Sword Art Online

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Sword Art Online is a series of Japanese light novels written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. In 2012, it received an anime adaptation produced by A-1 Pictures and the SAO Project, and is directed by Tomohiko Ito . The first season is divided into two arcs known as "Aincrad" and "Fairy Dance". ...read more.


You know what I hate? I hate the amount of people that criticized this anime to the point of irritation and wrote it off as "overhyped." This anime is AMAZING. I really had never gotten so attached to an anime before... But the plot, the settings, the backgrounds, the outfits, the dialogue, the MUSIC OH MY GOSH. It captivated me through all of the arcs. Kirito-kun is such a sweet character! (Sweet as in nice and sweet as in badass. ) and asuna is a beautiful, meaningful female lead who actually DOES stuff. This was a real masterpiece, because of its retake on reality and its epic love story. Showed people that just because there are swords doesn't mean everyone has to slice each other open... Why not create memories and fall in love instead?

I agree. I cried the whole way through. It was so sad to see characters you slowly developed a love for leave the virtual, and real world... The characters are what intrigued me the most. There personalities and clothes... and everything about it just amazes me. I'm so happy I found this touching anime.

If you ever played World of Warcraft (and enjoyed it), then do yourself a favor and watch this anime. I guarantee that every one of us in that category has thought a "what if WoW actions had real consequences" thought. This anime answers that question with great detail.

Quality characters, beautiful animation, unique (but somehow familiar) story. Yes, people die - it's not a coddled type of show. I've skipped out on work to just keep watching (not to mention sleep). Just try it - the first episode will be enough to get you hooked.

You know this anime is good when it's above Cowboy Bebop (no offense to Cowboy Bebop fans). I just hate the amount of hate this anime gets, because this is a masterpiece as well. Kirito and Asuna are such nice and sweet characters, when the haters think it's annoying because of that. Well, you know what? I love the characters, the animation, the music, the plot, and most importantly, the romance. The romance was what got me into Sword Art Online, because normally in an anime series, the main protagonist either gets boned near or at the end of the series or just not at all. But Kirito and Asuna, their romance was to the point and not too shabby or cliche. And I hate how people compare their love story to Twilight! Sword Art Online is nothing like Twilight! The heroes are not emos, but rather nice characters that act like normal people rather than goth teenagers. Sword Art Online is definitely an anime series I will never forget and never hate.

Absolutely incredible. I have watched many amines, including Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, and others, but none have quite grabbed and pulled me into the story as much as SAO has. Technology is very advanced these days, so eventually we might have something like NerveGear in our lives. This is amazing because we could experience what Kirito and Asuna and others had to deal with for 2 years. It also interested me because of all of the character. I fell in love with Kirito just as Asuna, Liz, and Silica (sort of) did. His courageous nature and the way he defends his friends AND his enemies is extraordinary. Asuna also has a place in my heart because she's also brave, and she still has feelings and emotions in a virtual world. She cries for Yui and Kirito, and she has the biggest heart out of every character in this anime. Just a heads up, Microsoft is working on something that will function almost exactly like the NerveGear, so freak out with me everyone! This is my favorite anime and I ...more

ONE OF THE BEST ANIME I HAVE EVER SEEN! So good and it keeps you hooked until the end! It also makes you feel like you want to be in the game, no matter how weird or dangerous it is, you want to be in there helping all the characters and the plot is just amazing! Love it!

This series is actually amazing. It's probbaly my joint favourite anime with attack on titan and how some people gave it terrible views is beyond me. I was able to connect with every single character and the loving bond between kirito and asuna feels so real. I almost cried when season 1 was over because I wanted so much more. You couldn't see everything that happened during kirito's journey, because that would take way too long, but I think that the whole adventure was shortened perfectly, providing enough action and story to really enjoy what was going on. I've just finished season 1 on Netflix and after finishing it is just had to express my feelings towards this show. If you haven't seen this then I urge you to watch it. I very much doubt season 2 could be any better than this because of the shear brilliance of the first season. AMAZING

After finishing The Irregular at Magic High School (it is merely decent at best), I can finally conclude that Sword Art Online is much better than The Irregular at Magic High School. I know the two anime are usually compared together often, but I feel that Sword Art Online was the more enjoyable of the two. Now I wouldn't really say it's on the level of well-written like, say, Fate/Zero, but for me, I think Sword Art Online is supposed to be an anime where you enjoy watching it, rather than setting high standards for it. If you just watch it for the enjoyment of the anime, you'll like the anime more than when you just watch it for expectations. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Sword Art Online is one of the best animes out there right now. If I was only able to watch 1 anime in my whole life I would pick SAO because the story is so gripping and serious. Basically, people in the year 2022 play a virtual game and they get trapped there by the creator of the game. They cannot leave until they finish all 100 levels of the game. If people in real life try to take of their gaming helmets they will die. If they die in the game they will die in real life. Will they make it out? Who will survive? I'm not gonna say any more to spoil it because you simply must watch! Edge of my seat! So dramatic! Has romance too!

I mean I hear so many people fighting on how good SAO is and to be honest I wasn't going to jump into it but I decided the first episode won't hurt and although it becomes confusing at times, it will all make sense in the future, I mean sure fairies don't become too convincing later on but it really surprised me how they made a story that fits so good, I wanted to watch it more and more and even might have gotten addicted to it, I even almost cried in one of the episodes.

You know what? Before I watched Sword Art Online, I thought Attack on Titan was the better show. But when I watched Sword Art Online, all that changed. I felt more attached to the main characters Kirito and Asuna more than Eren and Mikasa (no offense) since they actually interacted with each other and actually had personality and the best romance in anime, and I loved the animation, story, and unique mix of genres into an anime about virtual reality. Who needs an angry German kid when I can admire a calm, cool, and collected VRMMORPG player who actually cares more about protecting others than just simply beating the game. Sure, Eren cares about others as well, but let's face it. All he wants to do is take out the Titans. Sorry, but Sword Art Online has now become more of a favorite for me than Attack on Titan. And this is coming from someone who used to like Attack on Titan more.

I've watched 40+ Different Anime's over the last couple of years came across this the other week, got hooked, it's a gripping well worked, greatly animated and has jumped into my top 5 of all I've watched/read so far!

This anime is everything any gamer could ever want. I sat on the edge of my seat in envy from start to finish thinking about what it would be like to experience this anime. A lot of action, plenty of character development, great story, and a lot of unexpected turns. A lot of my favorite anime are on this list, but this one takes #1 in my eyes.

I was very skeptical of this show when I first heard about it but I gave it a try. Honestly, my decision to watch this anime is probably the best decision that I've made in my entire life. I fell in love with the first episode and stayed up until 6 o'clock in the morning watching episodes. This show has greatly impacted my life and... I know most people are probably going to ignore this comment and forget Sword Art Online exists but I can guaruntee that you will not regret watching this anime. I wish that this anime was higher on the list but the animes that are up there deserve to be up there ( most of them anyways ) I'm not going to say that this anime is my all-time favorite because I know that you people don't care but I will seriously beg for you to watch this anime. Why, you ask? Because this anime deserves so much more attention than it has... REALLY LIKE THS ANIME... Just in case you couldn't tell.

Sword Art Online. I don't have a word in my dictionary to explain how amazing this anime is. I remember my friend marveling it. As one who didn't like anime very much, I was a bit hesitant. But finally, I gave in and decided to watch an episode. This was one of the best decisions of my life. I watched one episode, and I absolutely couldn't stop. I watched the entire first season in one night, staying up until about 7:20 am in the morning, regardless of school the next day. The series has a plot that never leaves you bored, always either laughing your head off, or drowning in your own tears. The characters are well-developed and unique from one another. The from the scenery, to the fight scenes, to the music, these creators perfected them all! SAO is worth watching, hands down. I recommend this anime to everyone!

Say there are shows better than this masterpiece all you want, but this show is better than a lot of shows as well! You can call Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell gems all you can, but to me, Sword Art Online is the best out of those shows since it not just excels in animation, but also action sequences and romance as well. Do those shows have them? Yes, but definitely not romance. People say they like Motoko Kusanagi, I say I like Asuna. People say they like Spike Spiegel, I say I like Kirito.

Sword Art Online is a very interesting and unique anime which has a great plot compared to many other animes I have watched and shows a create deal of different new perspectives. This anime I would recommend to anyone who has not watched it. Deserves at least top 15 anime ever created. And the adrenaline that goes through this anime is just extravagant and thrilling. definitely watch this. It is worth it.

Shut up, haters. You won't get no love on this list. Sword Art Online is popular for a reason. With awesome art and animation, a likable cast of characters, great story, tension and suspense, and some of the best mix of genres in anime such as action, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, harem, cyberpunk, and much more, Sword Art Online is definitely a rising anime franchise that won't be intimidated by criminal threats! It's the older brother companion of Attack on Titan and will surely be the best of its Big Three generation with Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Many people don't like the Alfheim part of this show, and I will agree that it wasn't quite as good as the SAO part, but it still gave me that same sense of wonder that SAO did. The only reason I liked the movie Avatar was because I liked the feeling of exploring a new world and imagining what it would be like. With SAO I got to experience not only one super cool new world but two, even if the second one was a little more silly so what? Even the Alfheim arc still left me begging for more. Unlike most animes I also grew really attached to the characters. Some argue that some of the characters were just there and didn't do much for the plot such as Liz, Silica, Klein, etc. but I still did like their parts and I grew truly attached to Leafa/ Suguha and Yui and really, really, really attached to Kirito and Asuna. Definitely one of my new favorite shows ever.

Sword Art Online is without a doubt in the top 5 Anime Created and definitely the best of its Age. Incredible story especially in Season 1. The best set of Characters in any anime I've seen, especially with the likes of Kirito, Asuna, Klein and so many more recognizable amazing characters. I even liked the villans (mostly Death Gun and Heathcliff). Anyone looking for an amazing anime or just looking for a story that will get them emotional look no further than this. Highly recommended and should be a higher rank

Love the English Dub except for Kirito's voice and I honestly prefer the sub...

Sword Art Online is a masterpiece. It has fantastic characters, a great storyline and the first season is without a doubt one of the best seasons of anime I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot. It takes the idea of an RPG, and turns it into a death game, with great art, well-developed characters, and awesome battle scenes, but that don't take up too much time. This is definitely one of the best, and deepest anime of all time.

They don't have a word in the dictionary to describe this amazing anime. From the moment the first episode starting, I absolutely couldn't stop myself, all the way until 7:20 am, regardless of having to wake at 8:00. Beautiful scenery, spectacular music, well-developed characters, and a great plot can be found in this one of a kind masterpiece! I would recommend to everyone.

I discover this anime while looking for a good anime, not for child. The first season is just out of this world : fight, friendship, social difficulties, love, family, every subjects are here. The combats are gorgeous and the story really interesting. Please, do you some good : watch this anime.

If there was ever an under-rated anime, Jesus Christ this is it. This is one of the greatest anime that I have ever seen and it is only 9 episodes. I managed to finish it in a day and I still say that it is better than Death Note, Naruto and Bleach combined. Watch this anime. Just don't even think about it just go do it now.

Actually, the first season had 25 episodes, with another second season having 24 episodes. Can't wait for season 3, though. It's far ahead in seasons than Attack on Titan. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The intellectual genius that it takes to write such a magnificent piece such as this is reason enough for it to be voted best anime of all time. It has everything from love and romance to action and combat and all in the setting of everyone's dream, a video game world based around virtual reality. Honestly, if anyone hasn't seen this masterpiece, I truly recommend them to watch it.

.hack anything is crap. Sword Art Online combines a great premise with a nice mix of genres ranging from action, fantasy, romance, harem, and mystery, along with good storytelling, likable side characters that you'll like regardless of their screen time, gorgeous animation, state-of-the-art soundtrack, amazing art, top-notch action sequences, great voice acting, laughs and feels, and the love story between Kirito and Asuna. At least things HAPPEN FASTER in SAO more than .hack. I highly recommend Sword Art Online. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

.hack anything is crap, Log Horizon is just a ripoff, and No Game No Life is nothing but a 12-episode waste of time with a god-awful cliffhanger. Reki Kawahara is the best and Sword Art Online and Accel World are his best series. Kirito is a sweet badass who is more than just your average Gary Stu and has been through a lot of tough situations and actually has a personality (cough*Tatsuya Shiba from The Irregular At Magic High School*cough) and Asuna can actually do things and be useful whether as a player, even as a damsel in distress, the devoted lover who returns her lover's favor in the real world, and a good character in her own arc. Plus, the villains aren't messing around and show no mercy at all. The romance is the best I have seen in all of anime along with InuYasha and has some of the best art and animation around these days. And the fight scenes are on par with Fate/stay Night Ufotable worthiness. This is the best A-1 Pictures anime ever and not Fairy Tail.