Top Ten Most Annoying Types of YouTubers

sometimes youtubers can be a bit annoying if you act like one of these youtubers we don't hate you we just find them annoying sometimes well sorry

The Top Ten

1 Youtubers who upload "Cringe" videos

Logan paul/ jake paul

Mandjtc pokemon talk is a prime example

Yep, You got my vote and I totally agree They make me cringe so badly! 😫

2 The one that uploads the same types of video

Yeah if you see 'pawesometv' on YouTube you'll see that she had awesome videos and now their just DIYS and 10 types of
its really annoying!

Vanoss (still decent content), Prankinvasion, SofloAntonio, and a few others come to mind here. - MKBeast

Jon Sudano is the only person who does this right.

don't know who he is? …search him up - TristGamer

3 The gamer that always screams and yells loudly

This is really annoying I'm saying like pewdiepie always screams and yells and I makes my ears bleed

Definition of pksparkxx watched one bid and went slightly deaf in one ear

Like Wisteriamoon. She is always screaming.

Cough.. pewdiepie.. cough cough jacksceptieye... cough

4 Videos with a good title and thumbnail but the video is violent

Why this is a genre set up by this site I don't know.

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5 The Justin Bieber fans

The fact that their are VERY FEW Justin Bieber videos on YouTube (excluding the Music Videos) is not REASONABLE enough to put this at number 5! - Neonco31

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6 Always has blocked videos

All videos on a channel is blocked

7 That YouTuber that mutes its videos even though its not a copyright

! there's always videos that are not Copyrights but still their muted

8 Beauty Gurus

Beauty is one of the most idiotic thing I've ever heard of.

Hey this is not stupid

9 Clickbait Youtubers

I hate clickbait YouTubers. They put boobs in the thumbnail so they could get more views.

10 People who use notepad in their tutorials instead of talking

Anyone remember those "free club penguin membership" videos? Well those are an example of the notepad talkers. - Lunala

I Hate these types of youtubers

I HATE these types of youtubers. Whenever I have technical difficulties with my computer, phone, T.V., wifi, etc., I usually find these types of people, who have a bandicam watermark. Just get a microphone! - scarmark

The Contenders

11 Youtubers who are just in it for the money

Nicole Arbour for example. - Croy987

Pewdiepie - ParkerFang

Well they are making YouTube videos to make money since it’s their job. But I’ll admit the youtubers who care about their fans are much better

12 The ones that use their boobs for views

This is really unfair to youtubers who actually make good content. - Fretto


I've seen many female " Youtubers" who gets views and subscribers because of their looks and showing off their boobs, and that's all they do is to sit there and look pretty. They're not interesting as a person, or have interesting minds, and barely have any talents.

There are many actual Youtubers who work hard at what they do rather it's comedy, art, music, and etc, they deserve more attention than some bimbos who were blessed with the bodies they were given. Youtube is suppose to be a place were everyone can share their creativity, ideas, and opinions, not some strip club.This goes for guys too who only show off their body to gets views and subscribers as well.

13 Toy channels

Put this on top.

14 A mean player that has a YouTube channel and says you're mean

This would suck

15 Minecraft Let's Players

Every Minecraft lets play ever "Hey guys Minecraft kid 1466 here and today I'm going to be playing Minecraft because I just love Minecraft its probably my favorite game ever. So anyways, a lot of you in the comments say my voice sounds really wei rd. t hat's because I'm trying to hide the crippling depression that I have from having no soul. You may be wondering why I make these bad lets plays. I do it for the ad revenue because money is the only important thing in life."

Cancer. Cringy, retarded, cancer

16 The minecrafters viewing mods and say they're better than your mods


17 Top Ten YouTubers

Depends which channel it is.

18 The YouTubers who constantly use stale memes
19 The one that does scary videos

So what? Poiised just wants to play what he wants to play - ParkerFang

The creator of smiledog and jeff the killer

20 The ones that quit uploading the types of videos that gave them success and replaced them with something else

Scrubzah for example. He quit doing 3 am challenges.

21 People who post clickbait and disable the comments

I wanted to watch Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli, however I found a fake video with only the trailer. I was off to have a rant in the comments and then I saw it was disabled. Yup.

22 People who ask for your information

This would also suck!

23 Trolls
24 Storytellers
25 Basic blonde girls
26 Youtubers asking personal questions a lot, or repeating the same comment on a youtube video
27 Storytime YouTubers
28 Atheists
29 Vloggers

There is absolutely zero creativity in these people! They baciscly get millions of dollars for sticking a camera in there face at Walmart! The fact that there so popular is a big spit in the face to people who use YouTube for creativity!

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