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121 7ICONS

7icons! We Are The Icons

7icons consists of seven characters, they are:

Elegant Icon
Boyish Icon
Feminine Icon
Cute Icon
Natural Icon
Mysterious Icon
Sexy Icon

More Info :

7ICONS are 1st Girldband from Indonesia and they are creative girlband from Indonesia becuase their personel design their own costume..! They have 7 character represent their own characteristics.. ^^ WE ARE THE ICONS..!

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122 U-KISS

U-Kiss are AWESOME! Their songs are very addicting and perennial. These 7 guys are multi-talented, charismatic, fan-friendly, sings with their hearts. This international KPop group first debuted on 8/28/08 and light up the stage each time they perform. They are loved by their (KISS-ME) fanbase worldwide and continue to get bigger and better!

U-KISS daebak! They're so cool, talented, handsome, and their attitude is good. So, if you real KISSme, vote U-KISS!

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123 BTS (Bangtan boys)


Why are my boys so low on this list? They have huge international reach and have fans in every continent. They're all so incredibly talented in every way, and I will support them to no end. They're one of the BIGGEST Korean idol groups today, and for a good reason. They've worked so hard and deserve their big house, big cars, and big rings.
army fighting!

I love you bts...taetae...

124 Ray Prasetya
125 Yuya Matsushita

How could Yuya be 82? He is amazing! His voice takes me away every time, he is my life now. He sounds amazing, he just is amazing. I know no one that deserves this more than he does, - silverknight

He's a great singer. A good dancer and a face to look at for. If there's a word best to describe him, it's "PERFECT".

I m AuronTheBossAndTheBest. Yƻya is the Best singer of the world for me! Is my number one for ever!

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126 W-inds
127 CN Blue

Complete package.. Handsome, full skilled, talented.. Awesome.

Can sing, can compose, can write the lyric (in korean, japanese and english), can play musical instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano), can act, can beat box, can rap
With handsome looks, tall, good body figures and very good personality!

128 Indah Nevertari

Good singer with amazing voice

The queen of rap.. I love her so much

She is the unique voice, good voice, beautiful

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129 Buono!

Buono started small by singing the openings and endings for Shugo Chara! But although all groups specifically made for anime got disbanded, Buono! Was so popular that they are still continuing to make music. Recently they had their first overseas live in Paris and their concert was sold out within two days.

130 Paramitha Rusady

I like paramitha rusady best of the best, all of song is very good.

By: ari mithania


KAT-TUN is awesome! I don't see why they r still down here One of the most talented and hard-working bands I know. Even after a member left, they pushed on and retained their popularity. They are a great band!

KAT-TUN is the best! We hyphens will always support you!

Kat tun should be the best Asian pop artist cause they work hard even akashini jin left the band

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132 Uma Tobing

She has a beautiful voice and she was the winner of Indonesia Mencari Bakat 2. One of talented young singer in Indonesia. Incredible uma

One of young Indonesian singer who has a beautiful and powerful voice. AWESOME!

She is the next young Indonesian singer who gonna GO International like Agnes Monica.

She is an amazing new comer. Gold voice. So high. Strong and beautifull. Smart. And her attitude is very good. PERFECTO!

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133 Viennie V

Viennie is such a sweetheart. I saw her For You music video on YouTube and have been following her ever since. I love the fact that I can share Viennie's music with my young daughter since her music is mainly about love. My young one likes watching the music video just as much as I do!

I've been listening to Viennie's CD "For You" for days. Her songs, both music and lyrics, are superb. Her "Remember Me" is especially splendid. She has a very strong and delightful voice. She is such an attractive and talented artist. I hope to hear her voice on radio stations in Southern California.

Love her single For You! My new favorite! I can't believe she is not higher! She was the top YouTube music artist a few times with over a million views on launch! Charice is very similar, but I think Viennie has a slight edge.

Heard "For You" on the radio and looked this girl up. She's going to be revolutionizing the music scene with this kind of talent.

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134 Hafiz Suip

Best vocal ever and ever... Can go far with this vocal.. Best vocal performance in AJL, also winner in Mania, very talented boy.. Hafiz is always the best. Keep on supporting him... Banzai

Won Best Vocal Award in Malaysia's AJL 27 for 3 consecutive years in a row.

Best Vocal Performance for 3 consecutive years in Anugerah Juara Lagu 25,26 & 27

Best Male artise in Anugerah Planet Muzik 2012

Most Popular male singer in 2011 - nurarshiqinabdulrahman

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135 Boyfriend
136 Shivers
137 Agatha Pricilla

Agatha pricilla is a member of Blink Indonesia. He had won the singing contest Sanremo Italy in 2008 and took part in the musical rainbow Indonesia. He has a strong vibrato sound

Part of Blink girlband. She's pretty and multitalented actress

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138 My Tam

My Tam is one of the most amazing singers I have ever known. People love her for so many reasons, like her awesome voice, her touching songs, her gorgeousness, her sense of humour or especially her BEAUTIFUL HEART, which, coincidentally, is the meaning of her name - MY TAM. She is a role model which many young Vietnamese singers look up to and also a fantastic idol of so many people for over 10 years. She works hard, dedicating her life to the music career as well as her charitable and social activities. To honor her work, Vietnamese press and music lovers have given her the title she truly deserves: "QUEEN OF VietnamESE POP"!

My Tam, who is the best singer in Viet Nam, has had lots of valuable dedications to Viet Nam music foundation and is known as the best nightingale in Viet Nam with a deep, powerful and clear voice. She is also a only Vietnamese singer who brings Vietnamese music to the world with many successes in her carreer by lots of famous awards in domestic as well as in the world. That's all I have had thoughts and feelings about my idol. Best wishes for my idol, My Tam. I love My Tam!

I Love My Tam, I love the character and soul and voice of lead, her songs that I like because it makes sense, is proud to say that I was Fan My Tam, Tam My Fan forever. I Love My Tam...

My Tam Queen of V-pop
I love Tam

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139 Maya Sakamoto
140 Leehom Wang

Leehom is the most talented artist there is! Singer/ Director/ Song-writer/ Producer/ Actor/ Composer! The instruments he plays are: Piano, Violin, Drums, Guitar, including a few chinese orchestral instruments... He speaks: English, Chinese, French, a bit of Cantonese and Japanese...

He recently had his concert, which was held in Beijing's Birds Nest stadium and he is the first Taiwanese singer to have a concert there with 9million audiences!

Leehom is well-known all around the world, and has fans from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan and even the States!

he is definitely the Best Asian Pop Artist!

Perfect artist. That's all. Handsome, creative, hard work, kindness, powerful, talented. - u6234u6b23u5100

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