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Very high RoF of 900 RPM.
Fast normal reload for a bullpup, although not the best.
Can pick up ammunition from most Assault Rifles, and some Carbines.

High ammunition consumption, even if the user has good trigger control.
Slow empty reload time.
Obstructive Iron Sights; it is recommended to replace them with an optic when possible, such as the Reflex, Kobra, or Coyote sights.
Average range for an Assault Rifle.
Moderate-high recoil.

This is probably my favorite gun to use at all times (except for mirage tdm) the fire rate is really insane, its very easy to handle, and it's a great Gun overall. I recommend the attachments, Muzzle brake, Barska electro or Coyote sight, Green laser, and vertical grip. But that's my own opinion. You decide what you want on this famas.

The famas is the best because it has 900 rpm, a decent damage, and not much recoil. It has a fast ttk, and the only downsides are the reload time and the default iron sight is kind of bad. My class set-up is:
Optic : Reflex Sight/Kobra/Coyote
Barrel : Compensator
Underbarrel : Stubby Grip
Other: Green Laser

Its very nice to use I guess not better then the ak47 with the angled grip.
well famas's recoil is bery nice and nice to use it could work for:far/med/close.
the bad thing of it is when the reload is kind of slow not like the honey badger that fast but I will say that famas is still better.

2 Honey Badger

Best setup is EOTECH X2, folding grip, and green laser. It gets rid of most recoil and preserves insane damage. Did I mention that you're not detected on the radar with this?

Honey is amazing... Shoots really fast, reloads fast too, and the recoil for me is quite manageable, ultimate killing machine.

This gun is actually one of the best guns in the entire game, but other people perfer other guns, like the scar-l and the famas, so start using IT!

I have only picked up this weapon after being alive for a while and just using it for a short while it feels op.

3 KS23M

This gun is a good shotgun. Good for close range or medium range. But the DB shotgun is slightly better, but the DB good for shotgun snipping but has low ammo and need a few time to reload. But the KS23M deals a lot of damage for close and medium range, fast reload, and a good gun.

Good shotgun which allows you to reliably devastate people at mid-range, double the fun when you use flechette ammo.

Probably the best shotgun in the game. It can 1 shot anywhere and can be better than snipers at times.

I don't think this gun is op like a lot of people said or I have to put slug ammo on it?


You can mess people up real bad with this bad boy. I racked up more than 15000 kills in total with this bad boy simply because I like it and it's that good.

I don't have this gun, but I've picked it up a few times and it is MONSTEROUS. I have over 150 kills on it, and have unlocked several attachments, on a gun I don't own. that says something about how good this gun is.

This could be a great gun for you if you aren't into the AK47. Has less recoil, but also less damage. It's still great overall.

Amazing cross between the 47 and 74. High damage, easy recoil, and the same multipliers as the 47 make it an OP gun.

5 L85A2

I use this gun all the time considering I just unlocked it last rank, and already have 983 kills with it.

One of the best assault rifles in the game. Good firerate, recoil, and damage. It could be used easily in cqc and mqc.

6 TEC 9

The Recoil is insane, but if you but the Extended Stock and Long Barrel on it, is good! Also, decent with Hollow Point.

Extremely fast fire rate, good damage and one of the best secondaries.

Perfect secondary for bfg. Uncontrollable recoil though.

Spray for close range

7 Mosin Nagant

The Moist Nugget is an incredibly good rifle which has absolutely satisfying results if you use it stock. You can get absolutely moist from headshotting someone across Ravod 911 revamp with the iron sights.

I pre-bought this gun and I love it. I can honestly say this is one of the best snipers in the game. Extremely fast and if you don't want to go for headshots it can still be useable.

I think that it's a good gun because it can shred someone at long range, but you can also run around with it. And with the SAWED off as your secondary. I'm still running around with this gun at lev 227.

I bought at rank 23ish with ballistics tracker and acog, and I immediately got a 36-10 game, my best ever. Its comparable to a steyr scout, except 6k cheaper, and although the rpm is slightly slower, steyr scout 4 shots at the limbs, while the mosin 2 shots.

8 KRISS Vector

I only picked 4 guns, out of the 4 the Vector is definitely the best. It kills so fast and has no recoil besides a slight vertical kick when you first fire it. The only problem is the 26 bullets in the mag. This combined with its 1200 RPM, makes it hard to shred more than 2-3 people without running out of ammo. That's why I use a Tec-9 as my secondary, it should be able to finish off whoever is left after your vector destroyed everyone else.

Easily my favorite and the best gun in the game. It has 1200 fire rate and decent damage for an SMG. You can use it at all ranges (though it is a little sketchy at long ranges). It has practically no recoil. The only downside is that it doesn't have a lot of ammo, but it kills so easily and you can pick up ammo.

I love it. You get so many kills with is. It's dmg is amazing and has good accuracy. An outstanding fire rate to it to.

The only thing that separates this gun from the rest is speed. That's all.

9 AK74

Iamgreatpleaseloveme I added you, and I agree. The AK47 is pretty good, but not the best. Pretty similar to the m60 mixed with the scar-H, and as you said many times, it IS pretty unstoppable.

Good recoil for good damage.


It's the best gun ever, I almost used it every time even though I'm still rank 33. I have over 300 kills with it. Best attachments for the Scar-L is delta or reflex sight, muzzle break, green laser. It's a good gun, low recoil, and you unlock it rank 16. Best Gun Ever.

The best gun in the game, pretty fast TTK, and virtually no recoil. Prebought it and do not regret it. I have over 200 kills with this gun and love it. I run Eotech 552, ARS Supressor, Skeleton Grip, and Blue Laser. Absolutely amazing gun.

I equip this gun. Great dmg. I love the sound. It looks good with the blue laser and the Mars sight. The Mars sight in my opinion is the best sight to put on this weapon

It is a great gun for beginners, when I just started it got me lots of xp and I have over 800 kills with it. Just add compensator, green laser, angled grip and a good optic

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11 BFG 50

Goes boom boom, only have 1 ammo in the chamber, insta kil, but long reload time. I don't reccomend this gun for starters because how hard to use it for medium range. But for maps like mirage, this gun is pack a punch. But I reccomend saving up to buy the M107 than this gun.

I love it best item in game! Is one shot like BFG man. I love BLM help support. My username in Roblox is greenboxis123! I love BFG it best! YAAS! I don't care what people say vote BFG idiots!

BFG 50 is literal trash, just ask any decent pf YouTuber like Godstatus or Oscar. sure it has high damage but it's reload and walkspeed don't make up for it. Suprised actually decent guns like R700 and MP7 are below it.

This gun is op, reload bit slow but trust me its worth it the d a m a g e, even to the torso and wallbangs I get mad kills with this gun. I've already got 1000 kills with it

12 Dragunov SVU

It's not bolt action so no need to scope out.

With the right attachments, this weapon can work like a machine and mow down many players from a far distance

I have gotten 50 kill rounds running acog and suppressor. Amazing gun

13 Intervention

Why... remington 200 is way better in all ways EXCEPT for damage but who cares since it's a one shot head kill of course. intervention only has a few more damage so when noscoping most of the time it will kill your opponent that's near you, same with the remington

I am a rank 91, I have every attachment and about 7k kills with this gun. It is amazing.

A sniper that I thought was bad, but, was actually good. No attachments needed.

Better stats than the Rem. 700, so why do people pick it over the intervention?

14 M60

I love it. Does not have to high dmg but good accuracy and a lot of ammo which makes up for the dmg. I personally love heavy big LMG's because I am better with them. I honestly think this gun should be higher on the list.

It has a lot of ammo, works on both long and short range, it helped me to level up to level 20, perfect weapon.

This gun is crazy: high penetration, high suppression. Best gun in game.

It got nerfed, but it is still really good. Lots of damage at a decent firerate.

15 Remington 700

One of the overlooked snipers (for some reason). This gun can be insane at times. With the straight pull bolt you don't even have to scope out. Not the best, but really good.

So GOOD. I love using this with an acog on metro and once you get used to the spread of the gun you never miss a shot on any map!

Amazing sniper with the damage and I love it.

I suck. I still have good attachments though.

16 MP7

No recoil and the fire rate is extremely low. It can assassinate Donald trump without a sound with suppressor. I love it until I got addicted to the mp5

It can be quite OP when your used to the reloading time. Gets easy headshot kills in an instant.

One of the best low rank guns out there. Easy to get used to and can kill extremely easily.

A very popular started gun and can rack up a decent amount of kills.

17 AK-47

People may complain about the recoil being bad but they just can't appreciate the finer things in life. You can get a positive KDR without any attachments if you try hard enough to make Stalin proud.

Easy dubs gun, got 4k kills with it in just 10 ranks! Very easy to use with muzzle brake, get used to the recoil though, surprisingly accurate even with the recoil.

Should be number 1. It's one the only assault rifles that can 3sk in cqc and the recoil is actually manageable, more so than the AKM's terrible horizontal recoil. Also, it has a really fast TTK too, faster than that of the revered FAMAS (though not as fast as the M231).

A great gun if you can handle the recoil. I pre-bought this gun and it is amazing for cqc.

18 Scar Hamr

I am saving up for the Scar Hamr. I just need a few more ranks until I have enough credits to buy it early! I am a horrible sniper, and I am more of an assault person. I choose LMGs because they are like assault rifles with the same damage and a high magazine capacity (although a little bit more recoil). The Colt LMG is great for starters, and with a good suppressor, you will have good little recoil. I've went through the entire list, watches some videos, looked up all the statistics, and found that the Scar Hamr was one of the best LMGs. I can't wait until it get it!

Listen up. Do not purchase it early because it looks or sounds "cool", otherwise you are a total noob. I am a rank 76 and normally unlocked it at rank 72. I have managed to get around 1,500 kills so far, and I personally think it is good at mid ranged with the right setup, with the reflex sight, compensator, angled grip, and a blue laser. Not the best, but is good if you know how to properly use it.

Probably the best LMG in the game now. Insane damage, accuracy, and recoil. I just unlocked this and I have been doing great with it.

This gun is great. I think it should stay where it is on this list. It has good dmg. The accuracy is pretty good. But the range is not the best. I still think it's amazing but I don't put it primary in my load out very often. It has a lot of ammo which does help. But still not my type of LMG.

19 Remington 870

Slap on some birdshot, remove the stock and bam you've gotten yourself an easy to spam shotgun which allows you to hit the neighbours dog from 5 yards away.

The best cqc shotgun. Easy to spam your shots and each shot has insane damage.

I really don't like this.

I swear this is a sniper

20 Hecate II

Got 5 body shots only one hitmarker good gun over all good for noscoping but bad for close range if there are a lot of people. 2 or 3 it can handle if you are skilled but can handle all if you really decent player

The same thing as the BFG, never going to use it, but it's really good.

High damage but slow ads

I love to snipe


I don't have this gun, but from other people it's pretty good and I picked it up before. The fire rate is good because it doesn't consume ammo to quickly and the damage is high. Also has good range and accuracy.

It shreds other players easily and if used on auto its recoil will go SICKO MODE.
Only downside, that it usually lags a lot. But other than that,

Best gun ever!

Try to convince me it doesn't hit like a truck.
Hint: You will fail

The only downside after a few games is the slow reload

It's damage is great.

22 SKS

An easy to spam and high damage DMR, you can reliably three or two tap people with this bad boy within 2 seconds because the firerate is insane. Only downside is the ammo which you burn through really easily while you devastate the other team from 200 studs away.

YES. balistics tracker and almost any scope or sight on her and she is a
KILLER. I think it is best to use on the mirage map. this gun can be used for long-ranged sniping, or close range combat. it is not always a 1-shot head shot at long range but 2-4 shots. I reccomend this gun for all starters.

I unlocked it at rank 13 and I have over 400 kills on it. But now I am on rank 29 I prefer more faster firing guns like the p90 and the one before the mac10. but it is still an awesome gun. put a ballistics tracker on it and a vcog 6x scope or a pk-a and it is OP. I love this gun, and still occasionally use it

My favorite gun definitely use the default sight and slap balistics tracker on her and she's awesome. Fun to shoot in the game and real life.

23 P90

Great for those in the double digit level range.

Speed. That's all I have to say.

24 Rpk74

This gun defiantly should be one of the highest on this list. But it's not. This gun has good dmg amazing accuracy and and really good range. Most of the people that kill me, use this Rpk74.

If you're a fan of the Avtomat Kalashnikovs, this is the gun for you. This is peak Soviet engineering.

Does lots of damage and it's ammo is great.

It's better than any gun above.

25 L115A3

Between the AWM and the Intevention, I prefer the AWM as it's less sluggish and allows for rapid repositioning.

Also you can turn it into an AWP.

Great handling, smooth, and quick. Best choice for a quickscoper, a fast sniper, and a viable option in close quarter engagements. Not too close, though.

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