Most Annoying Things About Roblox

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1 Lag

When I was playing dungeon quest I lagged when I was on the boss

Yes. Especially when it lags randomly and you accidentally click someone you weren't suppose to.

I jump in super bomb survival and it lags extreme and I find my self at the ledge of a cliff and some red hot wall falls on me hard then I slid off and die.

Lag just jumps in in the middle of a battle game or something, and my character starts running in circles and I die.

2 Trolls

Trolls aren't annoying, the only thing that are annoying are rich spoiled kids that rub their robux character on your face, then bully you by saying LOL NOOB U don't HAVE ROBUX

Yeah, this and ODers who are nasty to you for no reason other than to impress girls/guys online

! I hate trolls. So.. uh.. Trollish..? We've all been there before.

Trolls are annoying, bad to be around and just never know when to stop. They always just say stuff like "I did your mum last night and it was good." It's not nice to be trolled, and it can just ruin a game for others, who have to see trolls typing insults and "did yo mama" stuff.

3 A game that looks like one thing, but is actually something different

Uggh. Especially clickbait obbies, just why are there so many. I also hate,"Only 10%can beat it and,"Finish for a Surprise!"

ROBLOX itself is a kind of clickbait. It says it's free, although it's not. Also they say you can do everything and you can have fun, but in reality you can't even damn sprint without scripts.

dude all I got to say is bloxburg ripoffs

There's a Roblox ad on this list

4 Glitches and errors

Can someone explain why many Roblox games give me the "this game may perform poorly on your device" warning when I am playing on an I pad with fully updated iOS, and many such games do indeed lag off after anything from a few seconds to some minutes. However when I play on my I phone (with the same broadband connection) the games run much smoother and there are no lagging off issues.

ROBLOX is terribly optimised when it comes to phones. I've tested it on multiple devices and the results were different. Sometimes the older devices ran ROBLOX smoother than the new ones. This is based on personal opinion and experience. - Flamer310

I play on iPad version and when I get in a game that doesn't warn me that it might perform poorly on my device it will glitch me out and sometimes I go into a game and the jump button isn't there

Also, id=17 is a annoying error every time you play the game. Maybe it caused by a computer virus, malware, Trojan, worms and EVERYTHING that any computer viruses can easily causes a id=17.

The title says it all

5 Hashtags

The hashtags are so stupid. They censor numbers, names, gibberish, everyday words, and much more! I love roblox but The only flaws are the fricking hashtags.

The censorship is so annoying and so intrusive, I mean its understandable to censor some insults but Roblox directly goes and censors things like "love" or even names...

Ok, lets be realistic. Of course the hashtags annoy and infuriate me to such an extent, but, like I said, let's be honest. Every inappropriate kid (teehee maybe me) tries to find clever ways to say inappropriate stuff without it being censored. We all remember that time when we substituted letters for numbers to spell bad words, right? Well, numbers are tagged. What about your friends telling your real name? Well, names are tagged. Roblox will not tag words unjustly to ruin your rp experience. I mean, Roblox wants you to play that game, so why ruin your rp experience? So, in conclusions, hashtags suck, but so do we and we deserved this.

Hashtags are so annoying. I could be typing in a player's name to ask them to team with me, or that they are a good player, when hashtags cover up my sentence and everyone looks at it and thinks "This player is swearing! " or "What is this player saying? " This is a problem when hashtags are covering regular everyday non-swear words, or saying a player's username.

6 Losing connection in an awesome game

It very annoying about few minutes ago I was playing a game on roblox den bom it jusf happened

I tried playing break in sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't IT'S SOOO ANNOYING!

I can't play RoCitizens because of this. Every single time I try to, the game won't properly download for at least eight minutes. I've waited patiently, because one of my friends who is a real life and virtual friend, visits ROBLOX about once in a two-month time period and the only game they want to play is RoCitizens, so either I have to try and wait, or I have to suggest another game to them. On top of that, even if they aren't just a virtual, video-game friend, I don't have their details or number or anything in real life, as we have only met once. If games took two to three seconds to load, this problem would be solved!

When I finally loaded the game after an hour of waiting and later on it says "you have lost connection to the game" and sometimes "game has shut down" I was like NOOO I AM WAITING FOR AN HOUR FOR YOU TO FINISH I WAS SO PATIENT and it happen to me all the times so sometimes I get pissed.

7 People that call you a noob because you have no Robux.

I have lots of robux but I think the bacon hair is awesome so like I was on an alt it was my first and then suddenly I was bullied by a player with robux I said this is alt so he don't belive me so ya

I had robux, but I bought a lot of clothes and gamepasses, as well as things for the games I created, but then some dude comes and calls me a "noob" just because I discovers I have no robux, when I am wearing the Adidas, black pants, bear face mask, the err face, and the beautiful hair.

Yet assume you used moms credit card if you have expensive outfit

I have no robux cause my parents aren't wasting money on a stupid game

8 Popular People

I go to robloxian high school no one listens to me when I find a glitch kids just go like *hits* *dodges* and everyone does *does work perfectly gets grade a and is the best student in class*

Bruh one of my friends in Roblox banned me from his game with his other friends.

People seem popular because they have friends. They have friends by generally being a nice and sociable person. How is this annoying? How could it annoy people to see people being happy together?

Roblox is like high school. Noobs. Popular people, and mediocre, ignored people. I'm not ignored, but I'm not "popular", nobody asks compliments me unless I compliment them first, and nobody follows my account. So yea... I'm like a mixture of all three.

9 Spammers and scammers

in bloxburg I spent 25$ irl to buy money in the game and someone spammed me over 40k

People would probably place this higher. That's fine by me since its all up to the voters here

This caused Roblox to remove the comment section on games.

Should be 1 in my opinion

10 Unnecessary censorship

They don't even censor the word Hell. C mon guys, like why is this uncensored?

You aren't even swearing and it gets censored

Dude I can't even type numbers and for example, if I wanna give codes or something that has four letters and it gets censored people think I'm saying a bad word and I end up getting TEASED.

Yeah that happens every time

The Newcomers

? Players that say “don’t touch tail”
? Speed hackers

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11 ODers

So disgusting, I was followed by an ODer once, even though I was a boy, and she was a girl, but she was so annoying!

They are gross and disgusting one time I checked them out and oh boy they are horrible. Should be taken off!

People are always searching for a date. Kinda sad, if you ask me.

Like, I get it, your not suppose to date. Its an online game for kids. But, why do they do EVERYTHING to stop it like it's the end of the world. As long as you don't do anything innapropriate. Why don't they make police for hacking and scamming? Stuff like that?

12 Spawn Killers

I hate them, and most games don't have forcefields when you spawn.

These are the kind of people that camp at spawn and just waits for you to come back so they can kill you again and again and again.

Spawn killers suck

13 Misleading titles, pictures of games

And most of the time the pictures are in low quality!

I hate this so much.

This is called 'Clickbait'.

Simply downloading thumbnail from famous youtubers and upload to his game. And yeah, pretending that is nice but no anything.

14 Too Many Kids

Bruh, the person who put this here must think all the kids are the same.

I'm 10 and I find this kinda rude but ok well my old account got delted lol so ya I'm on alt with no robux

Well, ROBLOX is a kids game, so...

Roblox is targeted to children so why complain?

15 Girls with the Big Legs

In roblox it looks stupid and their legs don't even connect to their body.

Why is this even a trend these days?

That person who defended thick legs below is prolly one of these freaks -_-

They look gross, and most of them are ODers

16 Too many copied games

They copied my game a lot, there is this game that copied my game, and it has some random name that doesn't even go with the game, and it's graphics are bad compared to mine, the game also has more visits than mine does, and it is way more laggy than mine, bit guess what? It has more visits than mine! WHY DO PEOPLE PLAY STUPID COPIES?

I like searching for games sometimes and it's annoying seeing the same type of game constantly. There are so many obbies and tycoons, it drives me crazy. So many Murder Mystery based games as well. Murder Mystery isn't even that good of a game.

dude this needs to stop

They are the WORST

17 Friends unfriend you for no reason

That's what happens when you befriend literally everyone you meet. Try talk with the people first and AFTER THAT, send them a request.

The reason for that is that kids tend to unfriend people that they rarely play with and people that look like noobs. If you never delete any friends most of them will eventually stop playing roblox and you will only have around 20 active friends out of 200(the limit) as the others stopped playing roblox.

I highly agree for this one, I was hanging out with a friend I made on roblox then the next day she unfriendedme for no reason. I was really annoyed for that.

Yes your right I hate this just ignore them forever my bff un friended me and I was sad

18 Most games are closed to visitors

The popular ones aren't though.
Most private games are because they're personal, which means they are niche.

Just think about it. You want to find some awesome games and you realize that half of them are closed to visitors. It sucks right

I hate it just when you find the game you've been looking for, and it's closed. ;-;

I know it's so annoying

19 Invaded with acronyms

Acronyms makes it much easier to talk while fighting on a fighting game. When you're fighting against someone, or trying to keep an eye out for attackers, would you rather type 'Lol' or 'Laugh out loud'? With 'Lol', you have much more chance of surviving.

Acronyms are everywhere and I've actually only seen the most common ones on Roblox. This isn't really a Roblox-specific problem.

They use internet slangs but I don't think this is a problem.

Wow, that guy who said "Lol and GG Sucks" is a whiner. It's just a game.

20 The Removal of Tixs

If they removed them because they're "confusing to new players," then why did Roblox implement them in the first place?

People were able to understand them pretty much straight after they joined Roblox. - LemonComputer

Highly increased the number of scammed people

Massive mistake on Roblox's part... Now people can't even get what they want and have to pay real money just to get it now... This is what is was like for me, *with Tixs around gets whatever I want/needed after a few days to a few weeks* Okay... Got this and this... Equip them... *the day tix were removed*...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? How do they expect people who JUST JOIN whom may OR may NOT have a credit card and money on it to buy crap without Tix and without Robux?!

I agreed with this list.

21 Guests

The guests are not the annoying ones. If anything it is guest haters and it's the people who play as guests to troll people. You cannot blame guests for that. It is extremely mean to call them noobs. Everyone was one at one point in their lives. Attention everyone stop being mean to guests. They are only learning and if you are that mean to them then don't bother playing in the first place idiots. They don't have accounts because they want to play for free just to see if it is even worth buying the game. If you won't stop being jerks then karma will get you all! Some parents want their kids safe on the internet so that's why they don't create accounts and you can still befriend a guest even if they don't talk.

Guests are good. When I played Roblox, guests teamed with me (because they can understand player chat) in Skywars.

If guests could talk, they would be like "You DumbFACE Hacker! ". If they had a YouTube, it would be a 7-year old who keeps yelling "HOW IS HE WINNING! STUPID PERSON! ", and crying for what seems to be hours until their face turns red.

These monsters ruined a whole lot of ROBLOX for me. I like ROBLOX still, but when I encounter one of these awful beings, it's not a fun experience.

22 Joining the same server over and over again

Sometimes I wanna play a game w my friends but the game is always full so I have to join another server. But then when try to join another server I am put in the same one and my friend still can't get in! I have no idea why roblox removed parties because I usually play in a huge group and now we can never get in a server together.

You might be in a server which has annoying players. You leave the server. But when you click play the game. Your back in the same server and you have to face those annoying players again. Annoying right?

I join a server with a spot only in the team which is losing badly. Then I leave and join again and it forever brings me to the same server.

I seriously hate this! There was this hater I came across I left and rejoined the SAME server

23 Obbies

For some odd rason,game creators feel the need to plunk obbies into non-obby type games. It could be a Tycoon or Simulator or even a Role Playing game-88 percent of the time,you'll b forced to do an obby just to accomplish something.

Hello? Gam creators? You may have all the time in the world to sit in your parents' basement to do obbies,but others don't. Those others have what you don't,and that's called a LIFE. Lots of people would rather have a life that spend 24 hours trying to complete obbies. We have jobs to do in order to support us and our families,and keep a roof over our heads. You may be leeching off your parents and sitting on your fat ass all day long doing obbies while stuffing your face full of junk food,but others care more about supporting their families and living in the real world.

If you want to make a game on Roblox,DO NOT-I repeat-DO NOT put an Obby into your game unless your game is 100% Obby! I repeat once again-NEVER EVER EVER PUT OBBIES INTO YOUR GAME UNLESS IT'S MEANT TO BE 100 OBBY! 99% of Roblox players just don't have the time to spend trying to get morphs or badges from obbies. They'll most likely try once or twice,then abandon your game to play better games that don't have obbies in them.if you really want your players to have special morphs,then do the smart thing and offer those morphs as game passes.

I see creators of Roblox FNAF role playing games do this TOO much! The obbies are so difficult that people are forced to cheat,exploit and hack just to accomplish a goal or win a morph or a badge. That alone sucks all the fun out of RP games.I've actually seen non-obby games shut down for good because the obbies made people give up an abandon the game.

I'm bout to play one right now

In the game with 1789 levels every time I do it I die I recommend you update it with ABSLOOTLY NO MOMO IN IT OK NOW ILL SHUT UP

24 ClickMe and DontClickme accounts

This is so true! I clicked one of their accounts and it told me to go on some dumb scam website which hacks your roblox account! Everyone should know that these are robots!

They are following me like crazy

Why do these exist?

I have like 50 of them following me

25 Players blame you when you're innocent

I played flicker and this guy blamed me for no damn reason

I'm in flicker and someone blames me

OH MY GOD YESS! Even the noobs kill us.

Somebody tried to ban my from Koala Café. They failed.

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