Top Ten Most Beautiful Capital Cities In Europe

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21 Kiev

The history of this city is amazing!

I was there. Better than Paris.

22 Ljubjana V 2 Comments
23 Vilnius

"I honestly think this city in under rated and wonder is over rated! It is so beautiful, green and clean! The architecture is amazing. Food is amazing. Everything is amazing! I simply love it."

Wow!,the most beautiful city I've ever seen! Great architecture and nice people.

Unnerated, just because Lithuania isn't a powerful country!

Very beautiful! Glows beautifully at night and awesome architecture
Highly recommend this city!

24 Monaco
25 Zagreb

Zagreb is alright but to be honest
There's nothing special about this city

V 1 Comment
26 Helsinki

Absolutely an amazingly beautiful city! Been there four times and I love it!

V 2 Comments
27 Oslo
28 Ankara
29 Tallin
30 Bern

Only few people seem to know Bern, even though it has a beautiful, historic old town (UNESCO world heritage site). It is surrounded by a clear and very fast-flowing river and the Alps are less than an hour's drive away (you can clearly see them when the weather is nice). The streets in the old town all have arcades so even when it rains or snows, you stay dry while shopping.

31 Luxembourg
32 Riga

One of the most beautiful cities world...


33 Minsk
34 Sarajevo V 2 Comments
35 Bratislava

I didn't like it, it worth only one night short visit more than that u will be bored,

V 2 Comments
36 Chisinau
37 Nicosia
38 Tirana

A lot of pollution, cheaters, roads in bad condition. Not very much to see or do.

Save, Really good food, Really good hotels, friendly people but many poor people

39 Nuuk V 1 Comment
40 Klagenfurt (Austria) V 1 Comment
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