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101 Rachelle Ann Go

She's one of the most talented artist in the Philippines.. Now she's busy with her role in Miss Saigon in London, UK. She's amazing!

A voice to be reckoned with... She has the talent and may be considered as one of the best in Asia. She has the voice of an angel and can practically hit notes only heavens could fathom... Trully amazing... A real authentic belter.

102 Regine Velasquez Regine Velasquez Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, dubbed as the Asia's Songbird is a Filipina recording artist, host, producer, philanthropist, commercial endorser, actress, and an Asian pop culture icon. She is widely known for possessing an extensive vocal range.

She has the talent and the voice that still to beat. Being not just a performer but an icon who get the attention globally with the talent she have. She has the emotion when she interprets a song and it makes our country ( Philippines) make proud of what she achieve. Forever I say Thank the Lord for giving Ms. Regine the Asia's Songbird as an inspiration to strive harder with our dreams and don't let anyone affects what you are aiming in your life. MABUHAY KA Asia'S SONGBIRD! WE REALLY LOVE AND TREASURE YOUR Talents FOREVER.

Regine has two names on this poll. It's very unfair because it's dividing her votes.

103 Superman Is Dead
104 Kana Nishino

She have an amazing voice
I love her so much
"sakura, I love you? - distance - best friend.. Etc

105 Kim Tae-yeon Kim Tae-yeon V 1 Comment
106 Kimberley Chen
107 Kim Hyo-yeon
108 Lee Teuk Lee Teuk Park Jeong-su, better known by his stage name Leeteuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor.
109 Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Without the help of Youtube on her time way back in the 80's anf 90's, still she was able to hit International Stage like she was able to perform in U.S.A. particularly in Carnegie Hall in New York, as part of Carnegie Hall's centennial-year concert series, wherein she was the first AsiaN Artist to stage a solo concert. From then on she was so popular not just in Asia but in Hollywood. Not just a performer but an Icon to have in our generation. That's where just a few lines to describe how successful is Ms. Regine the Asia's SONGBIRD.

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110 Dariush

I am sure that most of the voters has never heard his genuine voice.

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111 Fahrenheit
112 Lani Misalucha

She is a singer from the Philippines. She has been performing in the United States since 2004 where she also currently residing. But now, she is back in the Philippines where she just signed a contract with Star Records. Her show at Las Vegas is at the Flamingo, with the Hawaiian variety troupe Society of Seven - SOS. She performs pop, rock, jazz, soul, rhythm and blues, and operatic arias.
Since arriving in Las Vegas in 2004, Misalucha has been called "New Siren of the Strip." In March 2008, Misalucha was voted "Best Singer" (staff pick) in the "27th Annual Best of Las Vegas" poll by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman declared December 4 "Lani Misalucha Day".

113 Sadhana Sargam
114 Sunidhi Chauhan Sunidhi Chauhan Sunidhi Chauhan is an Indian playback singer. Born in Delhi, she began performing in local gatherings at the age of four and made her career debut at the age of 13, with the film Shastra.
115 Alisha Chinai
116 K.J. Yesudas K.J. Yesudas
117 Eru
118 Eunhae
119 Nana Mizuki

If you all haven't heard of this wonderful and awesome voice actress-singer. Then you better go to YouTube and look up her songs! Dang everyone, come on! Nana Mizuki is a top selling voice actress-singer of all times. Japan should be proud to have someone like her. She's able to sing so many different types of genres with that voice of hers. Heck, most of her songs don't have instrumentals because her vocals are just that amazing. She can easily transits from low to high and high to low smoothly. Not only that! She can dance while sing! Finally, in her whole entire beginning and currently of her career, she has never lip sing at all! Never! And most like 99% of her songs are not auto-tuned. Even the label that she's been under, I bet you people that they wouldn't even think of losing her at all. Since, and its true based on the facts, she's one of their millions to billions money income. Gosh, even I wouldn't want to lose a skillful singer like her. So what you waiting?! Go check her ...more

Mizuki Nana is not only a famous voice actress but also a J-pop star. She sings various of genre and that's what makes her special. I think she deserves to be in top ten.

Nana Mizuki has a great, rich, emotional voice. She can sing happy and sad songs, ballads and uptempo, from techno pop, to rock and heavy metal in an effortless way. She is a trained enka singer since she was 5 years old. And has worked hard ever since.

She is also a friendly and caring person, who never stops going out of her way to be nice to anyone who meets her. She had a rough past and still retained her sweet personality. Nana is also a very talented entertainer, who keeps her audience on their feet for 3 - 4 hours straight and even after that, they still shout her name.

After her fanevent 4, the fans were asked to line up in groups of 100 people, (it were 7000 total) and when each group left, Nana would be next to the exit, waving at anyone. It took her three hours to send anyone off like that.

God bless her.

She also has an voice like Elementary School student.

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120 Hey! Say! JUMP

They are great and talented! What Jump is showing us is the great strength and power of the people born after 1990. Also, Yamada Ryosuke is always the best among the teens in Japan!

Best songs ever... With talented, cute, handsome and nice members.

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