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101 Your Lie in April Your Lie in April Your Lie in April, known in Japan as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso or just simply Kimiuso, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa.

I agree, this is one of the best animes I have ever watched! I can't believe it's so low however I can understand that many anime fans haven't watched this due to the anime not having any "action" or magic. It's definitely a little different from some of the other animes I've seen but it's filled with so much emotion and beauty. Definitely deserves top 30 I mean it's ranked behind a cartoon!

This was a masterpiece, enough said. I cried enough to use up 10 tissue boxes. Everything was simply beautiful, I'm usually a fan of action and adventure anime, but this is an exception. The characters were well thought out and developed, and the soundtrack was amazing. I rate it a 10/10 please watch this!

This anime is so beautiful. The end left me shocked, sad + made me cry

This anime, with it's amazing characters, music, animation, and story, completely broke my heart then repaired it at the end. This was a beautiful anime that I recommend without hesitation. Do yourself a favor and go watch it. - Absolite

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102 Sgt. Frog

It's quite a funny anime! I mean, how many that exist shows a fun packed, yet hilarious and at the same time, aliens? Damm! You people should definitely watch this show, because this show is a anime that will laugh your heads off :D

This anime is just gut-busting hilarious. I enjoy it so much. While a lot of anime is serious, this one is more silly, and has a cartoony feel to it. It actually reminds me of Invader Zim.

This should be a bit higher, not in the Top 10 or anything, other people have opinions, but more people should watch this. If you're looking for a good laugh, I highly recommend this show.

This is a standout in a convoluted medium.

I remember watching this a while ago. So much collectible items seen and I just love how Keroro always misses a chance to get a collectible figure. - OtakuKat

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103 S-CRY-ed

My favorite anime of all time hands down. It brings back great memories every time I watch it so maybe I'm biased but that's what this list is for right?

This is one of my favorite animes of all time but it's so unknown I didn't even think it would be on here

This series is very entertaining and a must watch for all anime viewers, although I have not seen anybody commented on it at all. It is indeed a very enjoyable piece of work. I really encourage you to check it out and add your opinion to this spot.

104 Beyblade: V-Force‎

Awesome series although Beyblade g revolution were better but the new Beyblade series suck

105 07-Ghost

07 Ghost is the best anime ever. It's super cool and is very gorgeous. I think it should be number 1 So vote for 07 Ghost. Go! Go! 07 Ghost

Amazing anime! The plot involves a lot of action and is also well-rounded in general. It's too bad it ended so early in the plot.

This anime is about a amnesiac kid named Teito Klein who has a special power, and is at some military place until he tries to kill a leader there that murdered his father. He then escapes and is taken in at a church, where there are myths about the mysterious 7 ghosts, who are supposedly shinigami that were banished to Earth.

I love this anime!

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106 Eden of the East

Only watched a few episodes but was hooked instantly! Who would not wonder why a guy would wake up naked outside the white house?!

It's super great! I love this show for its plot, characters, and Christian theme.

There's a reason why they made episodes AND a movie. Why? Because it's really good. - Persons

The most important thing is it has oasis song'falling down' as opening

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107 Gungrave

This anime has a well developed storyline that is action packed. After you have watched 3 or so episodes you'd be hooked

GunGrave has one of the best storylines, ever. the animation is gorgeous and the sequences are to die for. I couldn't say this it's my favorite, but it's absolutely in my top 5

Amazing anime, one of the best stories developed

Should be higher

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108 K-On! K-On!

This is the best anime ever! You should watch it. This is about your friends, your classmates, your teacher, and everyone!

It's so funny, but sometimes you'll cry because it is so touchy!

How this isn't no. 1 is dumbfounding! By far the best Anime ever. It's funny, it's sad, it'll make you laugh, cry and jump with joy.

A really cutesy and fluffy anime that both men and women will enjoy, especially those who play musical instruments (such as myself). I didn't expect it to be very high in the charts since it's not action, which anime-fans tend to enjoy more these days, but I thought it'd at least be in the top 50, since it is really well thought through. The balance of comedy and slice of life is amazing. There isn't any romance in K-On!, but I love the friendship all the girls have. The ending of season 2 did make me cry, too it's really easy to empathise with the characters. Why is this at 102?!

K-on is my favourite anime because
it's adorable all the characters are great and I think it at least deserves no.100

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109 Spice and Wolf Spice and Wolf Spice and Wolf is a Japanese light novel series written by Isuna Hasekura, with illustrations by Jū Ayakura.

Easily the best character developing story I've ever seen. Won't spoil anything. But give it a try, two-three episodes in and it surely belong to your top-10 list.

Spice and Wolf is the first to make me change my wallpaper from the default w7 one, is also the first to make me download the novels.
Much love for the series, has a unique feel and revolves around emotions... I can't write... You must watch it to be able to understand it; the only bad thing is that it only has 2 seasons and that made me cry at the end.

The best romance anime I have ever seen so far. But this show is too under-rated among the anime community.

Here are the reasons why it doesn't deserve 106th place:
1. I could sing its ending song for hours
2. It's not sad, disturbing or boring. It's really funny, romantic and gives off a 1800s vibe

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110 Yuri on Ice!!! Yuri on Ice!!!

This anime is probably one of the best animes that I have watched. The story line is very inspiring, yet it is also thrilling. The animation give off a feeling of smooth, elegant, and graceful motions, which is the epitome of figure skating. Fianlly, the relationships that are shown in the anime are very deep and they show off how many different relationships there are and how important they are through sports. All in all, I think that this is an anime that is definitely worth watching.

This is definitely the best show on the face of the earth! It is so moving that I don't cry... my heart cries. I believe that the arts move people greatly, and incorporating such emotional magnitude through Yuri on Ice! the story gains so much more than mainstream anime would. The character development and relationship between Yuri and Victor kills me. It is such a heart wrenching story and I urge strongly that people take the time to truly enjoy it... I hope there is a season 2

Favorite anime of 2016, the bond Yuri and Victor have is so meaningful and yet it still features the excitement of a typical sports anime plus its also hilarious! This anime is something special and already has a huge fanbase I love it.

Yes yes all the yes

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111 Ghost in the Shell Ghost in the Shell

Oh come on... No comments yet?
You've got serious issues people.. If you haven't watched GITS yet!
It's kick-ass for all the cyberpunk lovers out there.
Not just that but the anime also takes the cake in action sequence..
Highly recommended!

This should definitely be AT LEAST in the top 10. No other Anime compares to the sheer amount of thought put into this. I guess there are not many Psychological lovers out there. I haven't seen every Anime on this list but out of the ones I have seen, this has a more intricate story than those and it almost requires you to think in order to understand things (which is probably another reason why it's lower on the list. A lot of Anime fans like the more simple things they don't have to strain their brain cells over. )

This is the finest canon of anime that I've ever seen. It's not only an introspective look at a future society but it also dovetails into socio-ethics of politics, the thin line between democracy and dictatorship, questions of what defines humanity, among other things. Overall one of the most thoughtfully written, amazingly directed, and interesting anime's of all time.

This should be in top 10.

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112 Shakugan no Shana

Really good show, it shows us some decent action and triangle love, it also shows us the determination that every character has to achieve its goal and never give up no matter what.

It's so awesome... Shana, as she has proven her worth once more after challenging her own lover for the sake of wanting to walk on the same, but improved, path as him..

Shana is the first anime I ever watched, and I have never found anything that came close to this storyline or emotional depth. A must see for everyone who loves a good anime series.

It's a wonderful anime that in my opinion is absolutely brilliant except for the third season

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113 Hajime No Ippo V 2 Comments
114 Sankarea

It's a cool anime that involves this boy from a shrine trying to create a reanimation potion to save his cat,but a girl he met also drank the potion turned into a zombie which is so cool!

115 Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

The anime is very confusing at first, but later it gets explained and it makes you think of it in a whole new way. When you watch it you will cry, laugh and feel every emotion of the crew. The original subbed version is the best, the dubbed ruins most of the suspense and emotion that the subbed portrays. Very good anime! Recommend 100%!

My absolute Favorite, I think it is the best Anime ever. The Story is something I had never expierenced in other Anime. It is an Anime that you can't forget after seeing it, because of the setting and yu should watch all episodes to get the story

Okay, I know the Visual Novel and Manga are creepier, but HOLY ! THIS ANIME HAD SOME PRETTY SCARY AND DISTURBING PARTS! Sorry, but it's true. Anyway, the Story, while confusing, is just fantastic, easily in my top 5 (possibly 3) stories of all time! The Characters are interesting, well-developed and amazing! The Sound and Music just enhance the atmosphere, and the Opening and Ending Credits are beautiful and creepy! The only thing that wasn't up to scratch was the animation, it's not bad by any means but it could have been much more, although the overall art is quite nice. I easily recommend this to any true fans of Anime and/or Manga, especially Psychological, Mystery and/or Horror fans!

It's the PERFECT mixture of horror, comedy (Kira & rei) psychological and the opening for it is AMAZING! The manga and visual novel are amazing! I LOVE IT!

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116 Gin Tama

Gintama is absolutely in the top of all the anime. I've never seen such a hilarious series in my life. The humour is largely based on fast-paced references/parodies and dirty jokes that flow so smoothly that sometimes you even have to pause in order to laugh. In addition, the way in which they exhibit (mainly by parodying) the typical conventions in shounen anime's, and generally the knowledge about anime's that they're trying to convey to the audience, is genius. It's like Gintama was a guide to how to make a good anime, based on the past series.

But Gintama is not only about humour. The action element here is also of great value. It shows itself especially during the longer arcs, where the fights are so epic that even Bleach fans have to admit that they were good.

Finally, the vast cast of original characters adds to the show's uniqueness. Where else can you find a near-blind, super "M" female ninja who uses natto as a weapon? Or a moronic terrorist-samurai ...more

In terms of plot... Well, Gintama doesn't really have one, but that's why it amazes me that I love it so much. Gintama is hands down the funniest anime in existence, and its comedy is probably what Gintama is known for. But, there's so much more to it. The longer arcs contain a majority of my favorite fights in anime (Gintoki vs. Jirochi being my favorite). There are also occasional tear jerkers here and there (not Clannad level but still surprisingly sad for the type of anime Gintama is). Gintama is also the only anime I've seen where the characters actually know that they're in the anime which makes it rather unique. But the best part of Gintama has to be the variety of characters. Gintama will definitely at least have one character that you'll fall in love with. It could be an alien girl with a machine gun umbrella, an extreme otaku (or his glasses), a sadistic badass, a gorilla stalker, or a mayonnaise addict. And, how can anyone not like the protagonist, Sakata Gintoki. He is ...more

I am really surprised about this low rating... I think Gintama is probably my all time favourite anime and Gintoki became my number 1 favourite hero in a blink of an eye. Most people know this anime for the humour and the parody which are really important factors, and I really love it when I laugh so hard I don't even make a sound anymore and my stomach hurts. But what I really love in this anime is the way Gintoki lives. He has a lot of flaws which make him like a real person but he really lives according to his own rules and never fails to follow his soul.
This anime is best in comedy and it gives a lot of life lessons that actually made me think if I live the right way. But even these parts are hilarious a lot of times. And the characters are really awesome and unique. And even though this anime doesn't really have a plot, which I usually hate, I got so much into it that by the time I realised I've been already over 100 episodes. And there were no more escaping after.
So, to ...more

This anime is so funny, and its plot is based around not having a plot its great! - emeraldfennekin

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117 Dangan Ronpa Dangan Ronpa

Anyone this anime is awesome it is about 12 high school students trapped in a game of kill or be killed but you can't be caught or you die AWESOME It's A MUST SEE it is a bit of action and drama it's a good combination

Oh my god this should defiantly be in the top 100 at least. This anime is so suspenseful, so sad, so anger inducing, and just overall great. Be warned, your favourite character will most likely die - piercetheyum

I think that the amount of hope and despair in this game should at least make it go to the top 5.

The most creative anime!

There are no useless and boring episodes!

All of the episodes are filled with action!

You wonder who's the killer and solve mysteries!

The characters have a good development!

Do I need to say more? It's one of the best animes but it's so low. Is it what you call "fair"? - Tuana123

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118 Nisekoi Nisekoi

It is the best romantic, comedy anime I have ever watched definitely should be in the top 20

This is my favorite anime of all times! It is really funny and well...AWESOME. You should read the manga too because you can never get enough awesome stuff. - Bryanlai2000

Best romantic comedy anime I have ever watched...This should be at least in top 50

Best romcom anime

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119 Dragon Ball Z Kai

A Remake of Dragon Ball Z (King of all animes). Really action packed, sticks to the manga and the story arc. The one on nicktoons and 4kids are any good but it's uncut on dvd. Must SEE!

! How dare you? Please put in top 10. It's the best

Dragon ball z with out as much charging in my opinion no were near as good


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120 Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

What makes Free stand out from other sports animes - such as Haikyuu! (And don't get me wrong - I absolutely ADORE Haikyuu! ) is that as well as being a sports anime, it's an anime about friendship, about coming of age, and fears and being unsure of what you want to do in the future. All the characters have so much to them; so many layers, and so many arcs - it's about pressure, being different and therefore seeming like a loner, bonds and friendships that will remain even over time and distance. It's about memories and it's about life. Though it's classified as a swimming anime, swimming is merely the thing that sets the basis to it - like some sports animes', Free goes far beyond just the sports, and it does that in one of the most graceful and fantastic, and just beautiful ways that I've seen so far.

The best part about free! Is that its not just focused on swimming, its more that swimming is what is used to carry the main plot. it starts out very funny, k and it does stay lighthearted, but it has amazing moments and it talks about friendship and it will make you cry. free! Eternal summer is even better, it starts to get a bit darker, but when it gets dark, its all very realistic reaons that most of us can relate to and can understand. I honestly think this is one of the best anime I've ever seen.

This anime is about a group of boys in high school that decide to form a swim team after discovering that the place that they used to swim at was getting torn down.

Sports anime are cool ^^

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