Top 10 Most Annoying Gintama Characters


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1 Prince Hata
2 Terakado Tsuu (Otsu)
3 Shimura Tae (Otae)

Simply boring. Her gags are repetitive, she only knows hit people and her characterization is dull. Needless character

Just a horrible and worthless character. Really hoped she would have just get killed already.

She's annoying.. I don't like her

I hate this bitch always using others for her own feelings and I do not know how she obtain such physical powers like superhero.

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4 Matako Kijima

Useless and annoying. Why is she still alive anyway since simple revolvers do not get you quite far in a brawl with swords and super advanced weapons.

All I can remember is "SHINSUKESAMAAA! " bleh what an annoying takasugi fangirl she is and I loathe takasugi too.

5 Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu

Nobu Nobu is gay

6 Hasegawa Taizou
7 Shimura Shinpachi

Literally the worst. Yells at everything throughout the episodes, 193 was a torture to watch.

8 Tsukuyo

Plain tsundere, sorry but I think she's really one-dimensional compared to the other characters. But then again I've never really like tsunderes in any anime

She's boring.

I just think she's really annoying, because she's getting in the way of Ginhiji. BURN GINTSU BURNNN

She is terrible tsundere and she doesn't fit with other characters in the gintama. I liked her at the beginning. but now she is just in a disgusting romantic(? ) relotionship with gintoki.

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9 Ayame Sarutobi
10 Catherine

The most disgusting character, she disgusts me down to her accent. I hope she does already.

She just gets on my nerves.

The Contenders

11 Kagura Kagura

She's the best female character and she's so badass.

She is annoying, the show would be much better without her I think

She's the most badass female character why would you hate her

The most bitchiest character ever...

12 Hasegawa Hatsu‎
13 Takasugi Shinsuke Takasugi Shinsuke

Boring edgy personality and just plain overrated by an army of insane fangirls which makes him look much worse in my eyes.

14 Kondou Isa

Actually he's the best character

15 Okita Sougo

A very stupid character. He is extremely annoying. He must get sacrificed in some arc and should never end up with Kagura.

16 Toujou Ayumu
17 Pirako

All around trash. Please don't try to make me sympathize with the irredeemable, Sorachi san.

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1. Matako Kijima
2. Prince Hata
3. Terakado Tsuu (Otsu)
1. Prince Hata
2. Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu
3. Terakado Tsuu (Otsu)


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