Most Annoying Types of People That Comment On YouTube Videos


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21 Cartoon Fans V 1 Comment
22 Crazy 1D fans

Minecraft hunger games parody of radioactive. So many radioactive die-hard kids there saying things like Best song eever,#Epicsong, in all caps - MChkflaguard_Yt

23 Darude-Sandstorm Comments

They are asking for the song title but the youtube user isn't giving the answer so they think that comment will convince the youtube user with the song title.Not funny at all.

The joke has always been dead

This is the bottom of the barrel of song comments. IT'S JUST A SONG PEOPLE SO STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT SONG - Jliby30

24 The 'you are a rebel, I like you' spammers
25 People who capitalize every word

I used to do this when I was 12 but I still get offended when people harass them for doing it, they're just trying to be perfectionists, leave them alone.

Kinda Like This... It Is Annoying.

(seriously, it is...) - PhoebeThunderman

I hate it when people talk in the title case...

People On The TopTens Do This Also And It's So Annoying. - LordDovahkiin

V 5 Comments
26 Racists

Also reverse-racists who call everyone else a racist.

27 The 'send this to 10 other people or you will die at 10:30' people

DON'T READ OR YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE! NOW THAT YOU'RE READING, DON'T STOP! Copy and paste this to ten other lists 10 time before 6:30 today and your crush will kiss you at midnight tonight.

Shut up copy paster
Damn, these are annoying
Oh wait, I think you misread youtube as facebook

" don't read this. Too late even if you stopped at. Your crush will die at 12:00am if you don't copy paste this on 5 videos."

Those chain letters are annoying. I don't believe them. - Lunala

28 Anti-fans

Oh yeah, anti-fans. My number 1 enemy on YouTube videos. On ALMOST every WatchMojo video, it is bound to have Sword Art Online hate comments. Plus, they try to ruin it for the fans of the anime on almost every anime video relating to Sword Art Online in a good way. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You know, the people who go around calling things overrated and flipping out at the very mention of whatever it is they hate.

29 Excessive Swearers

Lol who added this, an 8-year-old?

Nelsonerica or nelsonerico probably added this...

30 Special Snowflakes

Those comments on some old song that say "lol I'm 9 and I love this"
And I'm 16, and I do like some specific things, but who cares? - naFrovivuS

31 Kids yelling at you for having your own opinion

Someone told me that I was gay and retarded because I like The Loud House.

They are not kids - Feliciafurrypaws4ever

Probably some crazy Chris Savino haters. - Tyler730

32 Dora the Explorer Fans

She has no fans

33 Da 1s dat tipe leik dis Cuz day tink its k00l
34 Fanboys
35 The ones who censor swear words, even though it's allowed on YouTube

Some people want to be child-friendly.

Those people are really annoying. - LordDovahkiin

Yeah I don't want to see these roblox hashtags straight to my face

I prefer child friendly channels. I don't know I just think most youtubers can't use swear words correctly. Most youtubers use swear words for the sake of it, or overuse swear words. Not many youtubers can get the swearing just right.

Also Something about child friendly channels feels more "right" to me. - Lunala

36 "The (insert number here) people who disliked this video are (rude description)"

I see that every time I see some modern song on YouTube. - naFrovivuS

37 Stereotypers

*cough cough* Anti-USA dolts *cough* constantly calling Americans fat, lazy, stupid, etc.

38 Undertale haters

NO WAY! I love undertale haters!

Dude I don't like undertale but I dontmind haters

What about "People Who Don't Know What Undertale Is? "
Oh wait, that's me! - naFrovivuS

39 R.I.P Headphones User

If the video is loud or a screamer that's an exception - Neonco31

I actually do not see anything wrong with this comment. - anonygirl

Actually this is a warning for the people whi check comments before watching the video, as the video could be loud or a screamer

It's annoying

40 Die-hard 90s fans

I have no problem with people who grew up in the 90s and are nostalgic, but if you shove it down other people's throats, then it's annoying! I saw this one picture on the internet with a picture of the DNA productions Paul logo and it said "only 90s kids will know this! " Excuse me, but Jimmy Neutron was from 2002, imbecile! STOP IT! And I hate it how these people bully our generation for our stuff. Not saying everyone does this, but it's just a decade. Leave this generation alone and let us enjoy our stuff and don't hate on today's kids. - SmashPrincess

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