Top 10 Most Annoying Gintama Characters


The Top Ten

1 Prince Hata
2 Shimura Tae (Otae)

Simply boring. Her gags are repetitive, she only knows hit people and her characterization is dull. Needless character

She's annoying.. I don't like her

3 Terakado Tsuu (Otsu)
4 Shimura Shinpachi
5 Ayame Sarutobi
6 Tsukuyo

Plain tsundere, sorry but I think she's really one-dimensional compared to the other characters. But then again I've never really like tsunderes in any anime

I just think she's really annoying, because she's getting in the way of Ginhiji. BURN GINTSU BURNNN

I really hate her. She's so annoying and she barely appears, but people still root for her to end up with Gintoki. Even if she doesn't appear in the plot, it doesn't make much difference. If the manga ends up with her and Gintoki then it would probably be the worst ending on earth.

I ship Yorozuya till the end!

How can she be annoying? She's one of the most interesting characters ever, and a unique type of tsundere :3. She is meant for Gintoki, even though she does act harsh towards him, she still harbors some feelings towards him! GinTsu rules forever! GinHiji is chaos and must never happen! (Sorry yaoi fans :p)

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7 Hasegawa Hatsu‎
8 Kondou Isa

Actually he's the best character

9 Catherine
10 Toujou Ayumu

The Contenders

11 Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu
12 Okita Sougo

A very stupid character. He is extremely annoying. He must get sacrificed in some arc and should never end up with Kagura.

13 Matako Kijima
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