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1 Lag

Yes. Especially when it lags randomly and you accidentally click someone you weren't suppose to. - ThatGuyFromRoblox

Lag just jumps in in the middle of a battle game or something, and my character starts running in circles and I die.

Some awesome games are EXTREMELY laggy - FireWasp2004

Lag is so annoying. I might be in a battle with someone, then everyone freezes for a few seconds, then I'm dead.

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2 Unnecessary censorship

You aren't even swearing and it gets censored

Dude I can't even type numbers and for example, if I wanna give codes or something that has four letters and it gets censored people think I'm saying a bad word and I end up getting TEASED.

Yeah that happens every time

This happens ALL THE TIME.

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3 Most games are closed to visitors

Just think about it. You want to find some awesome games and you realize that half of them are closed to visitors. It sucks right

I hate it just when you find the game you've been looking for, and it's closed. ;-;

4 Invaded with acronyms

Wow, that guy who said "Lol and GG Sucks" is a whiner. It's just a game.

Stop using Acrynomns RIGHT NOW! Its annoying It makes not sense Little kids cannot understand it Too! Lol and GG Sucks So as Ggg Are people on drugs these days Or are people stupid

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5 Ragequitters

Most of the time in games if someone loses or gets killed in a game. They leave. Whats up with that. Its get annoying and frustrating. They should realize you can't always win

If you're getting spawnkilled and harassed, it's not "ragequitting", it's leaving. Kindly STFU.

6 Glitches and errors

Can someone explain why many Roblox games give me the "this game may perform poorly on your device" warning when I am playing on an I pad with fully updated iOS, and many such games do indeed lag off after anything from a few seconds to some minutes. However when I play on my I phone (with the same broadband connection) the games run much smoother and there are no lagging off issues.

I play on iPad version and when I get in a game that doesn't warn me that it might perform poorly on my device it will glitch me out and sometimes I go into a game and the jump button isn't there

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7 Misleading titles, pictures of games

I hate this so much.

If you want to make your own game,MAKE YOUR OWN PICTURES AND TITLES! don't just copy a picture of Murder mystery 2 for your murder game

8 Spammers and scammers

People would probably place this higher. That's fine by me since its all up to the voters here

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9 Too many copied games
10 Losing connection in an awesome game

Its crap when it happens ROBLOX WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE LIFE HELL! Why! I liek playing great games then "You have lost connection to the game" Or "Game has shut down" Its crap super Crap!

This happened to me


It sucks!

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? ClickMe and DontClickme accounts

This is so true! I clicked one of their accounts and it told me to go on some dumb scam website which hacks your roblox account! Everyone should know that these are robots!

They are following me like crazy

I have like 50 of them following me

Why do these exist?

? Bot followers

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11 Joining the same server over and over again

You might be in a server which has annoying players. You leave the server. But when you click play the game. Your back in the same server and you have to face those annoying players again. Annoying right?

I seriously hate this! There was this hater I came across I left and rejoined the SAME server

You cannot help it if it's the ONLY server on a game

12 ODers

No, I don't wanna be your girlfriend. We've just met 5 seconds ago! - FireWasp2004

Oders are People asking fopr girlfriends or boyfriends They deserve their buttholes being tortured I Hate it in roblox when people say "I love you :3" Or ":3" Its jackasses or dumbasses playing on the computer Well I am usally Very hateful about people using Or :3 oR THEY SAYING THEY ARE BETER THAN ME!

I'm one of those, but not like a desperate one like "123 for a girlfriend/boyfriend" which is just stupid. - Nick-brick8

13 Popular People
14 Too Many Kids

so true

15 Hashtags

Hashtags are so annoying. I could be typing in a player's name to ask them to team with me, or that they are a good player, when hashtags cover up my sentence and everyone looks at it and thinks "This player is swearing! " or "What is this player saying? " This is a problem when hashtags are covering regular everyday non-swear words, or saying a player's username.

Oh I hate this. I try to compliment people on legendary football but it censors me.

I hate this feature! It even censors these minor things such as numbers (eg. 4, 8 etc.). You want to say something nice, or a compliment, but tags appear and people think you're swearing!

16 Too many BC games
17 It copied Minecraft

Let's be honest Minecraft was created on 2009 and Roblox was created in 2004 - NamiKazePants08

Dumbass. Minecraft was created five years after.

Minecraft fanboy...

Roblox came out in 2004 but released to the public
in 2006.
minecraft got released in 2006
( but hurt minecraft fans )

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18 The Removal of Tixs

Highly increased the number of scammed people - NamiKazePants08

Massive mistake on Roblox's part... Now people can't even get what they want and have to pay real money just to get it now... This is what is was like for me, *with Tixs around gets whatever I want/needed after a few days to a few weeks* Okay... Got this and this... Equip them... *the day tix were removed*...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? How do they expect people who JUST JOIN whom may OR may NOT have a credit card and money on it to buy crap without Tix and without Robux?!

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19 Off Topic
20 Murder games
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