Strongest Gootroxians From Kaiju Paradise on Roblox

Kaiju Paradise has 31 Gootroxians you could be in the game. They all have very different stats and special abilities. But which ones are the strongest? Today, we're going to find the strongest Gootroxians in the game and discuss their pros and cons.

If there are any Gootroxians from the game that I've missed, please make sure to add them to this list. If you enjoy these lists, make sure to follow me.
The Top Ten
1 Nightcrawler (Goggles)

Nightcrawler is the undisputed strongest Gootroxian in the entire game, with its extremely high health bar (800 HP), immunity to scythe and axe attacks during blackouts, and many extra abilities such as stomp, pummel, and their ability to outright kill survivors. However, with great power comes a great toll.

Once you fully become the Nightcrawler, you cannot reset the character. The only way you can die is when you leave the game, get killed by survivors, or when you walk into the barrier. You also have a rage bar, which has both pros and cons. The pros are that it gives the Nightcrawler increased regeneration, but if your rage bar is at 0%, you will start losing 5 HP per second. The only way to increase the rage bar is to fight.

Overall, the Nightcrawler has some of the best stats in the game and is very hard to get, making it the strongest Gootroxian in the game.

2 Hazzy

Being in second place is Hazzy, the only Gootroxian that can use weapons against players and can kill other players with these weapons. However, it needs to wear a hazmat suit to use these weapons, and finding a hazmat suit can be a bit difficult. Hazzy cannot use a sledgehammer or an axe. It also has increased HP (115 HP). Overall, Hazzy is a useful character to use and one of the best in the game.

3 Hebi

Hebi is another Blackout Gootroxian that is extremely powerful as it has many special abilities and high health (130HP). Hebi has 4 special abilities that make it a very useful Gootroxian. The 4 abilities are Prepare, Scythe Block, Claw, and Rage.

Prepare is an ability that allows it to highlight other players around the map, no matter where they are, for a brief period of time. However, it can only be used during Blackouts and Power Outages. Scythe Block is a passive ability that gives you a chance to block the scythe attack and greatly reduce the damage the scythe makes. Additionally, you don't get ragdolled but rather slowed down temporarily.

Claw is another ability Hebi has which is very similar to an attack ability but, rather than turning the player into a Gootroxian, it kills the player instead. Rage is also a passive ability that is only activated when its health is below 64HP. Its eyes glow purple, and its claw abilities' cooldown is greatly reduced.

Overall, Hebi is a very strong Gootroxian and is one you definitely don't want to encounter during a Blackout.

4 Kaiju

Kaiju is the oldest Gootroxian in the game, and there is a reason why he is called "Kaiju." He is the largest Gootroxian in the game, being 1.1x larger than other players and Gootroxians (excluding Slime Pup and Witchbrew). He also has more health than most Gootroxians and players, with 125 HP.

He has a very powerful special ability called Ion Beam, which deals 33 damage per second. The Ion Beam has a 5-second charge-up before it starts blasting for 15 seconds. Kaiju is immune to damage but cannot move and has a slow turn speed during the use of the ability. However, it can be stopped by any weapon that has stun. Overall, it is a very overpowered ability.

Overall, he is a large and strong Gootroxian with many buffs and a very powerful ability, which makes him deserve to be on this list.

5 Buck

Buck is the Blackout Gootroxian of Catte and is significantly stronger than Catte. He boasts increased health (130 HP if you become Buck without being infected by another and 115 HP if you are infected by another Buck), and a special ability called Throw. The Throw ability allows Buck to throw his bucket at a player, dealing 20 damage to the target as well as flinging and ragdolling whoever it may hit. Throwing only works if they have the required headgear. Otherwise, they cannot perform the action and must obtain another black bucket, which can only be acquired during a Blackout.

They can grab multiple buckets and stack them on his head. He can stack up to 5 buckets on his head. He can throw all those buckets at once, causing 100 damage to the player if they all hit the player. Bucks are also one of the few Gootroxians who can outright kill players. Overall, with Buck's high health, unique abilities, and its ability to kill players, it is one of the strongest Gootroxians in the entire game.

6 Azarue

Azarue is a rather interesting one on the list, as it doesn't have high health or high damage but rather for its relatively powerful special ability. Azarue has the Poison Gas ability. When Azarue hits a player, a poisonous gas appears around the player for 5 seconds. It will slowly drain the player's health, and the timer of the gas will reset if Azarue hits the player again. If the player is wearing a hazmat suit, the damage done by the poison will be 3 times greater, and if the player has recently hit the tree or if it has been cut down, the poison damage will be multiplied by 1.5 times. Meaning that if Azarue hits a player wearing a hazmat suit and has recently hit a tree, the poison would do 4.5 times more damage than it would have to a normal player. This extremely powerful combo is the reason why Azarue is so high on this list.

7 Ghost Fox

Ghost Fox is a rather underrated Gootroxian as it is moderately difficult to obtain. You need to find a taser and walk into water while equipping it. However, it is worth it as it has two special abilities that are very useful for escaping players.

The first ability is the Dash. Dash is an ability that allows Ghost Fox to teleport over short distances. Any player caught in between the dash will be stunned for a few seconds. It also allows Ghost Fox to go through doors when using this ability.

The second ability is invisibility. It allows Ghost Fox to become transparent and phase through players for 3 seconds. After that, it takes about 10 seconds before it can be activated again. It can only be activated when they are hit by a player. Ghost Fox is also immune to tasers, and when it does get tased, it gains 30 HP instead of taking damage.

Overall, Ghost Fox is a very underrated Gootroxian and is a very useful one compared to others, making it one of the best Gootroxians in the game.

8 Dagoda

Dagoda is a power outage Gootroxian that is obtainable by using soap 5 times in 15 seconds during a blackout. It has increased health (110HP) and a special ability called Slippery. The Slippery ability is very similar to Catte's Spill ability as it creates a puddle, and it deals damage to a player who stands on it. Although it does less damage than Catte's Spill ability (the Slippery ability does 10 damage while Catte's spill ability does 30 damage), it has the ability to kill the player if they stay on it long enough. Overall, Dagoda is a moderately strong Gootroxian as it has increased health and special abilities, which gives it a place on this list.

9 Lemon Shork

Lemon Shork is probably the strongest Shork Gootroxian in the entire game, as it has increased HP (120 HP) and the ability to blur players when grabbing them. This effect lasts for 5 seconds when released, which makes it very hard for the player to fight back or chase the Gootroxian for a period of time. Overall, Lemon Shork is a very strong and useful Gootroxian in the game, with its special abilities and high health giving it its place on the list.

10 Manic

Manic is a Power Outage Gootroxian that has increased HP (120 HP) and increased attack damage (35 damage) during a power outage. Manic only has increased attack damage during a power outage, and outside of a power outage, his attack damage is the same as every other Gootroxian (28 damage). This major disadvantage is the reason why it is so low on this list and not higher.

The Contenders
11 Glubby

Glubby is very similar to Dagoda as it also has the Slippery Ability and has the same health as Dagoda (110HP). The reason why it so below Dagoda is because Dagoda's design is better than Glubby's.

12 Mocha

Mocha has a lot more health than most Gootroxians (120HP) but there is not much more about it. This is main reason why it is where it is on the list.

13 Catte

Catte is among one of the most popular Gootroxians in the Game and it has 2 special abilities, Eject and Spill. Eject means that they will drop their bucket and will allow someone else to be infected by the bucket. Spill is when Catte will create an orange puddle. If stepped in, these puddles deal 30 damage per instance, similar to the goo puddles found around the map, which may be reduced to 18 if the player is wearing a Hazmat Suit. However the Spill ability can only be used if Catte still has its bucket on its head. Catte has normal damage and normal heath making it the reason why it so low on its list. Overall Catte is a decent character but has many disadvantages as well as advantages.

14 Wisp

Wisp is a blackout Shork Gootroxian that has more health than most Gootroxians (120HP) but doesn't have any other abilities like increased damage or a special ability which makes it not higher on this list.

15 Sprinklekit

Sprinklekit has many abilities and disadvantages such as decreased health damage when in water and can get blinded by Hebi's light. But it also has an advantage which is that it can slow down players with its ice cream drip, the ice cream drip appears where Sprinklekit has walked, the less health it has, the more consistent the ice cream drip is. Sprinklekit's ice cream drip can be avoided completely when the player is wearing a hazmat suit. Overall Sprinklekit has many disadvantages but thanks to its ice cream drip ability, it has saved itself from getting lower in this list.

16 Pseudo Shork

PseudoShork is a power outage Shork Gootroxian that has the same health as Wisp (120 HP) and it also doesn't have any other buffs and special abilities. Due to its lack of buffs and special abilities, it is not as high on this list as it could be.

17 Slime Hound

Slime Hound has many variants, and they all vary in health. For normal ones, they have 110 HP, but the rarer ones like the Golden Slime Hound (600 HP) and the Diamond Slime Hound (900 HP, which is the highest health a Gootroxian can get in the game without commands) exist. However, they cannot regenerate their health, which puts them at a serious disadvantage.

Overall, the Slime Hound is a Gootroxian that has many variants. Some of those variants are very good, but most are pretty bad compared to those good variants.

18 Partyena

Partyena is an exclusive Gootroxian that has increased health (110 HP). However, there is not much else about it. Rather, it is only accessible during limited-time events, making it pretty low on this list compared to others.

19 Saturn

Saturn is a Power Outage Gootroxian that has more health than most Gootroxians (120 HP). If they get turned into Saturn with the bandana, it doesn't have any special abilities.

Overall, due to the lack of abilities, it isn't as high on the list as it could be.

20 Nuclear Rabbit

Nuclear Rabbit is a Blackout Gootroxian that has increased health (115 HP) and is immune to toxic barrels. Overall, it has high health and immunity to toxic barrels. However, it isn't as high as it could be because the toxic barrel immunity isn't that useful.

21 Figs

Figs is a Gootroxian that is from the same area as Azarue but it does not have as much buffs as Azarue. It does have high health (115 HP) but that is really the only buff Figs has and it does not have any special abilities. If it has some special abilities, it might be higher on the list but overall, it is not very useful and it doesn't help that it is harder to get than Azarue.

22 Melon Shork

Melon Shork is a Blackout and Power Outage Shork Gootroxian that has increased health (115 HP) and has a rage bar that increases when someone eats watermelon nearby but right now it doesn't have any effects. The fact that the Rage bar does not any effects makes it the reason why it is so low on this list, if the rage bar had some effects like a strength buff, it might be higher on the list but right now it doesn't have any effects.

23 Jammer

Jammer is a blackout Gootroxian that has increased health (110 HP) and a fun special ability like Diversion. The Diversion ability is when Jammer plays the song JAMS and would do an animation where they move their arm up and down in the air like they vibing to the music, however it doesn't do anything else other than play good music. Overall, Jammer is very fun Gootroxian but they don't give you any special abilities that will help you fight against other players.

24 Nightshade

Night Shade is a blackout Gootroxian that has increased health (110 HP) and no special abilities. Night Shade has glowing shades, which makes it more visible and easier to see in the dark. This is a bit helpful.

Overall, Night Shade is slightly useful. However, its lack of special abilities and buffs is the reason why Night Shade is so low on the list.

25 Sinox

Sinox is a Blackout Gootroxian that has increased health (115 HP) and has the ability to wear lab coats. However, the lab coat does not give you any special abilities or buffs. It rather acts as a costume.

Overall, due to the lack of buffs and Sinox being relatively hard to get compared to other Gootroxians, this makes it lower than it could be on the list.

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