Top 10 Arthur Episodes Where Francine is a Jerk

As good a character Francine can be, a lot of times she can be a real jerk. Here are the episodes from Arthur in which Francine acts like a real jerk.

The Top Ten

Francine Frensky, Superstar

The class is putting on a play about Thomas Edison and everyone convince Mr. Ratburn to give Francine a good part in the play thy get their wish as Francine gets the lead role but regret it when Francine begins bossing everyone and being really mean towards them she gets upset when there are air holes in Busters lightbulb costume and forces them to close it up and later he nearly suffocates then she forceingly puts the headpiece on Arthur's costume and yells "If you don't do it right I'll uninvent you and you won't be in my play at all! everyone gets mad at her and purposely sabotages the 1st show which upsets Francine and she says they ruined her show in which they remind her that its not just her show that everyone worked just as hard as she did they make up and the play goes on as scheduled. - egnomac

Where do I begin? This is comparable to “Carl Wheezer Boy Genius” and SpongeBob’s “I’m with Stupid” only difference, Francine is ABUSIVE. She makes and begs everyone to ask Ratburn to give her a good part. I understood her intentions because she would always be the person with the most painful part more than I understood Carl’s and Patrick’s. But there’s a reason why I think this is the worst of the three. Carl was despicable and Patrick was a jerk. Francine, however, was ABUSIVE. Francine drags Sue Ellen abusively, Physically and verbally abuses Arthur, and yells at Buster when he puts air holes in his costume so he can BREATH. When Arthur tried to talk to her, she just said that everyone’s jealous of her. They get revenge by sabotaging the play on her behalf. Arthur messes up his lines, Buster sprays her with water, and Binky, Muffy, and Sue Ellen embarrass her by cringingly reenacting the Train Robbery ending in a kickline and Francine tripping. Francine cries ...more

Citizen Frensky

Her nose was up everyone's business she KNEW what she was doing was wrong she KNEW she didn't ask any of them for permission and when they gave her the silent treatment she LIES to them saying it wasn't her we all know that was a BIG FAT LIE she was nosey and a list in this episode.

Francine starts a newspaper for the school and begins taking pictures of her friends without them knowing and posting fake stories everyone gets angry at her and give her the silent treatment and she tries to defend herself by saying she didn't make up those stories even though she did. - egnomac

Arthur Makes the Team

Arthur joins the baseball team being coached by Francine's dad and after making a few mistakes on their first game Francine teases Arthur despite the fact that he's still learning, later while at the sugar bowl she makes a crack saying don't give Arthur and ice cream cone he'll just drop it like when he dropped the ball during the game which obviously upsets Arthur and he leaves later on she even asks her dad to kick him off the team instead of kicking Arthur off the team he makes Francine an assistant to help coach Arthur and everything turns out all right and Francine learns good sportsmanship well sort of at the end of the episode Francine brings up the fact that next is basketball season and if he stinks at that she's tease him all over again. - egnomac

Double Dare

After Arthur boldly stats that he could skip school no really meaning it Francine dares Arthur to skip school along with Buster, Brain and even herself all dare one another to skip school, the next day Arthur, Buster and Brain decide to call off the dare to skip school Francine fails to get the message and gets locked out of the school Arthur and Buster attempt to sneak her in but are caught then she blames Arthur for everything stating if he hadn't made her dare him none of this would have happened even though Arthur wasn't really being serious about skipping and she was the one who dared him and skipped school. - egnomac

It’s DEFINITELY one of Francine’s worst episodes, but I DO believe that this episode has THREE redeeming qualities. 1. The whole Clam concept is just creative 2. Francine gets Punished for her actions at the end 3. From the moment Binky enters the episode, the rest of the episode is FIRE ". But other than that, it’s still not that good. Francine pure jerk. If judging on Francine it’s bad. Judging as a whole it’s pretty good.

Locked in the Library

The episode opens with Arthur talking about how great it is having Francine for a fiend then out of nowhere Francine calls out Arthur after her friends for absolutely no reason tell her that Arthur told everyone that she looke like a marshmellow before Arthur could even respond Buster also for no reason shows up and confirms that he did call her marshmellow then begins taunting Francine and of course she overreacts and sends a threating letter to Arthur duing class even worst Arthur and Francine are picked to be partners in a report, and for most of the episode she acts like a complete jerk acting like she never called other people names before things get worst when they both get locked in the library and end up arguing then later on Arthur calls Francine on all the times she insulted him including the time he had to wear glasses and when she called him a baby for not losing his baby tooth. - egnomac

Arthur's Eyes

The very first episode after Arthur has to get glasses she makes fun of him calling him four eyes, - egnomac


Francine makes fun of Mr. Ratburn's puppet show and when Fern says she likes his puppet shows she completely insults her for it then later when Arthur asks if she's going to apologize to Fern for hurting her feelings she scoffs and calls her a mouse which leads to Fern and other classmates to draw really mean pictures of Francine Arthur starts to see that all the drawings are upsetting Francine he tries to talk to her and she yells at him to quote "Go eat a ant sandwich! ", later she nearly breaks down to tears and the gang realize how wrong petty revenge is, the problem with this episode is it makes Fern to be the bad guy even though Francine was the one started the insults and never once apologized to her. - egnomac

But drawing mean pictures is funny!

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Arthur is happy to hear that D.W. lost her voice, however Francine call Arthur mean, seriously Francine your not the one to talk considering all the times she has been mean to everyone at one point or another at one point Arthur even points out to Francine about her ever being mean. - egnomac

Arthur’s Tooth

She was the worst here. I wanted to punch her.

This is where Francine, or "Fran" as I'd rather call her, called Arthur a baby. For that, she should shove her feminaziism up her a**. As far as I'm concerned, Marc Brown turned her into a feminazi. Therefore, he should be fired and sued.

I am surprised that this isn't in the top 5. - MasterNoobert

Francine Goes to War

Francine wages war against and elderly woman neighbor who just move in to the apartment doing everything to get her to move out only to get in trouble herself, eventually she finds out that she's isn't bad at all and becomes food friends/ - egnomac

The Contenders

That's a Baby Show

Why is Arthur friends with Francine? Why? She's a complete jerk.

Francine and Buster find out that Arthur had been secretly watching what's considered a baby show The Love Ducks and laughs at him when they leave the next day Francine shouts really loudly for everyone to hear that Arthur watches The Love Ducks and everyone makes fun of him some friend she is. - egnomac

The Good Sport

How many more atrocious episodes can the modern seasons of Arthur make?

The good things about this episode: Jenna, the ending, Michelle Kwan, and a lesson. The bad? Francine becomes a jerk and starts basically what could be considered BULLYING Jenna, when she knows that Jenna never wanted the attention, all because of a stupid contest. Congratulations Arthur, you’ve made one of the worst episodes of all time.

Really Muffy, a petition for Elwood Elementary’s version of the ESPY award for best athlete to be re-rewarded to Francine? If Steph Curry lost the Espy for best male athlete to Aaron Judge, would he start a petition to have it re-rewarded to him? Heck no! He would be a good sport which is what Francine clearly isn’t in this episode. The only reason she’s even NICE to Jenna in this episode is because she wanted Mr Haney (the principal) to notice it and re-reward best athlete. And when Jenna cried because of Muffy’s being a b$tch, I was so ticked off. Watch this episode to get what I mean.

The Cave

Arthur was afraid of the bats in the cave at his field trip, and Francine made fun of him. The only good thing about this episode is that Francine got karma when Binkley took pictures of her and Mr. Ratburn, looking terrified of the bats.

Buster's Best Behavior

This is a good episode, until the end where Francine starts shouting at Arthur and Buster when they switched behaviors. Muffins was also a jersey when she said that Francine's shouting "works every time". But for the most part, Francine was a real her at the end of this episode.


Brain was about to win prize to have lunch with a special guest, and where does this go?! Francine is so jealous, just to get some stupid lunch with a guest. After a lot of thought, Francine wanted to stop, but then Muffy starts telling Francine to make it look like Buster cheated on a spelling test. Not only is Muffy a spoiled rotten, but she did convince Francine to do all of this. Oh! Did I mention Francine and Muffy taking Buster's robot toy and putting it in Alan's bookbag! Not only was Francine a jerk, but Muffy was too! Also, Francine could have just said she didn'the wan't to do it. Muffy even got invited to the lunch!? Wow. At least Muffy and Francine still had a punishment. Francine and Muffy are BIGGER jerks. Even more bigger then D.W.!

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