Top 10 Best Heist and Robbery Locations in Roblox Jailbreak

It's speculated that on June 1st of 2019, the new expansion update for the roblox game Jailbreak will be released. It's going to be the biggest update to the game ever, adding 25% more land. It's speculated a new heist location will be added as well, you know, places you rob as a criminal. So why not count down the best heist locations on the game? With that being said, here's the list.
The Top Ten
1 Bank

The bank is my favourite robbery. It's the one that has been in the game since the very start, and it still holds up to this day as the best place to rob in Roblox Jailbreak. It's a bit simple, yes, but it's just so great. The bank music is the best heist soundtrack in the game in my opinion, it just holds such as special place in my heart and seems to get me all nostalgic all by listening to it.

One of the most notable features of the bank, is that every time you start a heist here you will always rob a different sections, and it's random which one you rob. Funny enough this is a pretty recent addition along with the music, as before just some months ago, there was only one section here and no music.

There are a total of five different sections in this bank, my favourites are probably "The Mint" and "Classic: Remastered". The Mint one is the most recent one and and gives you a lot of money for robbing, specifically, 2500 cash, and I like the mint green walls and the ...more

I can't consider that the bank heist s my favorite because when robbing the bank you only get few cash like 2k and then it was scariest heist because when the police entered the building I would freaked out but when the cop made it to the vault he bust us out of the bank.

Overall a great robbery. It is just fun.

2 Jewelry Store

This is, without the doubt the most challenging place to rob in the game. It was the second place you could rob to be added in the game, just a few months after the game's release. Now yeah, just like with the bank, each time you rob this place, you will go through different sections but you can't deny that overall they are pretty hard all of them. There are twelve different sections but unlike the bank, this is a high building and contains three floors so basically it's like "four" sections. I don't really have a favourite of them like with the bank though.

As I said this is the hardest place to rob. The classic "section-pack" is definitely a hard one, and this is coming from someone who's good at robbing the jewelry store otherwise. The third floor with that infuriating labyrinth that usually means my luck or my money is usually what causes me to lose. However the difficulty is what I really love about this one. It makes it pretty rewarding and satisfying to rob this place, ...more

The store isn't that bad. You just gotta get used to it. You'll be fine.

Hard at times but really good.

3 Museum

Third favourite place to rob in the game. I remember when this was the most popular place to rob, now it doesn't get that many criminals for some reason. Strange, considering not only is this one of the easiest places to rob, but it's the most rewarding one as well. 4000 cash for such an easy place to rob. It also requires two people to rob, as you explode the roof and you need two criminals to do so.

Now what puts this under the bank despite looking the prettier and being pretty unique in itself, is how easy it is. There are loads of stuff you can grab everywhere, and you can just have 5 KG stuff with you, and as long as you just grab bones and stuff which are easy to make, it's not really difficult at all. I mean yeah if there are no bones you can go the riskier routes to get paintings which does add more difficulty.

And to be honest I still love this place because while it's easy it's still a lot of fun. The music is pretty chill but yet pretty exciting which I really ...more

The runner up goes to the museum. It is very enjoyable.
-You can steal a wide variety of things. Dinosaur bones, frames, gems and bodies are only some of the things you can steal.
-Guns come in handy here. You can shoot planets and glass to collect the planets you shoot and objects behind the shot glass.
-LOGIC worthy for this place with its puzzles. One is an unsolved maze, the other is connecting straight lines, so thinking is useful.
-There are three sets of doors to escape. Toy can leave from the first and second rooms or doors from the middle of the front of the building.
Are there any?
Yeah, there's nothing bad with this place. Surely a good time drainer.

This one is my 4th favorite heist because of so much fun puzzles like in the horror games! But there is a bit hard obstacle but way to easier if you are good at it!

The museum is my favorite place to rob. I usually be a cop so I can camp near it and snipe criminals who think they have a chance.

4 Power Plant

Among the most recently added locations, as it was added as recently as in June 2019, and in my opinion, one of the most original and fun robberies in the entire game. It was originally just a regular generic building added in the expansion update and served no purpose until a week after when they made this a power plant robbery. Yeah that's right, a ' power plant robbery!

In this location you steal green uranium. How do you steal it? Well in order to get in the power plant you must hack an electricity box at the back of the power plant, and you must solve a "connect-the-colours" puzzle. If you succeed, a backdoor opens and you can get inside. There will be conveyor belts and lasers you must jump over or duck. It may be hard for new players but if you're experienced this is very easy. Also a bit short.

When you've succesfully dodged the lasers, you go up a stair and avoid some more lasers, until you get to another electric box with a more difficult "connect-the-colours" ...more

The power plant, despite being the newest, has the bronze choice on my remix. Let's find out why, huh?
-This one, just like the museum, also has logic for you. You get a puzzle to solve when going in and going back out to connect each color before being allowed in or out, quite challenging!
-Once entering and getting on the conveyor, you can only control your speed if you move your character, but you'd probably ram into the lava lines, so don't consider unless you're jumping over obstacles.
-You have to make it back to the base fast if you want lots of money, because you lose 50 dollars from your original $6,500 so try getting back fast!
-It is in an isolated spot from other buildings and therefore you can do your robbing in peace without cops trying to get you.
-The title is fitting because you steal green things and plants are green.
-You can come or leave in 3 different paths/roads. (Take the right one to get to the base the fastest.)
-You ...more

This one is a bit bad because all of these hacking things in there is very confusing and very hard to understand! But there are few easy one which is great! This robbery heist is not intended to use slow vehicles even the bruh licensed plated vehicle which is the camaro. This heist is only obtainable to use bad boy cars and fast cars!

I am nit a fan of this one because the puzzles are a pain and you can only successfully do it with a fast car.

5 Cargo Train

This is one of the two trains that you can rob in the game, the other one being the passenger train. Personally I enjoy the passenger train more, but looking at a more objective and fair perspective, I think the cargo train is better. This one was added back in the winter update in 2018. It will follow rails around the map, and you find a red boxcar, open the hatch, explode vault and get in, and wait 'til you have all the money.

This is kinda like a bank on wheels as like with the bank, you wait inside the vault until you have the money, and then escape it in order to complete the robbery. However it's definitely a bit easier as there are no obstacles in getting in the vault (unless you count getting driven over by the train to be an obstacle but it definitely isn't).

And as I said, this train follows a certain rail. The rail ends at a train station, that funny enough is located just a few metres across the "Gas Station", which is another place you can rob. So if you rob ...more

Easy. Could be harder

6 Passenger Train

This is the newest train heist added to the game, being added as recently as February 2019. While being the newest, it's also one of the most criticized ones rightfully. However let's look at pros first. As a guy who almost always plays as a police in Jailbreak, your job is mostly just to stop robberies and heists.

Funny enough though, the passenger train is the only heist that police technically can "rob" as well. Ok, so, technically you deliver items found in the train in order to recieve lots of cash, and there is a lot of them, and you can take all stuff you want as a police. This makes it very awesome for me as I can just farm cash without even trying at all, whenever I go here, which makes me personally enjoy this one a bit more than the cargo train.

However the pros end there. This heist location, is definitely, very unbalanced. As I said above, police can farm lots of cash on this heist, but what about the criminals? The ones that are suppose to rob the train? ...more

Not as good as the cargo train.

Barely rob this one.

7 Cargo Plane

This is the newest heist added to the game as of 7th December 2019 and it might actually be the best heist in the game. It's the first aerial robbery and will randomaly be generated at the Airport and land on the runaway. When it has landed, a hatch at the back of the plane will open up and when you've entered it, it will after a while start to fly into the sky and you must get a crate and then exit the plane before it decides to fly out of bounds.

This heist is just so fun. It's incredibly rewarding and just the feeling of waiting for the plane is fun. But the robbing procedure itself is just so exciting. When you're friends are playing with you and you're all taking a crate, with that awesome music in the background..., great robbery. It's the best of the moving heists but it's still only in the top five because there's no challenge to it at all. You just get onto the plane, grab a box and leave. I wish there was some added challenge, like maybe a laser obstacle at the ...more

This is kind of a lame robbery bit I like that you have a chance to get a key card from it.

Best moving robbery but not very hard.

8 Donut Shop

So the donut shop and gas station are like the two "begginer locations" to rob. You can't really start a heist here, you just hold a button and then you get your cash and escape. They're two small stores really only used for quick robberies, and for beginners to Jailbreak who need cash. You don't really start heists or so. Because of this, they are relavitely low on the list. Not bad are they though, they are still good for simple robberies. I mean 750 cash is pretty good for such simple robberies.

The donut shop and gas station are very similar to each other, but the donut shop is white, and located in the town, while the gas station is located at the end of the cargo train's railway near the firestation, and is green. The donut shop is higher than the gas station though, because every time you enter here, you always get a free donut regardless of which team you are part of. They can be used for healing, which is good for heists, which makes the donut store the perfect place ...more

It's nice that this one is near the garage but it is the ultimate cop camping location.

9 Gas Station

Pretty much the same as the donut shop, except you don't recieve anything upon entering it. It looks a lot better than the donut shop though as it's more colourful, and the isolated location makes it pretty comfortable somehow.

The pick-up truck spawns here as well which is a cheap but fast vehicle. This is where the passenger train spawns as well which makes for a good place to wait 'til it comes. The gas station is also relatively close to the town and firestation unlike the donut shop which is another plus. It's not as good for camping as a cop though as people tend to rob the donut store more often though. This leaves gas station at #9, but it's still decent.

I rob this more then the donut shop. No one barely goes there so why not?

10 The Tomb

This is one of my favorite robberies. At first you die constantly in the parkour but once you get good at it, it is an easy robbery with a huge payout, even with the lowest bag.

So far this one is challenging and the best because it gives you a very insane cash! But the thing is you need three people to open the entrance and the obstacle's damage has a high amount of damage!

Man I like the tomb so much but the thing is the jewels will not spawn back when everyone already got it it's a shame that I don't have one for me anymore other players will bully when I got nothing and there is a girl player that glitch through gates it's so unfair! please jailbreak fix about the spawing back of jewels when I don't have one for me.

Ok, so I just thought the tomb robbery is hard but when I try it's so cool and easier but sometimes my hands will sweat because of the second obstacle of the arrows it takes a lot of damage when I got hit by one its like the damage of the flintlock(the 1 ammo gun pirate gun) oh for goodness sake! It is easy sometimes its hard as well when you don't time your jumps.

The Contenders
11 Cargo Ship

Oh my goodness! This is thing is hard because of the turrets! But sometimes it is easy, you just have to attach the cargo using the the flying vehicle rope.

Newest heist as of 06/06/2020. My, my, my is it quite low-quality, isn't it? Well it's a bit original but that doesn't mean it's good.

All you do is get a helicopter, get to the cargo ship in the middle of the ocean while avoiding missiles that shoot at you every second, get a box from the ship which is hard when there's missiles and the ship moves super fast, and then you put it in the criminal base.

Good lord is this boring and uninteresting, all of this for a lousy 2000 cash. Sure it can be robbed twice an appearence but that doesn't excuse how terribly designed it is. Worst robbery in the game.

12 Cash Truck

Cops camp this. I don't like it for that reason.