Top 10 Apps to Remove Duplicate Photos

Multiple copies of same pictures saved on your device over multiple locations occupy unnecessary space. However, removing these unwanted pictures can free up a lot of space letting you save other important data and improving the overall device performance. So, here I am going to list the top 10 most popular tools/apps that can be used to find & delete all duplicate photos in one shot.

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1 Systweak Duplicate Photos Fixer

Loved by many on Apple store, this tool is a number one app on Mac app store to remove duplicate photos. It works aptly to find and delete the identical images on any Windows machine, Android devices, iOS devices or Mac machines. - Sarah247

Best ever seen before the app does marvelous

Perfect solution, I've got from this great App..

2 Visipics

VisiPics is a free and easy to use duplicate photo finding software. It can identify the duplicate images easily. You can add the folders to be scanned for duplicate images. After searching it will show you the complete list of duplicate images with their thumbnails. - Sarah247

3 Similar Image Search

Similar Image Search (alpha) is a free software that lets you find duplicate images on your PC. It is a standalone JAR file and requires java installed on your PC to run. It can search for duplicate image files in any selected folder. - Sarah247

4 Image Search Pony
5 Duplicate Photo Cleaner

A duplicate finder that can detect exact photo duplicates, similar images and compare photos with a specified image based on a selected detail (Sector Detail Scan). Works on Windows and Mac.

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1. Systweak Duplicate Photos Fixer
2. Visipics
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