Top Ten Most Beautiful Monster High Characters

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1 Clawdeen Wolf Clawdeen Wolf

She is like the best character, I love how she dress and ofcors her prsonality is the best. I love her so so MUCH

I think she is very firece

She has an amazing sense of style and shhe is so supportive sometimes I think she should ne the main character but o well

She's SUPER pretty with her hair straightened!

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2 Draculaura Draculaura

Super cute.

She is my favourite character and she looks amazing with her hair down and curly

3 Spectra Vondergeist Spectra Vondergeist

Come on people, she is super graceful, as shown in all her movies, floating like a ballerina through the air, and her little bang that goes over her creepy colorful eyes gives her the most wonderful mysterious look, and makes her look a bit shy, not to mention gorgeous! Her pale skin is flawless and she is obviously the most beautiful character!

I have to say, I think she's the prettiest because of her purple hair.

Venus is my favorite character, but in my opinion I thing Spectra is the prettiest

Violet is my favourite colour.

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4 Rochelle Goyle
5 Abbey Bominable

She's the only monster that LOOKS like a monster. And I love her style.

She speaks tough but her style and her flashing colors are really like fantastic! Bluey icy colors love it!

Abbey is not only beautiful in her "beauty" but also in her character. She managed to bring something more to Monster High. And as she says so well in Great Scrarief Reef "The face is beauty when the heart is beauty"

Abbey is more beautiful because of her icy colored hair and fangs. So beautiful then anymonster else! Her fashion sense of style really shows the inner beauty of her she is not just a rough talking yeti.

6 Lagoona Blue Lagoona Blue

I love her both inside and outside her outside looking beautiful her inside the next level from perfection

She is the nicest character with no ulterior motives. She is a sporty, and down to earth girl and I just love her. Also she is hot.

Very cute

7 Venus McFlytrap

I have a thing for plant girls - blackflower

8 Ghoulia Yelps

She's pretty and well dressed. she's such an underrated character, some people hate on her just because she's a zombie.

Ghoulia is the most beautiful monster high character in the history of the world! I don't care if she's an annoying zombie.

9 Cleo De Nile Cleo De Nile

This list is based on beauty- nothing else, so ranting how it doesn't matter how she acts is utterly pointless. - Loza

HAWTE AS HELL. bye. she's like the second best dressed girl after clawdeen. I love her. she's so stylish and classy. she also got an awesome personality so phuck what y'all clowns say.

She's hella hot

She is stunningly beautiful in the webisode version but in the movies before reboot she looks weird. her bangs are to shoort. same with the original doll. but I love her though - fengari

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10 Twyla

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11 Frankie Stein Frankie Stein

I love Frankie! She is my favorite, I think she is gorgeous.

Frankie is A Hottie.

She ain't the ugliest but I ain't gone be the one to call her pretty too. - fengari

Frankie is SO ugly! Her eyebrows point down. Her body is weird and curvy. And her disgusting skin color is the same as one of her eyes!

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12 Clawdia Wolf

Hot. love her yellow hair. she's also really tall.

So what if she doesn't look like a werewolf? She's SO pretty!

13 Isi Dawndancer

Where to start on Isi. She is so pretty and by far the most amaz character in monster high

Gorgeous, natural beauty. She doesn't need makeup or stylish clothes to be beautiful- like some of the other characters. if you were to remove all of their make up- would they still be the beautiful characters you love?. I know that isi would be because of her natural beauty.

She is so cute and her face style looks so hard to paint... I am truly sad I can't find her on any site on google... at least at a good price

She is so beautiful and pretty grow her cute style to her awesome hair

14 Jinafire Long
15 Dayna Treasura Jones Dayna Treasura Jones

She represents a humanised version of treasure you find on the glistening beach in a foreign country next to sparkling gold, gems, and countless booty. Dayna represents what you would find in a treasure chest on this beach. Talk about a golden goddess of the sea - Loza

I love her hairstyle and cute face. I've never seen her in much but if she were to talk, she'd probably have a rugged lilt to her voice like a true pirate. I want to see her more. her skin reminds me of liquefied gold- with freckles made of glitter, and hair spun with spider-web silk dipped in blonde molasses. now that's a truly gorgeous description for Davy jones's daughter. look him up- he's not the prettiest sight- but she must have a goddess of a mother to look that beautiful.

She is gorgeous- gold skin and hair, and sapphire blue eyes. top it off with a stylish dress that represents the ocean and a traditional map shown on it. 'cherry on top'

16 Rebecca Steam

Underrated grl. she's STUNNING, especially as a doll.

17 Gigi Grant
18 Operetta

Very very hot and also underrated. she's sexy and has a great personality.

"One of the most underrated, but gorgeous, characters."

19 Sirena Von Boo
20 Wydowna Spider

She is a spider but she is still beautiful with her fierce web inspired fashion

21 Gilda Goldstag

She only looks good as a doll with different wig put on.

This is my least favorite monster high doll I hate her

22 Zomby Gaga


23 Frankie Stine

Shes cute from dave Davill

24 Vandala Doubloons

I used to be in mad love with her. I don't think she's that pretty now.

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