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1 Lag


When I was playing dungeon quest I lagged when I was on the boss

When I play roblox on my tablet...
FPS 0.001 (i am serious)

I get 300 - 500 ms ping sometimes

2 Trolls

Trolls aren't annoying, the only thing that are annoying are rich spoiled kids that rub their robux character on your face, then bully you by saying LOL NOOB U don't HAVE ROBUX

Yeah, this and ODers who are nasty to you for no reason other than to impress girls/guys online

! I hate trolls. So.. uh.. Trollish..? We've all been there before.

Trolls are annoying, bad to be around and just never know when to stop. They always just say stuff like "I did your mum last night and it was good." It's not nice to be trolled, and it can just ruin a game for others, who have to see trolls typing insults and "did yo mama" stuff.

3 Glitches and errors

Would the program doesn't respond count? - andrewteel

Can someone explain why many Roblox games give me the "this game may perform poorly on your device" warning when I am playing on an I pad with fully updated iOS, and many such games do indeed lag off after anything from a few seconds to some minutes. However when I play on my I phone (with the same broadband connection) the games run much smoother and there are no lagging off issues.

ROBLOX is terribly optimised when it comes to phones. I've tested it on multiple devices and the results were different. Sometimes the older devices ran ROBLOX smoother than the new ones. This is based on personal opinion and experience. - Flamer310

Also, id=17 is a annoying error every time you play the game. Maybe it caused by a computer virus, malware, Trojan, worms and EVERYTHING that any computer viruses can easily causes a id=17. - AxelBelnasYT

I play on iPad version and when I get in a game that doesn't warn me that it might perform poorly on my device it will glitch me out and sometimes I go into a game and the jump button isn't there

4 A game that looks like one thing, but is actually something different

There's a Roblox ad on this list

Roblox is free

ROBLOX itself is a kind of clickbait. It says it's free, although it's not. Also they say you can do everything and you can have fun, but in reality you can't even damn sprint without scripts. - Flamer310

This is called "clickbait" - wrests

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5 Hashtags

They also tag "meet" You have to either say me et or meat. SO EMBARRASING! WHY!

I have a very rare name. Roblox seems to think MY NAME is inappropriate. I am used to not having a name now. Am I Jenny or Jeni? Am I Mira or Mila? Rose? Heather? What about Lia? Because of Roblox I see myself as Jeni more than I do my real name! HELP ME!

Hashtags are so annoying. I could be typing in a player's name to ask them to team with me, or that they are a good player, when hashtags cover up my sentence and everyone looks at it and thinks "This player is swearing! " or "What is this player saying? " This is a problem when hashtags are covering regular everyday non-swear words, or saying a player's username.

Hashtags are so annoying, and they block every word ever and barely blocks the F word and the B word and the S word.

6 Losing connection in an awesome game

Ikr when I played royale high I lost conection in the middle of the game and the conections fine

I was trying to get in the RM containment facility until when I joined the game just crashes. It super annoying and if I keep doing it the less it will crash.

I HATE IT when your favorite game does that!

I can't play RoCitizens because of this. Every single time I try to, the game won't properly download for at least eight minutes. I've waited patiently, because one of my friends who is a real life and virtual friend, visits ROBLOX about once in a two-month time period and the only game they want to play is RoCitizens, so either I have to try and wait, or I have to suggest another game to them. On top of that, even if they aren't just a virtual, video-game friend, I don't have their details or number or anything in real life, as we have only met once. If games took two to three seconds to load, this problem would be solved!

7 People that call you a noob because you have no Robux.

I have no robux cause my parents aren't wasting money on a stupid game

I like roblox but I agree, one time I was playing a game and 2 girls were calling my friend a ugly noob and I checked their join date it was like a month ago while my friend has it for 3 years

They don't know that its like if you have super high stats with no robux they don't call you noob

STupid why did they not make robux free it makes no sense for kids because it might cause their parents a lot of moneyy I even tried to search on youtube how to get robux but they were just harrd

8 Unnecessary censorship

They don't even censor the word Hell. C mon guys, like why is this uncensored?

When roblox sees number:
Noob- is dis bad word?


so true

9 Popular People

I'm popular in roblox but not mean

People seem popular because they have friends. They have friends by generally being a nice and sociable person. How is this annoying? How could it annoy people to see people being happy together? - LemonComputer

Roblox is like high school. Noobs. Popular people, and mediocre, ignored people. I'm not ignored, but I'm not "popular", nobody asks compliments me unless I compliment them first, and nobody follows my account. So yea... I'm like a mixture of all three.

The popular people always exclude me from the games.

10 Spammers and scammers

Spamming, scamming, and exploiting can cause major issues for games, making the creators create specific areas just to get reports about them. Roblox removing admins didn't help.

They whould fill up my inbox with spams and useless links

People would probably place this higher. That's fine by me since its all up to the voters here

This caused Roblox to remove the comment section on games. - wrests


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11 ODers

11?! Should be at least top 5 - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

They are gross and disgusting one time I checked them out and oh boy they are horrible. Should be taken off! - andrewteel

Stupid. Just because I made my avatars look pretty, doesn't mean people can ask me out.


12 Too Many Kids

Lots of grown guys too

It's a Kid's game, What do you expect? - CrownED

How's this annoying, it's a game made for kids...sometimes kids can be irritating but they're not all like that. - Puppytart

Well some kids are nice and some kids are rude. - ArcticWolf

13 Spawn Killers

These are the kind of people that camp at spawn and just waits for you to come back so they can kill you again and again and again.

14 Most games are closed to visitors

Yeah. Some ultimate driving games are currently closed.

Just think about it. You want to find some awesome games and you realize that half of them are closed to visitors. It sucks right

I hate it just when you find the game you've been looking for, and it's closed. ;-;

I know it's so annoying

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15 Misleading titles, pictures of games

And most of the time the pictures are in low quality! - wrests

I hate this so much.

This is called 'Clickbait'. - LemonComputer

Simply downloading thumbnail from famous youtubers and upload to his game. And yeah, pretending that is nice but no anything. - AxelBelnasYT

16 Girls with the Big Legs

It yea the worst thing I see everyday

That person who defended thick legs below is prolly one of these freaks -_-

I don't understand why people think this is gross. it's a kids game and if you are a grown person, why the heck is u on this game? some people what to express their selves or "fat legs" are not what they are. its disrespectful to say that, for the people who do have fat legs. and its called being " think, or big thighs" that means that person isn't flat or skinny like others and they wanna show it. I don't think this is wrong or " gross" your just clearly thinking wrong these are ids and they see someone else doing it then they wanna do it to. you " grown people" should know kids like to follow up on trends wand the fact your stopping them is wrong. I can understand if you don't like it, but I think its perfectly fine. like I said before IF YOUR GROWN WHY THE HECK IS U ON A KIDS GAME?!?

This is just DISGRACEFUL. Heckin' FAAAT legs on a skinny body?! Ew. And those idiots that say, "DON'T TOUCH MY TAIL A OR EAAARRRZZZ" Just asking to be touched. REE!

17 Invaded with acronyms

Acronyms makes it much easier to talk while fighting on a fighting game. When you're fighting against someone, or trying to keep an eye out for attackers, would you rather type 'Lol' or 'Laugh out loud'? With 'Lol', you have much more chance of surviving. - LemonComputer

Acronyms are everywhere and I've actually only seen the most common ones on Roblox. This isn't really a Roblox-specific problem.

They use internet slangs but I don't think this is a problem. - Flamer310

Wow, that guy who said "Lol and GG Sucks" is a whiner. It's just a game.

18 Too many copied games

I like searching for games sometimes and it's annoying seeing the same type of game constantly. There are so many obbies and tycoons, it drives me crazy. So many Murder Mystery based games as well. Murder Mystery isn't even that good of a game. - LemonComputer

19 Guests

Guests are good. When I played Roblox, guests teamed with me (because they can understand player chat) in Skywars.

If guests could talk, they would be like "You DumbFACE Hacker! ". If they had a YouTube, it would be a 7-year old who keeps yelling "HOW IS HE WINNING! STUPID PERSON! ", and crying for what seems to be hours until their face turns red.

These monsters ruined a whole lot of ROBLOX for me. I like ROBLOX still, but when I encounter one of these awful beings, it's not a fun experience.

Guests, just make an account. - njalabi63989

20 Friends unfriend you for no reason

The reason for that is that kids tend to unfriend people that they rarely play with and people that look like noobs. If you never delete any friends most of them will eventually stop playing roblox and you will only have around 20 active friends out of 200(the limit) as the others stopped playing roblox.

I highly agree for this one, I was hanging out with a friend I made on roblox then the next day she unfriendedme for no reason. I was really annoyed for that.

Yes your right I hate this just ignore them forever my bff un friended me and I was sad

21 Joining the same server over and over again

Sometimes I wanna play a game w my friends but the game is always full so I have to join another server. But then when try to join another server I am put in the same one and my friend still can't get in! I have no idea why roblox removed parties because I usually play in a huge group and now we can never get in a server together.

I join a server with a spot only in the team which is losing badly. Then I leave and join again and it forever brings me to the same server.

You might be in a server which has annoying players. You leave the server. But when you click play the game. Your back in the same server and you have to face those annoying players again. Annoying right?

Why I can’t play dinosaur simulator peacefully, there are way to little servers on that one

22 The Removal of Tixs

Tixs were awesome

Tix! Robox is greedy they only care about money and not players. If you feel me, comment and quit ROBLOX.

If they removed them because they're "confusing to new players," then why did Roblox implement them in the first place? - wrests

People were able to understand them pretty much straight after they joined Roblox. - LemonComputer

Highly increased the number of scammed people - NamiKazePants08

23 ClickMe and DontClickme accounts

Tip if u accept there friend request they will get there account delted trust me

This is so true! I clicked one of their accounts and it told me to go on some dumb scam website which hacks your roblox account! Everyone should know that these are robots!

They are following me like crazy

Why do these exist?

24 Murder games

Twisted Murderer is full of morons who desperately beg their parents for robux! They also glitch outof the map and tease/bully the murderer! And TEAMERS! They say their agonising 3, 2, 1, GOOOAT! OH! EXPLOITERS! They hack for unlimited credits and xp! Almost every time I play this game, I come across someone who gets loopkilled! P.S. You don't even get a reward after losing! Wait until they add an update where you get a penalty after the murderer wins!

Not everyone is skilled at FPSes, you know. People play murder games because it's "intense" I guess?

I don't know why people love this kind of games and not FPSs. - Flamer310

I don’t play Mad Murderer a lot but I still like it.

25 It copied Minecraft

Roblox Was Created in 2004 and released to the public in 2006. Minecraft was Created on May 10 2009 and released to the public 7 days later. SO NO COPIES - Kambochia12

Let's be honest Minecraft was created on 2009 and Roblox was created in 2004 - NamiKazePants08

Dumbass. Minecraft was created five years after.

Minecraft fanboy...

26 Too many BC games

Yes because games are annoying to come across. But games like Kohl’s Admin House has a NBC version including trade hangout. Sure that defeats the purpose of trading in the first place but at least some because game creators have a heart.

27 Obbies

In the game with 1789 levels every time I do it I die I recommend you update it with ABSLOOTLY NO MOMO IN IT OK NOW ILL SHUT UP

28 Unnecessary Bans

I got banned for being nice to players roblox, in other games I also get banned because my account aperently isn’t old enough. Oh and I saw this admin on meep city, he was killing everyone and I probably reported him like several hundred times, he didn’t even get kicked off D: and I did for being the kind one, this was a few years ago but still, whyyy

Banning People For No Reason What So Ever.

I got an account TERMINATED for uploading A PICTURE OF BLEACH - wrests

29 Crazy ODers

Oders are so disgusting like do inappropriate things. - andrewteel

It's so annoying it posted twice

These ODers don't just want to date me, they want to do adult stuff with me and kiss me! This isn't just an ODer saying "I love you be mah boyfriend/girlfriend" this is an ODer asking to do that inappropriate thing in bed with you. This is awkward to be around!

I don't usually see crazy ODers. I usually see normal ODers everywhere in roblox. BUT this onetime I was roleplaying as a baby with a sister in adopt and raise a cute kid and we were just exploring randomly, going on peoples property and everything. We went on these two ODers deck and saw both of them on the bed. his one man said "take your pants off" to this one girl. So she did it. then me and my fake sister were like "hi! " and they came up to the glass door. The girl was just like "umm...". So yeah... :S

30 Annoying players

It annoys me when people ask you to leave the server bEcAUsE tHey NeEd spAce foR theiR frIeND

like u can actually look at the servers and see which has a lot of players and which doesn't :///

People constantly asking for items/money for free in almost every game... - Monkeywolf228

I hate when greedy people ask you to trade your high pet in Pet Simulator. - LapisBob

I hate when people ask for my rares legendaries and godleis for free in murder mystery 2.

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31 Off Topic

Two words: fidget spinners - Geckovirus

Oh yes, the Roblox Off Topic subforum is very annoying and full of edgy memekids - wrests

32 Configuring Roblox
33 Cringey community

Yes, yes, yes! - Flamer310

34 Idiotic players

Don't you hate those players that always ruin rping? Or just attacking you when its not a pvp game? Yea I feel ya...

35 Clickbait games

I guess people hate them so much that it got listed here twice.

These are awful. I will see a game on ROBLOX that looks amazing, so I decide to play it. I join, and it's just another stolen obby, that is not unique in any way! These misleading titles and games just ruin a lot of ROBLOX for me. A notable clickbait builder goes by the name of Plat Games. He changes the title and thumbnail of the clickbait game very often, but it is still the same stolen obby.

36 Paid Access Games (Games requiring you to pay some Robux to access it)

I play carc rushers and it's free. And I am desperately waiting for car crushers 2 to be finished! Panwellz said it will be free when it's finished. It currently costs 25 robux to get in.

37 Cringey Youtubers

Flamingo is one of the cringiest in my opinion (and his fanbase is 10 time worst)

Let’s be honest guys. Youtubers who do roblox shouldn’t find EVERY LITTLE THING FUNNY! I only like flamingo/albertsstuff because they are actually funny and laugh at NORMAL things. Not to mention DanTDM has the most annoying laugh so I have no idea how little kids manage to watch a 20 minute video of dan playing brick bronze laughing at everything.

38 Players blame you when you're innocent
39 Bacon hairs

They are ok, Don't know why this part even exists.

40 Being Kicked Out of a Game for No Reason
41 Ragequitters

The problem is, people sometimes get accused of Rage Quitting when they have to leave a game. People are getting too aware of the issue. - LemonComputer

Most of the time in games if someone loses or gets killed in a game. They leave. Whats up with that. Its get annoying and frustrating. They should realize you can't always win

If you're getting spawnkilled and harassed, it's not "ragequitting", it's leaving. Kindly STFU.

42 Emote spammers

Chatlog is always full of ODers spamming stupid emoticons like :3 and. Makes them look like weeaboos honestly.

I hate lots of emotIcons Lots Like the ":3" Why can't whoever uses emoticons get banned And sended to prision TEHY ANNOY THE HECK OUT OF ME! Why can't they use another way liek capslock for laughing loud or Shouting What is their dam problem with these Things they Call me a noob! And they want me saying lots of acrynomns and Emojis! What is their problem even people are Using And :D And worst of all X3

43 Copied gear

The crowbar looks like the one from Half-Life. - Flamer310

44 Shaggy
45 The amount of Tycoons there are
46 Admin houses with admins who kick whoever they dislike

I was playing an admin house which my friend was playing, then some random person kicked me for some reason.

47 Retarded community

So bad it is on here twice

Please gib m3 robux! 11! 1 - VeryPissedOffCinnabon

48 People that have a name with xxx at the end and beginning.

I have somebody that I'm going to friend request and his name is XxcrashingxX! - Kambochia12

Isn't it just when your username is taken (like fluffyunicorn is taken I'm Xx fluffyunicornxX - Puppytart

Hey, I like my username, XxBeautySeviperxX!

What does this even mean, why do people name themself this? This makes no sense at all.

49 Bot followers
50 Server issues

Everyone gets disconnected from the games and it just sucks as a whole. - LemonComputer

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