Most Attractive Female Chinese Zodiac Signs

These zodiac signs are based briefly off info from the websites
The Top Ten
1 Goat (Chinese zodiac)

This zodiac sign is generally a very attractive and sexy sign, the zodiac sign has feminity and an attractive appearance many men fall as well as their naiveness and charm it lures many men.

2 Monkey (Chinese zodiac)

This zodiac sign is bubbly, funny yet adorable and attractive, although promiscuous, many men still wouldn't mind having a girl under this zodiac sign

3 Snake (Chinese zodiac)

Alluring and deadly sexy, these zodiac signs are very mysterious and sly, however that's what men want from them.

4 Tiger (Chinese zodiac)

Strong and sexy the tiger is extremely alluring yet attractive making men go insane

5 Horse (chinese zodiac)

The horse sexy and very honest and loud, men love a lady that has a good set of legs.

6 Rabbit (Chinese zodiac)

Cute and charming, too adorable, no doubt this zodiac sign makes men awe

7 Rooster (Chinese zodiac)

The rooster is extremely smart and sexy at the same time they definitely make it on the top ten list

8 Dog (Chinese zodiac)

The dog is playful yet attractive, very alluring for men.

9 Dragon (Chinese zodiac)

Women of this zodiac sign can be extremely attractive however men find them too intimidating because of their overly confident nature that makes men insecure

10 Pig (Chinese zodiac)

No doubt extremely cutesy and an ideal girlfriend to have, however they are too lazy to be willing to go along with anything, this isn't something ideal.