Top Ten Art Techniques that Can Improve Your Drawing and Coloring

I want to help people who struggle with drawing by making this list. I hope this information helps.
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1 When you draw a face and a body, use guide lines to make the face and body look more accurate

Nuhhh, these are good and all for beginners to know about, but truly, I have never used guidelines for anything and I really believe that all artists shouldn't after establishing the technique. If you use guidelines forever, you trap yourself into certain proportions and you lose artistic freedom. You also tend to subconsciously mold all humans into one frame (like some people just don't have their eyes at the midline of the face and some people have crazy long legs...etc). Freehand everything, and the world is opened, and your proportional intuition is going to get better and better. Also, you can start developing a sense of how and where to exaggerate, which is always going to look better or at least more interesting than a perfectly proportioned face and body.

I mostly use guidelines when I draw the body, feet and hands. When I draw the head in a full body drawing, I just draw a circle, add a plus sign, and form the face. But If I draw in a potrait art, I only use two guidelines for the eyes and locating the head.

I was drawing SSJ 4 Goku and Vegeta and I draw them by tracing. How do I make them more accurate?

I drew some characters by tracing. How do I draw them accurately without tracing?

2 When you color with colored pencils, try to mix some colors lightly, then blend it with a white colored pencil to cover the white spots

When I color with colored pencils, I'd mix some colors that go on a hue (I recommend creating color hues when coloring, even when you draw traditionally/hand drawing because It gives off a more 3D look). I've never used a COPIC marker before (they're too expensive in my country and they're only sold in certain stores in my country) The bookstore at the nearest mall does sell a lot of copic markers but they come in single markers. And they still are way too overpriced. I don't wanna buy counterfeits, though because the quality will be different. Many people I know use COPIC markers to color their traditional artwork, but I'll stick with colored pencils. I'll try COPIC markers once I'm older

Thanks for the list, it is a great help.

Or blend for a tabby cat!

Thanks AnimeDrawer. I appreciate your help 😊

3 When you shade with a pencil, use a napkin to make the pencil coloring look smoother

Can you use cotton buds, too?

4 Use shapes such as squares, circles, and more shapes to make your body look better
5 Draw in pencil first, then trace it with ink, and then carefully erase the pencil lines
6 When you draw cartoons, anime, and comic book style, use ink, when you are drawing something more realistic, it is better to not use ink

Ooh! I usually line the pencil lines with a drawing pen and I would occassionally colour some parts with black ink

7 When coloring with markers, blend by mixing the lighter tone with the darker tone of a color using the lighter tone marker
8 Use cross hatching when you draw comic or manga style
9 Try to add shadows where it is necessary, including people, animals, nature, vehicles, architecture, and items
10 Practice drawing wrinkles and folds to make clothing look better
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11 Shift the hue when shading and adding light

I've seen many digital artists that don't shift the hue. Shifting the hue makes it a much more 3-d look to the piece

12 When coloring with colored pencils or markers, start with the darker tone of a color and then get lighter and lighter with the lighter tones of that color

My coloring pencil collection only has 12 colors and they're base colors (the only shades are a dark blue and a light blue) but I'll try to check for more

13 If you're drawing a circle, trace a coin to form a better circle

This is what I usually do

14 If you're sketching, make sure to press lightly on your pencil, since it will make the mistakes easier to erase.
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