Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Neon Genesis Evangelion, commonly referred to as Evangelion or Eva, is a Japanese animated television series produced by Gainax and Tatsunoko Production, and directed by Hideaki Anno.


Let me start by saying Evangelion is not for everyone. I consider the greatest anime ever made, but that's simply because I connected strongly with the characters and story. While I always recommend this anime to people, it's seldom I find anyone with the patience and heart to truly try and connect with the character. If your looking for something that will blow your sucks off with amazing fight scenes then I would recommend many of the other animes on this list. If you have patience, love amazing stories, and don't mind a little psychological torment, then Evangelion is perfect for you.
The Rebuild series is amazing as well. I can't wait to see how this new storyline plays out. I've heard a lot of complaining from original Evangelion fans about the direction of the new films, but all I can say is, have a little faith. I've watched the 3 movies currently released and while the first two were amazing the third seemed like it was more of a bridge. They used that movie two connect ...more

While the end is a bit strange (and disappointing, according to many people), the whole series is a brilliant work of art worth watching. If you only must watch 10 anime features or series in your life, NGE should be one of them, along with Revolutionary Girl Utena, Spirited Away and The Grave Of The Fireflies.

Instead of focusing on action scenes (as giant robots fight equally huge invaders from another world) at the detriment of the rest, the series use these actions scenes as a backdrop to a meaningful story about human relationships, all in a very introspective way. NGE deals with alienation, angst, self-esteem and general psychology in a way no other anime did before. Characters are well-developed and progress through time as they are faced with different, often tragic and cruel human experiences.

The story even deals with philosophy and religion, as some of its characters debate if the existence of mankind as a species is essential to the survival of mankind as an ...more

Why is Evangelion number 45?! Is it because most of these people either haven't seen it, or just refuse to actually put thought into what the show depicts. I can't believe such a masterpiece is behind utter mediocrity such as Bleach, Naruto, and Fairy Tail (actually, its probably because they receive more attention, but that's besides the point). If most of the people who voted on this list had seen Evangelion prior to voting, it would probably be in the top ten, given that some people don't like the psychological, dark, depressing genres. Probably if everyone who voted for Death Note saw this, almost all of them would vote for Evangelion instead.

Neon Genesis is the best anime of all time, It's origins tie into the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bomb droppings, in the series the reference is Third impact, and really addresses the issues felt by Japanese after they were forced into a new identity due to the American occupation of Japan after the war ended, the angels have been seen as a symbolic representation of America and how it, at the time, was trying to control Japan in turn wiping out some of Japan's historic culture, while the ever's are the saviours that the Japanese wished for, though at the time didn't have.

Stupid dumb kids/ immature adults ( of which I bet are all American) voting for action packed, idiotic, shallow shows that involve no thought process like dragonball z and Naruto. I mean dragonball number 1? Really? Anybody who dares to say either of those shows are deep, meaningful or process any true artistry and not just dragged, predictable animations made for the sole purpose of making $$ off the moronic people in the world should go look at the idiot in the mirror. true art like neon genesis evangelion and cowboy bebop etc are not served any justice in these current rankings. such an epic shame

This is by far the best anime master piece of all time, excellent characters structure, excelent history, excelent design... Naruto or bleach maybe are very popular, but NGE is legendary and a must be anime reference.

This is just saddening. It's really depressing to see such a groundbreaking, classic anime being pushed down the list to make way for all the shounen. I have nothing against Naruto and Bleach (Detective Conan is one of my favourite animes for god's sake) but such a brilliant deconstruction of the whole mecha genre doesn't deserve to be on this spot.

Ah Neon Genesis Evangelion, a story of a bunch of young teenagers trying to cope with themselves and a world falling apart around them. A world where they must fight, sometimes without ever knowing what they are truly fighting for, and with people behind the scenes manipulating all they do for their own personal vendettas. It's such a complex story, with iconic scenes, tragic and flawed heroes, and tons of psychological and religous influence. If Stanley Kubrick said, hey lets make an anime, it would probably be similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Absolute Masterpiece.

It's so awesome! The special effects aren't the best, I know. But the story is really god. The characters structure is just beautiful, their eyes aren't really big, like it's nowadays.
Shinji's attitude is what I like the most, together with Asuka. Their relationship is really interesting.
Yes, it talks about religion a lot, but never like "You should follow this religion", it's more like a philosophical thing.
If you haven't watched this anime, please do it. You won't regret it.

A masterful brilliant experience and riddled with controversy. From what seems to start out as your ordinary mecha anime becomes increasingly more deconstructive, psychological and epic. Complete with "The End of Evangelion", this may be the most powerful and thought provoking show you'll ever sit.

Ever apologist here:
It is no exaggeration, as far as I am concerned to describe Evangelion as one of the most brilliant works of popular art ever produced. Cowboy Bebop, FMA etc are all very good in their own right, but ever reaches a level of genuinely literary excellence. I can completely understand its detractors, but it completely revolutionised the way anime was made and thought about; In ever you can see the moment when postmodern discourse entered anime. A work approaching the sublime, part of a grand literary tradition of subversion and gnostic thought stretching from Milton, through Blake and Yeats to Philip K. Dick and Alan Moore. And yes, I do believe there's more to the symbolism that is usually supposed. If it was put there on a whim (as THAT quote seems to indicate) then it was an act of divine luck that it fits so well. Great. Go watch it if you haven't.

NGE depicts many aspects of humanity like religion, psychoanalytic concept and even social structure. These make this series exemplary! Also, it does not stick with the norms of many mecca series and other anime series, the 'action' part here is really a subset of the amazing and crazy plot of the story. The disturbing journey of the chosen children also created a great issue in online readers and reviewers. To strenghten this, even it has ben 15 years since its first telecast, part of its installment movie, the Rebuild will be released this year!

Amazing. Has some of the most darkly complex and nuanced characters in any anime that I've ever seen, and ventures into the deepest, darkest, parts of the human psyche. It's downright fascinating and compelling and outright mystifying ESPECIALLY as it gets towards the end. Extremely worth your while.

Amazing plot, amazing character development, and amazing ending. Although, some may be let down by the ending, I was a fan of the way it ended. It is more than a action-drowned mecha anime. It is a character-driven psychological journey.

What why is it only 44. It is the most inspirational anime ever! I mean basically Attack on Titan and lots of other anime got its inspiration from it. It's a bit confusing but that makes it fit more into place. It is the best. I don't care what anyone else says, it's the best.

This one is great. The ending is very messed up though. It is great for those who are into action but is more meant for people with an appreciation for character development. - BigDaddyJ

I am shocked that ever is so low on this list. Ever is a masterpiece and is still my favorite even after all of these years. NGE was innovative and had some of the best character development I've ever seen. No other anime listed above has been more influential that ever and it is a shame to see such a great series so low on the list

The first anime I recommend when asked. Nothing can beat this. All of the characters are wonderfully developed. May not be the most popular, but definitely one of the best. Can't wait for Rebuild.

It actually performs better than most of the anime on this list, but the reality is, regardless of execution, this is easily the most ambitious project ever produced. It might not have been the first polular anime (That title would probably go to sailor moon.) but it is definitely the most influential anime ever.

I don't know why this isn't higher on the list. This anime changed th industry. It had a great character back story and character development. This anime never gets the credit it deserves.

Right there with Akira and Ghost in the Shell for absolute must watch anime. This project (as in the series and the two movies) could probably provide you with enough thesis material to get a doctorate.

Great series that managed tone and broke expectations of the day to deliver some really great characters (many of whom are female) and underlying subtext. Unless you don't want any of that and you want more fanservice, less on what was delivered to how it's delivered to pander to fans.

Ugh. It pains me to see that so many childish shounen and " SAO is the best anime ever" fans have such a strong voice here. Ah well, can't help stupidity.

In my opinion Neon Genesis Evangelion was a great experience for me. The Story and all characters was very crasy and complex. First time I didn't understand the complete plot, but then I watched it a second time it was very cool and clear for me. Shinji is a well thought out anime character, I could understand him very often and I empathize with him. He is for me the 1st best Anime character besides Light Yagami and Lelouch Lamperouge.

Can't believe this masterpiece which had so much impact is placed in 45th position...It's really sad. Guess younger audiences nowadays never watched this anime. At the time it was a mindblowing anime. I just hope the Rebuild of Evangelion will capture people like the original series did with so many people.