Rurouni Kenshin

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Rurouni Kenshin Wiki is a collaborative website about the series 'Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story' (るろうに剣心 明治剣客浪漫譚, Rurōni Kenshin Meiji Kenkaku Rōmantan), also known as 'Rurouni Kenshin' and 'Samurai X'. more.


This is one of those shows that has a very simple and original style. The whole series is built with extreme simplicity and yet it have so captivating storyline. The whole series I tried to look for any drawbacks, flaws and relation with other animes; but this came out to be the only one which doesn't seem to have any of those things. I'm telling you that once you see this anime it will add a lot more maturity in your anime watching skills. Soundtrack are so captivating that when I hear them it literally make me wanna cry tO the fact that series ended, (favourite soundtrack "tsuki mo naku, hoshi mo naku" I'm listening to the tracks even while I'm typing this review). Awesome anime should be in top 5 or at least top 7. It's the real classical gem right here.

Rurouni Kenshin shows a lighter side to the shifting of eras during the transition from the Genji to the Meiji, with a dark, underlying shadow of bloodshed that keeps viewers shaking with belly giggles while on the the edge of their seats. The characters are unique and have different philosophies and morals and the storyline is excellent, and often unpredictable. Though I personally prefer the manga, the anime was excellent, even without the Jinchuu arc, and deserves a large accolade from all anime fans. I fell in love with the first episode and laughed, cried, and even blew my fuse then burst into giggles with this anime. Definitely the BEST anime I've ever watched!

This anime is way more realistic unlike most anime where the characters have super powers, it is about a wandering samurai using a reversed edge sword to protect people instead of killing. It deals with history, politics, romance, friendship and comedy as well. This anime made me laugh out loud and cry as well. The action sequences are class, the story has good twist to it and the music is spellbindingly awesome. This anime definitely deserves to be in the number 1 position of the greatest anime of all time. Many anime may come and go but samurai x remains close to my heart ♥.

If Rurouni Kenshin is not the best anime, then the best story told in anime/manga. I understand that the huge amounts of filler in the anime bring it down somewhat but the story told through the first two seasons of anime, Trust and Betrayal ova and the manga all tell a beautiful and timeless story.

Absolutely deserves to be in the top 5. The OVA storyline add so much depth to Kenshin character. I seen most of the top ten animes but Samurai X and Kenshin Himura storylines are the only anime that I keep watching again and again...

Watched all of the "seasons" this was seriously one of the best animes I've seen I would strongly recommend it to all who haven't seen it :D

The martial arts combats just too awesome if I could be someone I would be kenshin!

Wow it really surprised me that this anime is rated so low. I grew up watching DBZ, rurouni Kenshin and a few of the other higher ranked anime on this list at the same time/stages of my life and to be quite frank this anime outdid them all by comparison at the time. From a technical standpoint the artstyle, music scores and the many of the characters were exceptional. The only anime that engaged me more was probably deathnote...and that's much later on in my life...

I'm voting for Rurouni Kenshin Because it doesn't have such a mediocre plot like that of the other animes. It is also realistic. It has not boring parts. Its very entertainin and it can leave you thinking about it for days after you finish the series. That's just the way it is. It clings to us :P

Great story line, great art and great music. All combined set a genuine and authentic mood.
In this serie there is a good balance between action and storyline, the only downside to the story in my opinion is that THE climax that can't ben maintained till the end of serie.
But for all you anime fans out there, if you haven't seen this one what are you still doing here ;-)

I think this is the best anime ever... Way way way better than the imaginary others... Talks a lot about history and real elements and is more practical life based. It deserves to be number 1.

Simply outstanding, a classic, pretty much has everything you would want in a story. Great soundtrack, plot and characters. It's old school (1996) but I highly recommend it!

Best action in an anime, beats anything brought to the table. DBZ? Kenshin would defeat goku in battle guarantee I and Naruto. Almost every anime today has bitten of this one and it should be top 5 AT LEAST if not ONE.

Deserves to be in the top 10. My absolute favorite anime. The level of historical accuracy combined with the unique storyline and depth of characters sets this classic apart from the rest. The tale of Himura Kenshin and his path of atonement is truly a masterpiece. Watsuki (manga author) put so much time into creating this story and it shows. I will re-watch this anime and re-read the manga over and over again. Kenshin is the ultimate bad-ass, YET mature and kind character. so good. Meiji era setting + heartbreaking, captivating, moving storyline + the fact that it's realistic (a nice break from the supernatural/demons of Inuyasha, YYH, etc.) + amazing characters + beautiful music + awesome fight scenes = THE AMAZING RUROUNI KENSHIN.

This is a legendary story which teaches the heartaches and hardships of taking responsibilities for your past reputation and changing for the greater good. This story is amazing, sad at times yet with a comedic flair with such awesome fight scenes and character development.

I'm voting for this series because it really is a masterpiece and deserves to be in the top ten. Where in the hell is Gundam Wing and Outlaw Star as well? I remember running home from school to watch DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, and yes, Rurouni Kenshin. Unlike all the other aforementioned series, this one is very realistic as far as abilities and technique. The soundtrack was simply gorgeous, the acting was also good. Departure from Rurouni Kenshin may also be one of my favorite anime tracks of all time, probably is. This deserves to be much higher. At least top 10 in my opinion.

I was raised on the teachings of kenshin himura... I have him tattooed on my arm and in my heart... Kenshin should be top 5 at least...

A serious anime with deep characters and storyline. Also it's fight scenes are breathtaking, should be on top for sure.

This is one of the greatest anime ever, the story plot and everything else simply amazing. This should be top 5 at least.

Oh man rurouni kenshin is my favorite of all times. The characters are so cool and more importantly kenshin is the greatest hero of all the animes!

In my opinion the best samurai style anime. Makes you laugh, the sword fights are quite epic and keeps you wanting more. Should be in the top 10 for sure.

Amazing story and the sequel to my favorite anime movie Samurai X. This show introduces possibly the greatest hero in anime/magna Kenshin Himura is a hero's hero and the most skilled samurai anyone has ever thought of.

By far one of the BEST STORY LINES EVER! And making a new remake series as well! Stay tuned... Bring back the great old days of Tom and sarah in TOONAMI!

Such a deep and mature story line with comedy as well. Characters are great, and the battles keep you so interested and are full of action

How is this so far back when it is absolutely amazing watch it and you will understand

I love Naruto, death note, dragon ball,Z. So why I choose Rurouni kenshin? 'Cause this anime has everything I need. It's classic. I love kenshin and his outlook to the world. He is a hero and the best Samurai we ever gonna know. No one can defeat him. Music, storyline are just incredible. Everyone who loves anime has to watch it NOW. (ofc Naruto too) and read manga course!