The most amazing part in this anime is its quality especially in the fight scene compared to others where the manga's fight scene is better than in the anime!

Lastly, I love all the OVAs of Fairy Tail! Nough said

I love Fairy Tail! One of the best anime I have ever seen! Definitely worth watching! It's funny and will have you on the floor laughing! It's also an emotional and inspirational heart warmer, and a genuine heartfelt drama that can have you crying buckets! It's an ALL-round awesome anime, It has everything, Love, Friendship, Loyalty, Inspirational, Comedy, Drama, awesome and kick-ass fighting scenes! Fairy Tail is ALL-round perfect.

Fairy Tail should be number one! I have watched many animes, but they are all just distractions until the next Fairy Tail episode comes out. There are many animes but none compare to the comedy, the bonds of friendship, the seriousness, and just the pure awesomeness of Fairy Tail. As far as I am concerned Fairy Tail is the best and I will watch it until my eyes need a prescription of 10. Go Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Happy, Wendy, Carla, and everyone else, I love you!

Fairy tail is an amazing anime about Lucy Heartfilia, a girl who wants to become a wizard and join the most popular wizard guild in her town, Fairy tail. After Lucy meets Natsu Dragneel, a wizard in Fairy tail, she joins the guild, embarking on adventure's with Natsu and meeting new allies along the way! Fairy tail has a number of things to love. For one thing, there's a lot of character development with main characters and even some background characters, two good examples of this are Cana Alberona and Loki. Fairy tail also has great female characters, including Erza Scarlet, Mirajane Strauss, Lucy Heartfilia, (and my personal favorite) Juvia Lockser. All in all, Fairy tail is great because it could go in multiple genres, romance, action, or comedy! That's why I love Fairy Tail and think it is one of the best newer anime.

There was a lot of hype surrounding this anime so I wanted to give it a try its first 20 episodes are basically just introductions which are good but after that you fall in love with the characters, the best thing about the anime is it will not lag fights are usually 1 episode long and the anime is also funny, its pretty new but with the hype surrounding it and as good as it is I see this climbing its way to top 5 best ever I love one piece and I now put this above one piece.

Fairy Tail, so far, is a unique anime in the sense that there is no true main character. Each character can be seen as the most important one at one point or another in the series.
Also, the many different characters act much like a family would, and you can always find someone to relate to. The classic stereotype characters are there, but the show acknowledges the characters arch-type, and decides to change up the character a bit. Natsu, the classic hard headed brute force male, is not the strongest, and, in fact, suffers from motion sickness, which is almost the death of him. Grey, the cold and distant pretty boy, doesn't act like a douche. In fact, he's a very nice guy, who just likes to keep his cool. The hot lead girl knows she's hot, and is often the butt of jokes about it.
Their are many other characters who enrich the story, and the mystery of Jallal will keep you enthralled until at the very least, episode 60.
The dubbed voices are great, and I've heard good things ...more

VERY NUMBER ONE on my list! Fairy Tail is "the" best anime I have ever watched, and I am still watching. Every week I look forward to watching the latest episode and they have the best character line-up. IT'S A FULL PACKAGE! The humor of this anime is amazing! I really really LOVE FAIRY TAIL so much!

One of the things that hooked me with Fairy Tail is the wonderful bond of love and friendship of their guild and how they are living their life for their friends. And this anime has many surprising turn-of-events that blows me away. I don't know why everybody shouldn't love this. FAIRY TAIL is A W E S O M E!

Fairy tail is the best show ever. I mean come on have guys seen anything better than this it is amazing! Fairy tail is about family and always being there for them. It is also about friendship and to keep on moving forward and to bee proud of who you are. They fight anythings that is in their way for their friends, or as they say their family. They went to war because someone hurt their family member. If you think any of those other shows are better than you must be out of your mind. I mean how is one piece better than fairy tail. I mean for Jesus Christ the main character has circles for eyes. CIRCLES. I am not kidding. Fairy tail and I repeat is the BEST ANIME SHOW OF ALL TIME. NOTHING IS OR CAN BE BETTER THAN IT CAUSE FAIRY TAIL RULES.