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Naruto: Shippuden is the ongoing sequel to the original Naruto anime and covers the Naruto manga from volume twenty-eight on. The TV adaptation of Naruto: Shippuden debuted in Japan on February 15, 2007 on TV Tokyo. It is developed by Studio Pierrot and directed by Hayato Date.


This is gonna be the best anime I've watched so far. It's a unique and touching story which manifests sorrows, love, bliss and everything we humans experience in our lives. Naruto may seem immature, stupid or whatsoever to those who don't really watch it, but deep down he is a tough young man who has experienced many hardships and failures in life, yet he stood and stayed strong, persevered, and yes, the life he led with some people belittling and hating him, and some caring for him from the back, and even one who really loves him deep down, it has always brought precious lessons in our lives. He never backed down, never gave in, in attempt to achieve the goals he pursued, that is to be the Hokage, to fulfil the hopes and destinies entrusted to him by his former teachers, and to keep to his promise, to bring back his brother-like bonded friend, Sasuke, which he has swore to Sakura. Though the stories sometimes have boring flashbacks to the past, it always brought memories and tears to ...more

Naruto Shippuden and Naruto are both incredibly epic animes. It makes you cry, laugh and keeps you wanting more and more! I've seen many animes in the past year and I can honestly say that the Naruto series is the best by far. It shows immense growth throughout the seasons from all characters, and the main characters aren't ridiculously strong characters that never lose, so that makes it realistic. The background on each character is very detailed and well done. Even though its not the most happy anime ever that does not make it depressing or boring. This should be down next to Naruto on the list.

Unlike many long animes, I believe that Naruto was on of the most interesting and even unpredictable animes that I've seen. I will be honest, the amount of filler episodes was a bit disappointing, when the real episodes come, they make up for all the fillers. Unlike the original Naruto, the episodes seem more sad in a good way. All the sad scenes in it are great and put you on the edge of your seat. The character development is great and the plot keeps you thinking about the episodes ahead. That's why I think Naruto Shippuden should be at least on the top ten.

The Naruto franchise is the best anime ever! It is upbeat, funny, sad, romantic, amazing, awesome, and epic at the same time no other animes can make me cry, laugh, and cheer as much as Naruto. It's storytelling is almost perfection and almost every event or piece of dialogue whether if it's a memory and a fleeting moment has a deeper meaning than meets the eye (or ear). The soundtrack is one of the best I've heard and makes the challenge of making music fit the show a cinch! The fights are amazing because of strategy, shinobi logic, and one thing that only Naruto has, jutsu! But where this show truly shines is the characters! Everyone in the show is important in their own way whether it be good or bad, some characters that were just the worst people in the world have become the one of the awesomest. We can even see their backstrories and what the origins to their morals are. Their powerful wills even makes them beautifully inspirational. It has everything that makes an anime great! ...more

In my opinion, Naruto has surpassed even Dragon Ball Z. Despite being indoctrinated into loving Dragon ball z during my early childhood, Naruto just has a much deeper meaning; sure Dragon ball z was plenty of fun and the fight scenes were probably the most epic of all time, but the intensity of the story in Naruto is just unfathomable, to watch Naruto grow and become such a hero after his hardships it just has to be the most depressing and at the same time euphoric storyline not just in anime, but in history! Dattebayo!

My top 3 anime are Naruto:Shippuden, Bleach, and Unlike childish and predictable anime like Dragon Ball. You never know what's going to happen. Also, their main characters are not the most powerful. Ichigo is somewhat powerful, Natsu is savage, and Naruto? Let's just say Naruto tops all three. He has Nine Tail's power, Sage Jutsu, and all different forms of Windball: Rasengans. Natsu's Dragon Slayer Secret Arts or Dragon force mode cannot touch Naruto or Sasuke for that matter. Ichigo could probably fare off better against Naruto, especially in his Final Getsuga Tensho form. But Naruto Shippuden is the best. Naruto's deep love for a friend (Sasuke) who turned rogue and even attacked the Hokage at the Five Kage Summit, Joined the Akatsuki, a group that basically had a bounty on Naruto's head. Naruto impresses because when I watched the Naruto Series, Naruto couldn't perform a clone Jutsu and Now in the Shippuden series is the God of Shadow Clones and Windballs(Rasengans). He literally ...more

To be honest I think Naruto is the best anime I ever watched cause Naruto and Naruto shippuden are both awesome. I don't seriously know why some people say it's a kids show and is boring, cause if they watched every single episode theyd understand. every time I watch it after every episode it leaves me I suspense, whats gonna happen next? Its organised and explains t everything clearly and has an incredible story line, graphics, music and action. It could make you laugh and cry and when some one dies you can feel it. Naruto from a whiny kid develops into a villages hero and till now look how much he's accomplished. everyone acknowledges him from what he's become. it deserves to be number #1.

The world of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden is immense and so detailed, the plot line is believable and you get to see the characters as they develop. I like it especially in comparison to stuff like Fairy Tail because the characters actually have limitations that you know about, there's no secret power they miraculously get that doesn't get explained. You get to watch them learn as they succeed but also when they fail or other characters die. For such a large fictional world, I still feel a part of it which doesn't happen often. Yes the filler is annoying, but I just skip it and go back to it when taking a break from the plot or waiting for the next season. I also have to say the music is amazing! - blackw0lf2

Hell... I think Naruto Shippuden is WAY better than the original Naruto.
The awesome fights (**SPOILER? ** especially Naruto vs. The Six Paths of Pain which was AMAZING)... Laugh out loud and I'm really interested of what will happen to Sasuke and will Naruto be the Hokage).. The story, fights, animation everything is excellent ( though there are some annoying fillers)

The story is sad and emotional. Goes into great detail about the characters, their role in the anime, and how they feel. Expresses why someone preforms a specific action in the anime. For example in some anime people are bad just because they need villains. In Naruto the villains have a purpose such a revenge. The anime is built well though it does have its fillers which you can skip.

For an anime series to be really amazing its must have amazing beginning (Naruto) and ending (Shippuden).
Naruto Shippuden is the continuation of Naruto series, and its good if not better than the old Naruto series. Naruto and Naruto Shippuden together makes Kishimoto sensei's series one of the best.
So Naruto being #2 somewhat means Shippuden's #2 too not #17

A lot of people just assume Naruto and shippuden in general are bad. They think the story line is weak and the characters pointless. But I bet most of these people didn't finish Naruto or Shippuden. If they had, they wouldn't be saying that. I used to be one of these people, but after watching all of Naruto and shippuden I realized the story line is very complex and not at all simple while the characters develop to be interesting and very likable. If you haven't seen Naruto or Naruto Shippuden PLEASE give this show a chance, it might be long but it's worth it.

Naruto Shippuden follows the original two years later. Naruto is more mature(a bit at first than develops,) Sasuke is on his mission to kill his brother, and there abilities and action become more clever, strong and evolved. The biggest part about it is the villains known as the Akatsuki. An organization out there to get the 9 Tailed beasts out there including Naruto himself being the target. Together as Naruro and his friends set out an adventure that will have more epic moments, music is still great and the action becomes more tense, though at moments it's a little OP, but give it time and the ninja stuff plays into the factor. My only criticism is after 200 episodes, it does lose value time after time with fillers. Some are good, some are bad, a lot are unnecessary trash. But if you skip the fillers, the show overall is the best anime I've seen. Naruto rocks #1 in my top ten anime list. Believe It!

Naruto, is just the most beautifulest thing I've ever watched. Maybe even read but I like watching it more. I just love how they give so much detail to all the characters. Give so much reason to them. So much history. And the fighting is just epic, and has so much logic and tactics in it. Just amazing. I could laugh my gut off, and even cry at some times. It's not just a "cartoon" like how my maid says. I believe it's got that sense of reality, and so much reality added to everyone, I think it's one of those works of art.
Don't mean to say it's best but, finding an anime like this is as hard as finding a four leaf clover.

I think people misunderstood when they voted for Naruto because Naruto Shippuden outclasses it by so much. Anyone who has seen every episode of each multiple times would know that Shippuden is what makes Naruto truly great. Detailed characters. There isn't a single character in the anime/manga that you don't know the background of. Also, the backgrounds of all the characters are really deep and are never exactly like another character. Overall my favorite anime by far.

It is the one and only anime that touches my deep, deep and the bottom of my heart and the revenge I long hatred had gone. It teaches you how to become stronger not just physical but mentally too. The will to never give up gives him hope and support to become the hokage. He has never complaint about giving up. His crush Sakura and hinata ( secretly crushing on him) give him the support he need. He had save thousands of life and surpassed his sensei. This show is the perfect show for all ages and it should be ranked the number 1

I'm watching Naruto since 2007 and once you've started watching it believe me there's no way out I have a type of craze for it. And How come Naruto is at the end of the top 10 list? I mean this (Naruto Shippuden) is called an anime. Its plot is amazing the way it carries the characters all the way and then the music and OST is fantabulous even though I'm not a Japanese but I still learned the lyrics to the song it makes you feel awesome.

Having seen both Fairy Tail and Naruto Shippuden, Naruto wins by a long shot. For starters, the action is clever and unpredictable (while Natsu from Fairy Tail powers up on fire and the power of friendship). Also, the story is funny, intense and at times heart breaking. The only thing wrong with Naruto is the crazy amount of filler, but you can choose to skip this if you want. Naruto Shippuden should at least be in the top 5

Yes it is the best. Because everything is detailed. Even there uniform in Naruto the circle in the back the uzumaki sign that they revealed in shippuuden. Why there uniform have that sign. And the writer really is amazing. Everything have explanation. There technique. Team work. And plans. Its amazing that there king is not the hokage. It's the children of there village. Nice point there. Naruto is really realistic. There still many things. Watch it and you will know what I'm talking about.

This is a reincarnation of Star Wars, where Luke saves Anakin from the dark side. Here, Naruto, the essence of love, saves Sasuke, who is overcome by hate and revenge. I have never seen an anime that executes a perfect mixture of epic fight scenes, an explanation for everything, a hint of religious beliefs, an application of the human body and it's functions, and ultimately the story of two individuals and their friendship. The ending of this series is so good it made me shed a few tears. This is #1 because it is so emotionally involved and addicting to the very end.

I don't understand why Naruto and Naruto shippuden are seperated it's the same anime but still it is the best anime. everything in Naruto is just so different and awesome and the character development is so well done but the best part is the fights damn the one with pain was just so breathtaking and when obito showed his face I was like trembling with excitement it has everything in it Naruto has made me cry and laugh like retards and you get so much to learn from it honestly I have changed so much because of it after watching Naruto I feel that I have become a more good person!

In my opinion Naruto is the best anime that I have ever had the fortune to cross it's a whole different world it will shock make you cry even make you feel sorry for the baddies and show you that every one has a reason for their actions it teaches you friendship and bravery and makes believe in your self it also taught me that the weak are can be strong if they chose to be it has all different genres just like harry potter is the god of all novels Naruto is the god of all anime/manga

Naruto has the best psychological presentation in anime history. It is very mature from thinking. don't know how it is in no.6. I don't care, it's the best and I don't pay attention to some sorry SOB waste time opposing it instead of watching it.
Amazing story line, great battle tactics, heartbreaking emotion and awesome soundtrack.
It has the best explanation why a person turns into a villain and that all of them have a heart till the very end somewhere deep down.
Very inspirational, dedicated, and motivational.
Just praying someone at least understand the story's depth before giving any comment.

Amazing series! Probably one of the most progressive stories I've ever witnessed. Although I truly enjoyed the first Naruto series, this one doesn't have to take as long to build up the intensity. Not to mention the "boss" fights were far beyond many others, similar to DBZ's Majin Buu and the Espada on Bleach. Each one was unique and enticing with the right twist. But the two best parts are the battle with Pain and TOBI! BEST VILLAIN EVER!

Number 6? Now if Naruto is number one this should be god like level. fairy tale though? This is by far the best of the best! This show will have you hooked. best fight scenes, best story, best characters, and by far some of the best ideas. is this is joke at number six. watch it and find out and I 100% guarantee your time back. laugh out loud if you even want it back cause it will be one of the best animes you've seen. number 1? Definitely.