Top Ten Best Invoice Billing Software

This list consists of the top 10 best online billing software programs and systems.
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1 FreshBooks FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software service designed for owners of the types of small client-service businesses that send invoices to clients and get paid for their time and expertise.

The best I have used... best support in the industry. Invoicera.. if you call them like I just did at 340pm EST you get a non professional answering machine in India and no human answering the phone. Call Freshbooks and see what happens. A world of difference. I'm looking for something better than Freshbooks but have yet to find it.

Fantastic service, you can call fresh books anytime and you will be speaking with professional personnel, not some crazy Indian persona that you can understand 1/2 the time... Not being anything or meaning anything bad towards anyone just realistic

The best invoicing system around. The free version allows up to 3 clients but if you want to add more it is going to cost you per month but it is user friendly and easy to understand. Love it!

Really super easy to use and the support guys always answer!

Definitely helped me out, has all the features I need.

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2 Invoicera

I am a owner of travel company in US, and wanted to automate my invoicing process. But the main challenge was that for every country their are different tax rates and different currencies. But Invoicera team gave me a customized billing solution which could satisfy all my needs. I have a great experience with Invoicera, and would like to recommend this solution to all.

I'm a freelancer and used to use several apps for running my business. Invoicera is an unique online tool that reduced the clutter of several apps in my cell phone and collaborated all that in one. It has several features like task management, time tracking, expense management and online invoicing, that serves my business needs perfectly.

One of the best invoicing and time tracking application I have ever checked. The price is another plus as it is quite affordable compared to the pricing of other providers. Would recommend all to give Invoicera a try before choosing an invoicing application for your business needs.

Great billing application for small businesses. I needed to bill my international clients and was looking for solution that supports multiple currencies, languages and payment gateways. Invoicera solved all my problems. It supports more than 20 payment gateways and 15 languages. Truly feature rich tool.

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3 Billbooks Billbooks is a cloud-based invoicing and accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers. Established in 2010, the platform offers features such as invoicing, expense tracking, and timekeeping. It is designed to simplify financial management tasks and make them more efficient. Billbooks focuses on providing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to help business owners manage their finances effectively.

The 'pay per invoice not per month' is in itself a novel concept. Believe it or not creating and sending invoices happens much faster than sending a SMS! For its user friendliness and effective design Billbooks definitely gets a thumbs up!

Best suited for decentralized companies and being a cloud based solution makes it available where ever you are. Easy to use and need not require you to be a geek.

Compared FreshBooks, PayPal, Invoicera, BillBooks, Zoho, Harvest and BillBooks is the best! Very easy to use and customizable, no BillBooks logo in the email, P&L graph, nice online payment, reminder...

Online billing cld never have been better.. From a taxi guy to a freelancer accountant or professional.. Billbooks is a fantastic solution minus any infrastructure..

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4 Ronin
5 Invoice Machine
6 Harvest Invoice
7 CloudBooksapp

Cloudbooks is a web-based app to create and track online invoices, estimates, time-sheets, and expenses. Add a "Pay Now" button to your invoices so your customers can pay you by credit card or PayPal immediately.

8 Street Invoice

Great for guys who work on the go!

9 Hiveage
10 SliQ Invoicing

1. Supports invoices, quotes, credit notes and statements for multiple companies.
2. Includes a range of professional invoice templates.
3. Easy to use template editor to customize layout to suit your business.
4. Email invoices to clients to reduce delays in getting paid.
5. Handles recurring invoices including bulk emailing of invoices to customers.
6. Define email templates so you don't have to type out emails.
7. Statement wizard lets you quickly email monthly customer statements.
8. Convert customer quotes to invoices in a single click of a button.
9. Store customer details for easy selection when editing invoices.
10. Store product and discount data in a database for easy access.
11. Multiple sales reports.
12. Export reports to Excel.

This software program is great and easy to use, I search a few weeks because I need to use 2 languages and with the template editor was this easy to do also Thai. The price is also perfect better then the number 1 (Invoicera) there you have to paid every month and by Sliq you paid one time a little bit... And almost every month a update! Weldone

I like it because it is straightforward to use. If you dig a bit though there are lots of options and flexibility so you can switch things on when you find out you need them.

Very ease to use with lots of flexibility to edit the templates. Great invoice item editor letting you put in multi-line descriptions.

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11 Xin Invoice

I am now using Xin Invoice 3, the latest version, but I have used the free version 2.0, then upgraded to the paid version 2.00 both were great, easy for a novice like me - made me look like a pro. The paid version 2.0 was so low priced, I couldn't believe it was as good as as it was. So I upgraded again to version 3.00, which is literally simply amazing. As most of us do, I had problems with version 2.00, which had nothing to do with this software, it was a problem with a program I installed on my computer and the trouble the Xin Invoice team went to to help me out of this problem was above and beyond the call of duty. I have bought a lot of stuff online over the years and I can truthfully and honestly say that Xin Invoice after sales service is equal to none on this planet. A lot of sellers should get lessons from these people on how to look after your customers. They spent a long time helping me out of trouble, even though the problem was not in their software, but to do with my ...more

I'm working as a designer and have been using it for 3 months. Love it! Especially the customizable quotation and invoice template. As a design company the quotation and invoice act as our image to our customer.

I love the software, easy to navigate and user friendly. I love the support. I get my response within 24 hours and get my problem solve. Well done by Xin team. Strongly recommended.

We found that Xin Invoice is a wonderful product with a great many uses above what our expectation was for such a modestly priced software.

12 Tradeshift

1. It's completely free for small and medium sized businesses
2. You can add and invite your business partners as easy as adding friends on Facebook
3. You can invoice companies outside Tradeshift - they receive an email withe a PDF attachment (that's also free)
4. It's web based and thereby accesible everywhere

Tradeshift is the future of eProcurement. If you want to start your supply chain automation the right way, and never have to look back (or have FOMO) nor worry about migrating data out of legacy systems in the future, give it a go today!

Free to use! No caps on documents or connections!
Super professional looking invoices and purchase orders
Very sleek company profile pages
Super easy to use - very intuitive
Great user interface

Simple and easy to use and best of all, free. More features aimed at small business would be nice though

13 Zoho Invoice

Used it for almost two years. Simple, easy and you can access your invoice online two. Highly recommended.

Works well, good pricing and easy to use.

Great app use it on your mobile phone or connect to it with any device on the Internet

14 QuickBooks
15 Nutcache

Great app!

I can send invoices to my customers based on their own language. So far I am using French, English and Spanish. They also support Portuguese and Japanese. Hopefully some more will follow.

And it's completely free

I've been using Nutcache for over a month now and for me, as a freelancer, it does the job! Thumbs up Nutcache!

For staring small Business its great app to use with unlimited invoices, Estimation and users for free.

Does everything I need, invoicing, time tracking, unlimited number of users and companies... and for free...

16 K-Billing
17 InvoiceBerry

The company is revolutionising invoicing! Send invoice, quotes, track expenses, create reports. Everything a small business or a freelancer needs!

Invoiceberry is ideal for small business owners because it's not overcomplicated.

My favourite invoicing solution that saves me at least 3 hours a week.

The easiest online invoicing software to use I ever came across!

18 Keepek

Fantastic service. In just a few clicks, you can create high quality invoices and estimates and send them to your clients.
Keepek is also fantastic for travel expense tracking, ideal for small businesses and freelancers.

Easy to use, it will help you to handle your customers, employees, projects and expenses.
Quite interesting for freelancers. In a nutshell, give it a try.

Intuitive and efficient for small businesses and free lancers who seek to manage easily their invoices, bills and expenses

I liked the expense claims part and wish to see more for mileages and receipts

19 Sleek Bill

Absolutely easy to use. Great usability. Not that many features yet, but they promise to add more and if you are satisfied with what it has to offer it's probably the best invoicing tool for you.
Definitely worth testing.

It's one of the most beautiful desktop software I've seen and it has great usability indeed.
It is not feature rich, but if it suits your needs it's the ideal invoicing tool for you.
Great value!

A new billing software designed especially for the US market. Its intuitive interface and its great features make it the ideal invoice software for any small business or freelancer.

Just tried it. Not a lot of features but works well and does everything I needed - regarding billing that is. :)
It has a nice reporting feature two. If you have a lot of invoices, you will need that. This was one of the issues I had with previous billing software.

20 HostBooks
21 Billing Orchard

One of the most intuitive software that I have had the pleasure of using. Everyone speaks of pricing but this system is the most affordable.

Best customer service I have ever had. Held my hand through everything. I have recommended this to anyone that would listen!

22 Bee Invoicing

Simple and easy, thumbs up.

23 Blinksale

Very nice and affordable invoicing solution. You can now send unlimited invoices for 15 bucks. Two thumbs up for Blinksale...


If you are looking for a place where you can create high quality invoices in just few seconds, you are in the right place.

INV24. COM has been developed for simple and easy invoicing.

I would like to thank you for this amazing service! I've tried many online invoicing software, but INV24.COM suits me the best. And it's free!

Great software! I'm using it for a couple of weeks now and I'm really amazed with this free app.

25 Paper Free Billing

I would like to suggest Paper Free Billing for the following reasons:

1) Easy-to-use interface: It is incredibly simple to send and manage invoices.
2) Free account: You can sign up for a free account without needing a credit card. It only takes 30 seconds to complete, and you get 3 free invoices every month. The unused invoices accumulate, which is perfect for occasional invoicing needs.
3) HTML formatting and templates: You can choose from a variety of templates, and the invoices are formatted in HTML. You also have the option to attach PDF files and upload your own company logo.

Check it out!

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