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141 Inazuma Eleven

It's a very amazing cartoon what a story! It has took soccer far beyond imagination. It's a very nice anime. The characters are always blending each other.

Oh come on people 81?
Really! It is the BEST ANIME EVER!
I can sit and watch it over and over and over till my eyes get out from it place

A truly incredible series, I love every episode of inazuma eleven, a severly underrated anime series that has plenty of charm, a plot that is exciting and very original, an absolutely huge amount of fantastic characters, surprisingly decent English voice acting for the first two series and some incredible music that I could listen to for days. I have so much respect and care for this criminally underrated franchise, if you love anime then I strongly suggest that you try this series out!

If you r the lover of football.this anime gives you that.great story, characters especially axel and jude sharp.

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142 Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland

One of the best anime ever made with massive amounts of blood and also the greatest sequel of events. Some of the nicest characters and powers you can ever imagine, I have a particular interest for bloody anime but this one was really nice.

It's pretty gorey and a lot of blood is spilled, but the storyline is pretty awesome and what's more, there's a great twist. WE NEED SEASON 2!

It's the kind of work you search for as an Otaku, or even a semi regular watcher of anime. You want the best anime, and it's animes like this that you find it in. Season 2, bring it on, I personally can't wait.

Where is season two?! Waaah - emeraldfennekin

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143 Dance in the Vampire Bund

This is the first and one of the greatest anime's I watched I can't believe its not even in the top 20's well if only it was more popular but I don't usually watch vampire shows or animes but this one was just great and I heard they got it on netflix

Absolutely amazing! Just pissed because it only had 12 episodes, they should've made a season 2. Vampires rock!

If you love Vampires then you'll love this anime. If you love love triangle this anime is perfect. This anime has love, suspence, romance, love triangles, werewolves, fighting, and many more. This anime should be somewhere in the top 100s

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144 Dragon Ball Super

This is the best because it is a story of life that give us lessons to control our temper and mostly to think twice on what should be done... GO SUPER!

The creators are working hard so we should get a perfect anime in some recent years!

It will reach the top 10 just give it some time. However I'm still missing the battle damage and a bit blood to make their pain, anger, stress look realistic..

If you have watched DBZ then you are surely gonna love this.I'm addicted to it. It will get in the top10 soon no doubt. - shimeodi

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145 Kekkaishi

Kekkaishi is a wonderful action, comedy with romance anime. Here you can see the improved quality of the characters even though the sketch is a bit different.

It should be up in the top 10 this is a bad ass anime to me but not a lot of people like it the story line is awesome the ending is not so good but a lot of good things come in this anime I can't believe its 74 in the top anime list that's just not right

It's the plot that sets out the action of two teenagers who's power is to seal away demons (spirits) Along the story the boy gets stronger and saves the day

Who the heck is rating this stuff? kekkaishi deserves at least 25

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146 Prince of Tennis

Nice this anime is so cool.
Here you can see the improved quality of the characters even though the sketch is a bit different. This anime is so awesome! The plot has so many twists and turns, it was surprising me until the very end, and the characters are some of the most awesomely developed I have ever seen. I literally cannot say enough about this anime, it was so good!

This anime is little bit funny, all of my problems were erased because of this anime, in this anime they will show you what is tennis and their relationships as friends, it will show you that even though they have different personalities they have teamwork and even if it is not obvious they really love each other and willing to sacrifice their life just to fulfill their dreams, dream of winning in the competition,

Its just wicked awesome aniy fancyme...
The main thing about that it shows reality not like any other anime with fancy names

Awsomeness I wanna watch the 2nd part that when he meets with his big bro!

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147 Pandora Hearts

"By far one of the best manga I've read, period. The characters are all three-dimensional and flawed and the plot is masterfully woven and the twists are amazing. It is an excellent Alice in Wonderland allusion where nothing is as it seems, every character isn't who they appear to be and they all have lost memories that they wish to regain. There is not a single character I hate. They are all likable in their own way. Warning: this manga will make you feel, will make you cry buckets, will make you laugh... If you're afraid of that, you have nothing to fear.

A fantastic anime with a more than compelling story and brilliant characters and atmosphere.

Only anime that I even considered reading the manga. Not disappointed! And this is coming from a person that doesn't like to read.

The manga is way better than almost all popular anime.

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148 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

I totally agree. Code Geass was one of the best anime I ever watch. I did know what was going to happen at the end but to think that they will stop the anime at season was just unforgivable. I so want to keep watching this anime. But of course there is no more season to watch. So sad!

Best anime I never saw like this

You already put this - sadfag

I can't believe this didn't reach the 20
Best anime of all time

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149 Log Horizon Log Horizon

This was the first anime I really got into. Honestly, I got hooked instantly. A few months after I finished I tried SAO, and compared to Log Horizon, SAO was terrible. Shows like Log Horizon don't come around every day. It's truly an amazing experience. Shiroe is a genius, Naotsugu is hilarious, Akatsuki is purely epic, and everyone else is just cool. Also, this is one of those anime where the dub is pretty good (which isn't common). The novels are great too, read them sometime. Log Horizon is on a level of its own (haha, lame video game joke).

This anime approaches the subject much differently then Sword Art Online. It is its own entity. This is more about the politics and how to live in the game than it is on romance or escape like SAO. Don't look at it as an SAO rip, since it is quite different.

Log Horizon shouldn't be this far down on the list. Sure it's a bit complex, especially in the political affairs but this is by far one of my top 5 animes.

If SAO was smarter and had much MUCH better characters but still LH and SAO have different takes on the concept of being trapped in a game

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150 Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals

I love it

151 Ayashi no Ceres

A great series! - Weasltown

152 Shin Chan Shin Chan

Best cartoon ever I have seen... So funny... Its one of the manga series... With top class jokes.. Its in the top of all manga series comics...

Everything else fades in shame when Shin Chan enters the room. This anime is the meaning of life itself. Watch and become enlightened.

Shin chan is love, shin chan is life.

The best anime ever

To be a man you must honor! Honor and a PENIS! Love shin chin! Laura bailey is a hottie(shins american voice)

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153 Chihayafuru

Chihayafuru is just so awesome! It's one of my favorite anime... I really think this anime deserves higher rank! I just love their love triengle!

GOD... no one has watched it isn't it? If not one of the best.. This doesn't get to be on the 3rd page? This anime actually made me watch karuta videos on YouTube... please watch it people.. it has 2 seasons only.. (i hope a 3rd season will be out soon :3) The anime is about love, friendhip, passion hard work and accomplishing one's dreams.. really good anime.

Beutiful drawing style, interesting plot, unusual subject... highly reccommend!

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154 Kampfer

They need to finish making the anime version of the series, and possibly make an English dub... PLEASE?

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155 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Wait what?! This anime the best magical anime I have ever watch why is only at top 123? I love this anime and the manga do far is pretty good I have learned so many things thanks to this anime! I think this anime deserves at least at top 5! If someone wants me to recommend them an magical anime I would totally recommend this anime! Thanks to this anime I look the world in a positive manner now unlike before I was all like negative and stuff and this anime help me from that negative way of thinking! Kids this days they don't know what anime they SHOULD WATCH

This is an awesome and hilariously funny anime. One of my personal favorites!

Smooth animation, well thought out characters, suspenseful battles. I also like Gyokuen: she's everything a villain should be. The girls are real tough too, and the boys are very charming. Love it. The manga is great too


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156 Kingdom

This is by far my favorite anime. I would recommend Kingdom to anyone who wants to start anime.

Should be in the top 10. amazing story line!

One of the best historical anime out there. the storyline is excellent and one of my top 10.

I enjoy it but I like another historIcal anime named The Story of Saiunkoku. THAT was the BEST!

157 Mirai Nikki Mirai Nikki Future Diary is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. It depicts a battle royale in which each combatant has a diary with entries from the future.

This is future diary which is a lot higher in the list

I watched it but after that it really wasn't that good. But still, it should be higher.

This should be at the top 20 at least

Why is this so far down? - emeraldfennekin

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158 Comic Party
159 Fighting Spirit

Best sports anime ever. The evolution of the character is amazing through the episodes. It epitomises how one can face obstacles and grow from it. Probably one of the funniest animes created alongside Great Teacher Onizuka. It at least deserved to be in the Top 20, such a shame a lot of anime lovers don't know about the series.

I think the anime for this show was amazing. It had a ton of action with a lot of humor. I definitely put this in my top 5 list and recommend people watch this awesome series.

If you are wondering around, looking for a new anime to watch, then I can say, you can stop right here. This IS the anime you are looking for. Now stop wasting time and go watch THE BEST anime in world. I am 100% sure you will not be disapointed unless you are into just romance and fantasy anime only.

This anime is Pure adrenaline, best of all!

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160 Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East

It's a great anime! Its about 8 warriors who fought along princess Fuse to defeat evil Tamazusa, princess fuse locked tamazusa in her body but tamazusa is devouring her so she stabbed her own chest but before that, she wished that all of her 8 warriors will be together in another life so she could grant their wishes.
Certainly a must watch. I love this anime especially Shino :3.

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