Top 10 Annoying Ads On Mobile Apps

These apps always pop up on your phone, no matter what.

The Top Ten

1 Game of War

This ad makes me want to down load the app less every singly time I see it. I counted how many times it showed up in the past week. 37 Times! - dipper31

It's very very very very very very very very annoying - Danguy10

Very annoying. appears everywhere

2 Amazon
3 Mobile Strike

You know, when I use this app, Make Your Song and Be a Pro Singer, when I tap a category, this always pop out of nowhere even if I use Safari. - kontrahinsunu

Its gives u a mini game and expects u to waste yur time playing it

I hate these. - RiverClanRocks

5 Clash of Clans

Very annoying, can't get rid of this one. - Jmack

It's a really good game though

6 Audible Audiobooks
7 YouTube Music

Why isn't this higher than game of war? - PhoebeThunderman

8 IFunny IFunny

I've literally never seen an ad about iFunny.

9 Wish
10 Candy Crush

Yes. very annoying

The Contenders

11 Hay Day
12 Boom Beach
13 Anime RPG's

I hate when stupid anime RPG's adverts pop up when I'm playing anime RPG's

Summoners war in a nutshell

Too sexual and annoying, reminds me of those Evony "come play, my lord! " banner ads

14 Pokemon Go Pokemon Go
15 Panda Pop

This is very annoying! The pandas are not even cute, and it's another bubble shooter/match three. I get this ad even less now, but I really hated it when I got ot a lot. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I hate Panda Pop as well. Worst game ever.

16 Tik Tok

They are everywhere!

17 Bingo Blitz
18 Best Fiends

This is worse than anything Rovio came up with. - PhoebeThunderman

19 Netflix Subscription

It's everywhere, on games and on youtube!

20 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

I seen just a few ads only with this.

21 Coin Dozer
22 Match 3 Games
23 Summoners War
24 Amazon Prime Now

This should be number one! - PhoebeThunderman

25 Spotify
26 Bubble Witch Saga
27 Pet Rescue Saga
28 Farm Heroes Saga
29 Rovio Games
30 Pandora
31 Facebook
32 Magic Rush
33 Knights & Dragons
34 Empire: Four Kingdoms
35 Heroes Charge
36 Mean Girls
37 Hollywood U/High School Story
38 Unison League
39 Pokemon Shuffle
40 Kim Kardashian Game
41 Strategy Games

99.9% of annoying ads are for strategy games

42 Adventure Time Card Wars
43 Amazon Music
44 DragonSoul
45 Speedy Cash
46 McDonald's

I know right? It's always a stupid happy meal ad!

47 Dating Apps/Websites
48 War Robots


49 Game of Sultans
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