Top 10 Most Annoying Things in 2019


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1 Gun Violence

How is this annoying

The only way to end gun violence is by taking away guns, but people will still get them. Along with that, taking away guns violates the 2nd amendment. - Stalin

Oh Yeah, guns kill people, just like cars drive drunk, pencils miss spell words, and Forks and spoon make people fat...oh wait, no, people do that. - RustyNail

More annoying than bad celebrities because people actually die in this. - JoeBoi

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2 Cardi B Cardi B Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper, songwriter, television personality and more.

The female Bill Cosby, was drugging and robbing men up until 4 years ago.

She drugs men and for some reason it's okay.

She should be in jail after her scandal - Randomator

Get her in jail. - Userguy44

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3 Travis Scott Travis Scott Jacques Webster, better known by his stage name Travis Scott, is an American hip hop recording artist, record producer and musician from Houston, Texas.

He is literally painful to listen to due to all the autotune he uses. He's like a worse version of Kanye West, like we needed that.

He's not even real rap music, he's like listening to a garbage truck come down your street.

The worst current modern rapper other than Cardi B. - B1ueNew

Most of the rappers you said were worse aren't even meant to be taken seriously and are meant to be bad on purpose like Lil Meerkat, Literally there isn't really another modern rapper is as unironically untalented as Travis Scott. - B1ueNew

Disrespected the dead creator of the one who lives under a pineapple under the sea at the crappy Super Bowl this year, Unacceptable, Unforgive, disgusting man. - B1ueNew

Why attack a creator of a kids show especially a dead one, that is pretty messed up - germshep24

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4 Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Ariana Grande-Butera, known professionally as Ariana Grande, is an American singer and actress. She was born on June 26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Grande and Edward Butera. She is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious and its spin-off show Sam & Cat. more.

A lot of songs gives off bad vibes for me, first "God is a Woman", it is about women taking over men and since there is already a disgusting fight of men dominating women, etc. Also, "Break up with your girlfriend because I'm bored."? That is just plain disgusting. Her Thank You, Next is so annoying too, it is not even a good song morally or sounding.

Fun fact: "God is a Woman" was written by four men. Go feminism!

I love her. - Luckys

She sucks and so does Camila Cabello. - B1ueNew

5 Airpods

Very overrated. - Userguy44

I wonder if they are worth all that money. I'd better buy headphones. - Userguy44

6 PewDiePie vs T-Series PewDiePie vs T-Series

This fad annoyed the hell out of me. Even PewDiePie himself got sick of it after a while when people took it too far and destroyed a war monument

Is pewdiepies content today really that good? Same can be said for T-Series - CEFBW

Although I still like Pewdiepie, This meme is now crap, It was fun in Late 2018 but now it isn't funny anymore. It overstayed it's welcome. - B1ueNew

I used to be apart of it, but I realised it's stupid and useless. - Luckys

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7 Apex Legends

Garbage, unoriginal game - sadical

8 Super Bowl LIII

Worst Super bowl in history. - B1ueNew

The worst - Luckys

Meh had its moments but just felt like a Viking vs Seahawk game nothing really happens - RawIsgore

9 Fortnite: Battle Royale

And I thought Call of Duty was overrated and complete garbage - shadomatrix

God. This game is like the Frozen of video games, It's so overrated and boring!

Imagine hating this in 2019. Apex Legends should be here instead. - B1ueNew

Apex is decent but nowhere as much as an elite rustler as fortnite is. - B1ueNew

Fortnite is a disgrace to this generation. It's spoiling little kids and it's just a meme.

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10 Moto Moto

Moto Moto loves erky perky. erky perky is big and chunky - erkyperkyfan

I like em big

He doesn’t like you by the way - sadical


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? Too Many Things Getting Removed or Shut Down
? Vaping

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11 Jussie Smollett Jussie Smollett

The entire story and everyone involved is the definition of annoying.


A gay actor who said he was attacked for being gay but it turns out he staged the whole thing because he felt he wasn't loved enough by fans. - RobertWisdom

He gay

Who is this. - B1ueNew

An Empire Star that supposedly faked an attack for attention. - RadioHead03

12 Submarine Man Submarine Man
13 Keeping Up With the Kardashians Keeping Up With the Kardashians

No, I don't want to "keep up with them", or Kim's idiotic husband either for that matter! - DaWyteNight

Destroying the potential young girls for over a decade now.

This is still a thing? - sadical

Most of your friends watch it and love it, blame them.

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14 Wade Robson Wade Robson


He tries to destroy Michael Jackson's legecy.

15 Lil Meerkat Lil Meerkat
16 Opinion Disrespecting
17 Brie Larson Brie Larson Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, known professionally as Brie Larson, is an American actress and filmmaker.

She's not too good but her haters overreacted about her. - B1ueNew

18 Fortnite dancers everywhere

The good think about trends they usually die when a new cool thing comes along - germshep24

Thank god this trend is dying. - shiftaltkey

These died long time ago peeps. - B1ueNew

This isn’t 2018. - MrCoolC

19 Khloe Kardashian Khloe Kardashian

How are you going to call Jordyn fat? Do you remember what you looked like a couple of years ago? - AlexisK

How about all of the Kardashians are annoying. I'm annoyed that they're still a thing. - shiftaltkey

What did she do now? - B1ueNew

20 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Not sure how this is annoying, it is just a movie, it was obviously not going to be as good as the first one.
I mean the first one was down breaking there was no where for the second one to go - germshep24

Disappointing movie. Commercials were so annoying. - B1ueNew

This movie was advertised everywhere. For what? - shiftaltkey

21 Camila Cabello Camila Cabello Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao, or professionally Camila Cabello (born March 3, 1997) is an American-Cuban musician. Camila was best known for being part of the girl group Fifth Harmony. Fifth Harmony are known for songs like Worth It, Work From Home, All In My Head (Flex), Bo$, and Sledgehammer. Camila more.

She's always annoying. - B1ueNew

Never heard of her assuming she is another random pop star - germshep24


I don't even know who this is. - RobertWisdom

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22 Tristan Thompson Tristan Thompson Tristan Trevor James Thompson is a Canadian professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association.
23 Mass Shootings

This should be at number 2. Somehow this is above the lego movie 2, smh.

24 Billie Eilish Billie Eilish
25 Mo Bamba & Sicko Mode

Sweet Victory is better than both combined. - MrCoolC

26 Anti-Vaccine People

Drug free is the way to be. Deal with it. - RobertWisdom

27 Anti-Primitivitists

What is this movement about? - germshep24

28 Lil Shizz Lil Shizz

Who the hell is this? - RobertWisdom

If you don't know who they are it is pretty safe to assume their a random rap artist there are dozens of them that randomly pop up and will be forgotten a decade from now - germshep24

29 Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4

I thought PIXAR would cancel this film because of Don Rickles' death.

30 Disney Buying Fox
31 Lil Mosquito Disease Lil Mosquito Disease

Ignore him. His career will be dead in a few years anyway

Who the hell is this guy? - RobertWisdom

That’s a name? - sadical

32 I Don't Care - Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber UListen to Sample
33 6IX9INE 6IX9INE Daniel Hernandez, known by his stage name 6ix9ine, also known as Tekashi69 or simply Tekashi, is an American rapper.

He just gay. Dude gettin rammed now.

He hasn't done much this year. Hopefully he fades out like Iggy. - shiftaltkey

Not even relevant anymore, Been locked up since Thanksgiving of 2018. Shouldn't be on here.
Hope this helps! 👍 - B1ueNew

I mean, I've heard people talk about his jail sentence so I think he's still relevant, just not as much as before though. - JoeBoi

34 The Instagram Egg Post

Get over it people. - Userguy44

Somebody posted a picture of an egg on Instagram and got lots of likes with it. - Userguy44

Bad thing was it was some sort of inspirational thing. I was hoping it would be like a rickroll or something. - Stalin

Damn this was annoying

35 Jordyn Woods
36 Avengers: Endgame Memes

Why avengers exist can't doctor strange just stay in his own universe why he in marvel and spiderman what where do the guardians of the galaxy come in why is it messing with other movies like ant man and wasp what is happening I don't even know will someone explain and stan lee can't even be in it I don't understand what

Just memes? The whole movie being on the list makes more sense. The movie itself is just as annoying as the memes. It's on Youtube, it's on google news, and the commercials. Even geico made a commercial related to this movie. This shows how annoying one Avengers movie can be.

These are making me want to see the movie less. - B1ueNew

I actually want to see the movie as it looks very interesting but the memes surrounding it are just all over the place and confusing. - B1ueNew

Ant-Man going for the cheeks. - MrCoolC

37 Jaewon Xxvi Jaewon Xxvi
38 Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian/American rapper / pop music artist. Nicki is most known for songs like "Anaconda", "Only", "Truffle Butter", "Super Bass" and "Stupid Hoe" . Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She was born on December 8, 1982 in Saint James Trinidad and Tobago. more.

She stupid

39 Big & Chunky

What in the actual hell is this?

It's Moto Moto - he likes them big, he likes them chunky - erkyperkyfan

What the hell is this? - RobertWisdom

Probably something about peanut butter, you know you don't put whole peanuts in peanut butter.
But seriously something or someone that isn't important enough to put into your conscious - germshep24

40 Lil Flexer Lil Flexer

Imagine taking Plotagon rappers seriously. - MrCoolC

41 Avengers: Endgame Avengers: Endgame

It's the most overrated and overhyped movie of all time and I seem to be the only one who thinks this! - railfan99

42 Denzel Curry Denzel Curry Denzel Rae Don Curry (born February 16, 1995) is an American rapper and songwriter from Carol City, Florida. He released his debut full-length album, titled Nostalgic 64 on September 3, 2013. His second full-length album, titled Imperial, was released on March 9, 2016.
43 Sweet Victory Sweet Victory

@Demon_Kitty: It's a children's cartoon so of course, it's childish. Idiot.

This was annoying and childish

44 The Loud House The Loud House The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic suburban everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, to which he survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of eleven children. more.

You need to add OK KO on here. - LUDEL

I’m not a fan of this show mostly because of the dumb humor but has good characters - RawIsgore

45 Flat Earthers

This isn’t 2017. - MrCoolC

46 Hip Hop Universe

No longer exists. - RobertWisdom

47 Leaving Neverland

Michael Jackson DID NOT molests younger boys!


48 Rude People
49 Eric Bellinger Eric Bellinger Eric Bellinger, Jr. is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer from Los Angeles, California.

This guy is REALLY annoying. listen to his song apple berry nana to understand why - ShrekTheGoat

50 Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Ugh, I hate this movie. this movie ruined Wreck-It Ralph - ZANY

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