Most Annoying Things About Roblox

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21 Too many BC games
22 Off Topic

Oh yes, the Roblox Off Topic subforum is very annoying and full of edgy memekids - wrests

23 Configuring Roblox
24 Crazy ODers

It's so annoying it posted twice

These ODers don't just want to date me, they want to do adult stuff with me and kiss me! This isn't just an ODer saying "I love you be mah boyfriend/girlfriend" this is an ODer asking to do that inappropriate thing in bed with you. This is awkward to be around!

25 Retarded community

So bad it is on here twice

26 People that call you a noob because you have no Robux.

The title explains why I hate these people. These people are often little kids that call you a noob because they have robux, whilst you don't. They believe this: Player with no robux= Noob.

This is an example of the new ROBLOX community. A kid that believes that you are a noob since he has Robux and you don't. That shouldn't make you a noob, but in these kids minds, no robux= Noob.

The little kids who call you this probably just pestered their moms until they bought them Robux. - GengarGuy

Lol, and most of the people who do this look like ODers who joined a few days ago. - wrests

27 People that have a name with xxx at the end and beginning.

What does this even mean, why do people name themself this? This makes no sense at all.

28 Obbies
29 Emote spammers V 2 Comments
30 Copied gear
31 Shaggy
32 A game that looks like one thing, but is actually something different

This is called "clickbait" - wrests

Why roblox whyy

33 The amount of Tycoons there are
34 Idiotic players

Don't you hate those players that always ruin rping? Or just attacking you when its not a pvp game? Yea I feel ya...

35 Admin houses with admins who kick whoever they dislike

I was playing an admin house which my friend was playing, then some random person kicked me for some reason.

36 Unnecessary Bans

Banning People For No Reason What So Ever.

I got an account TERMINATED for uploading A PICTURE OF BLEACH - wrests

37 Trolls

Trolls are annoying, bad to be around and just never know when to stop. They always just say stuff like "I did your mum last night and it was good." It's not nice to be trolled, and it can just ruin a game for others, who have to see trolls typing insults and "did yo mama" stuff.

38 Cringey community
39 Spawn Killers

These are the kind of people that camp at spawn and just waits for you to come back so they can kill you again and again and again.

40 Clickbait games

These are awful. I will see a game on ROBLOX that looks amazing, so I decide to play it. I join, and it's just another stolen obby, that is not unique in any way! These misleading titles and games just ruin a lot of ROBLOX for me. A notable clickbait builder goes by the name of Plat Games. He changes the title and thumbnail of the clickbait game very often, but it is still the same stolen obby.

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