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1 New York Yankees New York Yankees The New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in the Bronx, New York City, New York, that competes in Major League Baseball.



Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, Derek Jeter. Look at how many of the greatest players of all time were Yankees. Look at how many World Series have been won by the Yankees. Need I say more?

I love the Yankees they are awesome and I will always love that team they had Jeter, Ruth, and Sosa how could a team be more awesome. ! Go Yankees.

They are the best

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2 Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox The Boston Red Sox are an American professional baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, that competes in Major League Baseball.

Through the years they had losses but that never stopped them from keeping their heads up winning world series and are going to do it again

There's no "s" at the end of "sox" but whatever. Definitely a great team. One of the greatest sports stories of all time.

There's not a doubt that even if the Sox had a championship drought that lasted a long time, there's not a doubt that some of the best players of all time wore a Red Sox uniform. Ted Williams, Wade Boggs, Carl Yaztremski, Carlton Fisk, Manny Ramirez, Big Papi, the liste goes on and on. The most devout fans, the coolest experience ever getting to see this team at a true cathedral of a park. It's truly amazing.

How I hate the Yankees let me count the ways1they are the biggest rival 2 they have the most cheating recards3

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3 Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers The Los Angeles Dodgers are an American professional baseball team based in Los Angeles, California. The Dodgers compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the National League West division.

I love the Dodgers because they have one of the best pitchers, RYU and Adrian Gonzalez.

The dodgers are my all time favorite team.

The Dodgers are the best! I wish they were back in Brooklyn again...


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4 San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants

This team is amazing, Especially for the fact that they won this year's world series with 4 wins straight and no losses, This team is amazing and will always remain one of the greatest baseball teams of all time. Go Giants! - Icycle

Great team didn't buy their ring if you watch the three World Series they were in in the past five years they struggle to win each of them they fought hard!

They won 3 World Series in the past 5 years that's a 60% chance their gonna win

I love giants,they won 3 world championships in 5 years I LOVE THEM

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5 Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs The Chicago Cubs are an American professional baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois. The Cubs compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the National League Central division.

The Cubs are my favorite team and should be higher than the cardinals cause th Cubs made it to the next part of the championship not the cardinals

Chicago Cubs won the World Series 2016 against Cleveland Indians

They finally won the World Series 2016 and ended the curse.

Their so good and I love the team I live in chicago myseelf thank god they finally got a new team

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6 Saint Louis Cardinals

2011 World Series and their journey to get there. Great team history with many inspiring players like Stan the Man. Need I say more?

These are the best way better than the Red Sox maybe not the Yankees but they probably are so cardinals are the best Red Sox are not good look it up

I think the Cards are great especially when they won 11 world series

They are amazing chock cubs chock what a joke!

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7 Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners The Seattle Mariners are an American professional baseball team based in Seattle, Washington. Enfranchised in 1977, the Mariners are a member of the West division of the American League in Major League Baseball.

Share all time win record in a season in 2001. enough said!

Funny how the mariners are this high on the list, or even on the list at all

The mariners have really good players

This team has had a pretty good season

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8 Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds

Had the best players in the world and so much better than most other teams here like the cubs are cursed.

Amazing jay bruce joey votto every other tea sucks except for angels woo woo

The Reds are my favorite team

I agree wih all this. I am a Reds fan myself

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9 Oakland A's

The A's are the best team in history and make all the other teams ( except Yankees) look like CRAP

Were not the best team but were not the worst ether

The a's have many awesome players.

Awesome team

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10 Anaheim Angels Anaheim Angels

With one of the best defensive lineup in 2017 and the best player in the game at the moment, Angels are definitely one of the best baseball teams.

The Angels are my favorite especially since they have my favorite player, Mike Trout! - Lina1028

Angels are the best team in the world!

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? Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves

I think they are the best

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11 Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays The Toronto Blue Jays are a Canadian professional baseball team based in Toronto, Ontario. The Blue Jays are a member of the East division of the American League in Major League Baseball, and play their home games at Rogers Centre.

Just an amazing and iconic team. GO JAYS GO!

I think this is a joke, we have mvp josh Donaldson Jose Bautista edwing and we reached the al division championship sieries. we are a team on the rise!

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12 St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals The St. Louis Cardinals are a professional baseball team based in St. Louis, Missouri. The Cardinals compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the National League Central division.
13 Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies

I just like them but really how are they not in th to
Ten list?

What the heck # I am from Phillie we are in #111111111111111!


14 Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles

Whoa Whoa Whoa. The Cubs have just started being a good team and they already are high on the list! Give us some credit!

The Orioles are the best team in America. The fans are loyal and don't care if we keep losing.

There the best

Best team,second best, is the angels

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15 New York Mets New York Mets The New York Mets are an American professional baseball team based in New York City. They play in Flushing, in the borough of Queens.

I do not know why only me and another person like the mets! THE METS ARE awesome!

Mets rock who does not love Matt Harvey

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16 Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers

Detroit tigers are the best we should be number one even though were the only team in Detroit that makes the finals or playoffs

The detroit tigers are a very good team, I watch them play and I see a very good team. Good Job Tigers! - Marie010

Why are they not in top ten hello first player in like 50 years to win triple crown and are one of the first 8 teams ever... Just saying

Go Tigers

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17 Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates had Honus Wagner, Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell, Pie Traynor, Bill Mazeroski, Max Carey. 40 Hall of Famers along with five World Series Championships and 9 NL Penannts.

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18 Arizona Diamondbacks
19 Kansas City Royals Kansas City Royals

This Team deserves Number 1, a team with great spirit, curiosity and teamwork. Together they can win the whole thing, like the did in 1985. That is where that saying came from, "PARTY LIKE ITS 1985! ". They did it again in 2015, and soon to be in 2016. This team never gives up. Kansas City, the best city in the world thanks to the KC Royals.

A great team with great players that are not only teammates, but a family that I would in fact call the a "Sandlot like" team.

There the best ever and won the world series!

Royals should be in the top 10

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20 Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox

The Sox are the best not for how good they are but how hard they try. By Jerome Reed

How r the Cubs better than the sox

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