Top 10 Greatest Philadelphia Phillies Players of All Time

The Phillies, one of the oldest franchises in Major League Baseball, have been home to some truly legendary ballplayers who have dazzled fans with their awe-inspiring skills on the field. From iconic sluggers to masterful pitchers and slick-fielding defensive wizards, the Phillies have been graced with some of the most talented players in baseball history. But which of these icons reigns supreme?

We invite you, the fans, to vote for the top Phillies players who you believe have left an unforgettable impact on the team and the game of baseball itself. Are you a fan of the incredible hitting prowess of Mike Schmidt or the sheer dominance of Steve Carlton on the mound? Or perhaps you're more drawn to the recent stars like Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, who helped lead the Phillies to their 2008 World Series victory?

No matter who your favorite Phillies player is, this is your chance to contribute to this fan-driven ranking of the greatest Philadelphia Phillies of all time.
The Top Ten
1 Mike Schmidt

Over 500 career HR's and a ton of gold gloves at third base. Carlton is 2nd best in my opinion then Robin Roberts 3rd.

Oh come on this guy has more home runs then mickey mantle!

He's the reason I grew to love the game.

2 Steve Carlton

Great guys on this list but I have to say Steve is the best on here

3 Chase Utley Chase Cameron Utley is an American former professional baseball second baseman who played in Major League Baseball.

Chase was the kind of ballplayer you wanted your son to be like in little league on up.. A true role model..

He's had some injurie problems as of late, really a shame. Him and schmidt probably the best all-around players in Phillies history.

Plays defense and offense. Will never forget his 5 homeruns in the 2009 world series against the Yankees.

4 Robin Roberts

My dad said that if Robin Roberts played for the Yankees he would have been the greatest pitcher of all-time. He played on some poor Philly teams that didn't score too many runs for him. He still managed to have over 286 wins during his career. He is ranked #22 in the Hall of Fame ahead of Tommy Glavine, Nolan Ryan, and Roy Halladay.

5 Richie Ashburn

My favorite Phillies as a young boy. Copied my game after him. Great base runner, solid hitter for average, and played with a chip on his shoulder. I was heartbroken when he was traded to Cubs

6 Ryan Howard
7 Dick Allen

His Career 156 OPS+ is the most telling statistic on why Dick Allen should be in the Hall of Fame. He is tied for 21st ALL TIME with Willie Mays in Career OPS+. He is ahead of NUMEROUS Hall of Famers including his peers such as, Bench, Clemente, Stargell, McCovey, Cepada, Tony Perez, Ernie Banks and Billy Williams..
Yes, the NUMBER 15 should be retired. It will make a twofold statement. One, finally the City of Philadelphia and their baseball fans have made a 180 degree turn and applaud his efforts since he wasn't really a fan favorite in the 1960's when Philadelphia was one of the most racist city's in the country. Two, it will show the Hall of Fame that they Phillies think so much of Dick Allen that they backed off of tradition and retired his number even though he is not in the Hall of Fame.

8 Jimmy Rollins
9 Roy Halladay Harry Leroy Halladay III, often nicknamed "Doc", was an American professional baseball player who pitched in Major League Baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies between 1998 and 2013. His nickname, coined by Toronto Blue Jays announcer Tom Cheek, was a reference to Wild West gunslinger... read more
10 Cole Hamels
The Contenders
11 Pete Rose

A good Philly team became a great Philly team when Rose was signed.

Opinions on talent not bigoted pinheaded ones. What a dick!

12 Jim Bunning

For Bunning, he's forever remembered for that 1964 Father's Day perfect game against The New York Mets. His great pitching would earn him National League Pitcher of the Month in that June of 1964. 1967 saw him posted a 2.29 ERA and 253 strikeouts and 6 amazing shutouts. A true Hall of Famer.
Its Joeysworld

13 Ed Delahanty
14 Grover Cleveland Alexander
15 Pat Burrell

Pat Burrell struck out way to many times to be on here. All the time the bases had runners and he had a chance to score for the phillies he struck out. He was almost a automatic out. He was a embarrassment

16 Shane Victorino
17 Darren Daulton
18 Larry Bowa
19 Greg Luzinski
20 Del Ennis
21 Manny Trillo
22 Cliff Lee

Pat Burrell shouldn't be on the top 400 phillies list. He never came through and struck out more then Ryan Howard! Burrell was terrible

23 Chuck Klein

How is this guy not on the list already?

There is clearly a generational bias here because if Klein had played in today's era and put up the numbers he did he would probably be ranked in the top 7. I think this is a pretty solid list, but the non-inclusion of Klein is sad. Early in his career, he was a CONSISTENT 35 HR, 120 RBI (5 consecutive seasons of 120+ RBI), and batted AT LEAST.337 in his first six seasons.

It was hard to pick a best season because he was so consistent early on, but I'm going to cite his 1932 numbers:.348 average, 38 HRs, 137 RBIs (Your move Chase Utley),.404 OBP, and a jaw-dropping.646 SLG. It is a crime not to have this guy AT LEAST in the top 10, he clearly deserves to be there.

Yes, he played in an offensive era. Yes, he played in a hitters friendly ballpark (Shibe Park). However, his WAR, which accounts for all such factors, in 1932 was 6.6 (His career high came a year later: 7.5!). To put that in perspective, Ryan Howard's WAR in 2006 -- the year where he hit 58 home runs -- was just 5.2.

Chuck Klein surpassed Howard's career high WAR 3 times. This is not to mention that Klein has also been placed on some all-time teams by baseball experts. Give this guy some love, he is absolutely a top ten Phillies player of all-time.

24 Lenny Dykstra

I'm voting for him more as my favorite then a best but he was good

25 Sherry Magee
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