10 Most Annoying Teen Words

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1 Kay

So true! I don't even notice how annoying I am when I say that every time someone asks me to do something! - NerdyPweeps

Well, at least it's better than "Kay Kay Kay" (I don't want to know what that is interpreted as)

2 Hashtag
3 Cray

This is totally stupid. Like, very stupid. - tig13

4 Ratchet
5 Totally
6 All

Example: "And I'm all like..." - BradenC123


This is one of my pet peeves when I hear someone use this darned word! - Curti2594


Though I say this many a times, I do find it annoying when this is said too much by anyone, including me. - Kiteretsunu

10 Swag

Go die in a hole.

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11 Bae
12 Trolololol

It's actually a very satisfying word after you troll somebody… - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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13 Snap
14 Otay
15 Wuv
16 Loser
17 IDC

You're heartless if you don't care x

18 IDK

What do you even know, seriously?

19 Woot
20 Selfie

Bye Bye Privacy! It's EVERYWHERE! :P

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