Top 10 Most Annoying Gintama Characters


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1 Terakado Tsuu (Otsu)

Useless in every serious part of the series

2 Prince Hata
3 Shimura Tae (Otae)

I want her to die a horrible death

I don't like Otae, and I hate her enthusiastic fans

A violent character. I feel bad for the others who gets involved with her.

This character is so monotonous. The problem is if she is so strong why she isn't getting the role of it. She's created like she is stronger than anyone even yato but has no role against villains. At beginning it was funny to see her beating up every guy but then she does over and over and over. She acts all sissy sometimes but gets triggered when Kondo is around. Where was her all strength when at the beginning amanto was selling her off as a prostitute. So the character is literally confusing.
Tsukuyo on the other hand is better than her she feels hard to express herself so ends up beating Gintoki. I find that acceptable. Otae is a worthless character we don't need her to see so is Otsu thankfully she doesn't get much screentime

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4 Matako Kijima

Useless and annoying. Why is she still alive anyway since simple revolvers do not get you quite far in a brawl with swords and super advanced weapons.

All I can remember is "SHINSUKESAMAAA! " bleh what an annoying takasugi fangirl she is and I loathe takasugi too.

5 Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu

Nobu Nobu is gay

6 Hasegawa Taizou
7 Shimura Shinpachi

Literally the worst. Yells at everything throughout the episodes, 193 was a torture to watch.

8 Tsukuyo

She's boring.

Plain tsundere, sorry but I think she's really one-dimensional compared to the other characters. But then again I've never really like tsunderes in any anime

She was cool at first. She was independent and strong, but then she started to go downhill. She started to be tsundere and not a good one. She got boring and she is only entertaining when she is drunk, which is sad. Also I started to dislike her because she slowly started to turn into a sachan and otae combination, but an annoying combination version of them. She is no longer the person she was created to be at the beginning. Strong, funny, and unique. Now she is an annoying Tsundere who wants to get into Gintoki's pants 24/7 and an annoying combination of otae and sachan. Unlike otae and sachan they both have their personalities and stick and grow with it, unlike tsukii (who used to be my favorite). A shame honestly. She had potential, but she went downhill.

I just think she's really annoying, because she's getting in the way of Ginhiji. BURN GINTSU BURNNN

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9 Ayame Sarutobi
10 Catherine

The most disgusting character, she disgusts me down to her accent. I hope she does already.

She just gets on my nerves.

The Contenders

11 Kagura Kagura

Overrated. Also, her fanbase SUCKS so much it made me hate her. Kamui is way cooler than her!

She's the best female character and she's so badass.

She's the most badass female character why would you hate her

She is annoying, the show would be much better without her I think

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12 Hasegawa Hatsu‎
13 Takasugi Shinsuke Takasugi Shinsuke

Overrated, overrated OVERRATED! oh, did I mention he's SUPER OVERRATED? and annoying too and his personality is boring and edgy. I don't see why everyone likes him.

Boring edgy personality and just plain overrated by an army of insane fangirls which makes him look much worse in my eyes.

14 Okita Sougo

He's super edgy for no reason lol

A person who look down at peoples
then why they feel that funny n ship him with kagura

A very stupid character. He is extremely annoying. He must get sacrificed in some arc and should never end up with Kagura.

15 Kondou Isa

Actually he's the best character

16 Toujou Ayumu
17 Pirako

All around trash. Please don't try to make me sympathize with the irredeemable, Sorachi san.

18 Yagyu Kyubei
19 Gedoumaru
20 Takachin


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1. Matako Kijima
2. Prince Hata
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1. Prince Hata
2. Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu
3. Terakado Tsuu (Otsu)


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