Best Nokia Lumia Phones

As we all know that WP is the safest operating system in the planet... So lets come to the Nokia lumia series
Lets face it... when it comes to windows phones...1st thing stuck in our head is Lumia Phones... Looks cool.. Works great...

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1 Nokia Lumia 520

I have to disagree, I have a nokia lumia 521, which is the tmobile version, and first, the power button just one day decided to stop working, I turned it off and back on, and still didn't work, I did some research and it turns out that it's a common problem, second I went to open my back up one day and the buttons fall out, and I lost them, and the screen cracks too easy, I dropped it from about two feet while I was on the phone one day, and I cracked. - jordanwillis480

Cheapest Windows Phone available... Most popular among people... Affordable.. Looks awesome... Camera 5MP

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2 Nokia Lumia 620

1st lumia to have front facing camera when going lower to higher in the price... This device is dad of all phones... Best deal at the price

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3 Nokia Lumia 1520

Best overall

1st lumia phablet... Its just not a phone... Its sooperphone

4 Nokia Lumia 1020

Since I got my Lumia 1020 it has never allowed me to leave my room to the sitting room to watch T.V. or play video games... This phone is awesome.

Ever since this device came in the market... It becomes the most desirable phone... With its MP smartcam you will get addicted to photography

5 Nokia Lumia 920

Best looking Lumia phone ever in terms of size shape colour best in every thing when something hold Lumia 1020 its not so impressive because of round big camera but if something hold Lumia 920 specially yellow nokia Lumia 920then every person look at him its used in many movies like Shahrukh Khan Chennai express and be a commercial success for nokia company

I thing it is best it should be number 1

6 Nokia Lumia 720

Equipped with windows phone 8 operating system... It has every reason for why a dude buy this phone... ?

7 Nokia Lumia 730

What it should be in top 3 number 1 can give such performance at its range

Superb phone with awesome looks

..and I would buy same model again!

To me is the best I love ❤ it

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8 Nokia Lumia 925

A perfect curvy screen compared to the 520

9 Nokia Lumia 525

Successor of lumia 520... With enhancement in every aspect of specifications

10 Nokia Lumia 625

I have this phone and it's basically an iPhone 5 made by Microsoft which isn't overpriced. £125 isn't bad for a phone like this. I love this phone model.

Good one. No win10, but this is rather an advantage.

Selfie Phone... Large screen to do more... Window 8 os... Its damn good looking phone

The problem with these Windows...they are kind of selfish...they don't share with ends up borring...i had been using this 625😡

The Contenders

11 Nokia Lumia 535

It the best phone

12 Nokia Lumia 640

The best phone ever it should be at least in the top 5

13 Nokia Lumia 830

Best phone for right price

14 Nokia Lumia 930
15 Nokia Lumia 820

It's a nice phone

16 Nokia Lumia 950

It is the best so far, right?

17 Nokia Lumia 1

This is a 9th generation device which is the first transparent lumia ever made. Its is accompaned by features such as wireless charging ubsence of either charging port or earphone port.

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