Most Anticipated Live Action Disney Remakes

The Top Ten Most Anticipated Live Action Disney Remakes

1 Night on Bald Mountain

This is the one I would really want the most. Chernabog is a perfect villain. This movie is what nobody is against. Everyone will love this one a lot. It’ll be the best remake ever made. I hope Disney can do justice with this film. - asantalo

2 The Little Mermaid

They really need to cast Natalia Dyer to be Ariel. - asantalo

3 Aladdin
4 Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
5 Cruella
6 Sword in the Stone

One of the only ones I would want to seen - iliekpiez

7 Peter Pan
8 Dumbo
9 Hunchback of Notre Dame

They're making this?!

10 The Lion King

This is terrible. It’ll be the worst Live Action remake ever. I don’t see how people would like this idea. It'll suck big time. - asantalo

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