Top 10 Annoying Things About Dogs

I know I might get a lot of hate about this list but here are 10 annoying things about dogs,

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1 You have to walk them

This whole list is just a joke. Dogs need to be walked for them to be healthy because they seem a lot more active than cats do.
Dogs have a bigger stomach and require more food.
Dogs bark because of their breed, personality, or because of the owner.
Dogs may bite because their aggressive behavior has not been changed because of their owner.
Dogs will poop or pee in your house if you don't train them. but what do cats do? Poop and pee in your house too. You don't have to take a dog for a walk for them to use the bathroom, walks are for exercise.
Dogs may not like cats because they haven't been introduced to cats at a young age.
Most dogs only chase things because they haven't been walked enough or trained and their curiosity is still out there.
A LOT OF DOGS ACT LIKE THIS only because their idiot owners can't teach them what's wrong and what's right, what to do, and what not to do.
Dogs need attention to be good dogs. It may seem like they want CONSTANT ...more

Well, I'm glad you like the list I guess but seriously, this list is yes a joke list. So don't get so mad okay

Okay you are probably those owners that think all dogs are bad just because of one flaw. And most of your facts are either scientifically untrue or your own opinions.

This is because dogs need exercise, so get it right!

When you have a dog it is more expensive, you have to train them, some can't be left alone for long periods of time, when they're dirty u have to bath them, and they're more likely to roll in mud than a cat. Maybe. That is why I am a cat person

2 They might bark a lot

One of my aunts has a dog that constantly barked at me. One of my cousins and I do not like that dog

They get easy noisy

They bark only for a reason.If they see a criminal invading your house they will bark.You will get alerted.also if there is a fire in your house.THINK people THINK

3 They eat a lot

DUH! All animals need food.Some owners don't feed their dogs properly which will cause dogs to grow a huge appetite.CAN YOU BLAME DOGS FOR EATING? NO

4 Some of them bite

This is why my relatives constantly avoid them whenever we encounter them in public

I'm a cat person, but even I have to say that cats bite too.

Then maybe you must be a stranger petting them,or hurting them,or trying to kill them or they know you are a criminal

5 They will poop or pee in your house unless you take them for a walk

When I get a dog I will train it to use the human toilet

That's so false because you can give them pee pads

They don't know better.

You can train them.Not all dogs do that

6 Some of them don't like cats

I hate dogs that can't be trained to at least tolerate cats. Cats who don't like dogs don't maul dogs, but that can't be true in reverse.

And some cats don't like dogs.

Its rude that they just chase them around and make them seem lame


7 Some of them chase things like cars or squirrels

Poor squirrels


8 Some act like the world revolves around them

I'd say YOU act like the world revolves around YOU.

I agree, because Dog's save lives!


9 Some constantly want attention

Some people may want attention, too.

Obviously,but wouldn't you want attention if you were ignored?!?!

10 Some are drama queens

SO? Most cats are Drama Queens too! And whoever rought this is causing a lot of Drama!

2 words: Shiba scream. It’s funny, though, not annoying

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11 Bark constantly when there is nothing

Probably just a small bug you didn't notice.

I know they bark to alert you of something but sometimes there's nothing and constsnly bark like they want to annoy you


12 Pottytraining

I will get a Shiba 1 day. I heard they're super easy to train. I bet I can teach it to use the human toilet in less than 2 weeks!

It's kinda anoiying when your dog pee's and poops in the house for 2 weeks...That's why I even added this on the list...

My aunt’s poodle is having issues with potty training.

13 Some drink out of the toilet

The reason they do this is because water stays cooler in a toilet than it does in a dog's water bowl.

No one wants to hear a dog slurping in a toilet at 3:00 in the morning that's disgusting.

Honestly, my cat used to do that

They think it's a huge water bowl for them to drink inside.

14 They shed hair

Cats shed and cough up hair balls. Gross! You just need to pick it up with something. And throw it away. And besides, not all dogs shed. Hypoallergenic dogs don't.

So? I wonder the person who desingned this know about dogs because a lot of dogs don't shed at all and HUMAN shed hair too. Cats even shed for so stop being ungrateful

15 They chew all your stuff up

Yep. That gets annoying fast.

My dog chew my pokemon white 2 ds game and I can no longer play it

16 When they bark at everyone walking by outside
17 They care about food too much


18 Some drool and slobber

True that is why I hate that saying dogs rule cats drool, dogs literally drool!

They can do that if they want.

Human babies and kids under 6 also drool... It's completly normal

19 They eat their poop

No, only some do

20 When you take them for a walk and see another dog and bark or sniff each other constantly

SO? Like you meet a human and you talk to them or PLAY with them... You really need to learn more bout dogs

21 They steal your food when you walk away
22 They follow you around the house
23 It takes forever for them to do their business.


24 They always whine when they want something


25 They jump all over you when you get home
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