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It can happen to just about anyone. You lose your job, someone in the family gets sick, or some other unexpected expense comes into your life and suddenly you're faced with the prospect of not being able to pay your bills on time. From there things start to snowball. You get further and further behind on payments, late fees and interest rates keep getting higher and since in today's economy it is as hard as ever to generate additional income, the gap between how much money you have and how much money you owe keeps increasing. You don't want to give up, but it starts looking like bankruptcy may be the only way out.

Debt settlement may be a way to keep from having to declare bankruptcy. Debt settlement companies work to negotiate with your creditors to lower your debts. Then, if they are successful in reducing the amount you owe, you can reverse the downward spiral and save yourself from the embarrassment and intrusive court-mandated controls of bankruptcy.

Debt settlement is not for everyone. Debt settlement does not work for all types of debt and like declaring bankruptcy, debt settlement will wreck havoc on your credit reports and your credit score. Debt settlement should not be taken lightly and should only be considered when you are nearing the end of your rope. But if you are afraid that bankruptcy is on the horizon, it is worth investigating debt settlement as an option.

Listed here are the top ten best debt settlement companies. If debt settlement is a good option for you, contacting these companies could be the first step in bringing your finances bank under your control.
The Top Ten
1 Accredited Debt Relief Accredited Debt Relief is one of the largest and most reputable debt consolidation companies in the United States. Founded in 2008, they have helped nearly 300,000 clients consolidate and rid themselves of $4.77 billion dollars of combined debt. more. Visit Website
2 CuraDebt

Curadebt saved my life. I was $12,000 in debt and didn't know who to contact until a neighbor introduced me to this company. The consultation is a free phone call, and the Curadebt counselor answered all my questions and steered me in the proper direction. In just over 24 months, I became debt-free thanks to you all. If anyone is stuck deep in unsecured or credit card debts, I highly recommend them. They will work with you, not against you.

CuraDebt has settled over $250 million in consumer and business debt. They are a member in good standing of The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC), which is the largest and oldest association of debt settlement companies.

CuraDebt is AMAZING! They helped settle my debt really fast! It really shows the years of experience they have.

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Glad you found them too (Settlebankdebt). I've been recommending them to friends and on the internet because word of mouth is usually the best way to find a good source.

My debt was about $62,000 - difficult to tell the principal because of all the interest tacked on.

I was pretty much humiliated and disgusted with myself that this happened. I always had good intentions of paying it all off until I lost my job.

Anyway, I spent 11 hours on the phone one day calling different debt settlement companies, and I could get a feel for who was giving me a snow-job and who was down to earth.

My instincts were right, and Settlebankdebt came through at about 30 cents on the dollar just like the poster before me.

They also advised me on credit repair, and I think it will take about two years to get back up in the 700's.

These guys should be higher on the list. They got my debt down 25-30% and there fee was the best anyone quoted.

Actually had a difficult time with one company I did not go with - here is why. They (another company not settle bank debt) said they had a triple A rating with BBB. Actually, they had absolutely no comments on BBB's Site.

Well when I read their contract it was with their law firm not them. So any complaint would have been directed against the law firm. I wondered also if the law firm was one fee and the debt settlement company would send their own invoice (under another company name). Obviously I didn't go with the shady contract. No monkey business with I highly recommend them.

I became stuck in the 0% interest credit card shuffle, lost my job, and the music stopped. There is great fear and insecurity surrounding money, especially the lack of it. My close friend is bravely fighting foreclosure. His example and online research led me to settle bank debt. At this point, everything is better. It's a faster process than I imagined, which is good.

I shopped a few other companies; however, SettleBankDebt's quote was the best. I liked their honesty about staying away from trust accounts and 36-month programs. Their 6-12 months program sounded better, and there was no deception about my credit score being affected, but it can be repaired as they gave me some steps to repair my credit standing.

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4 Freedom Debt Relief

I voted for Freedom because of there legal department especially the rep Alison Hanson always handles my files when I call with professionalism and always gives truthful and factual information. Great job Freedom for having a huge asset as Alison is for you. I deal with Credit Solutions daily and wouldn't settle a damn thing with them because they're a bunch of morons and never can be accurate or knowledgable as you are. Bang up job!

Thank you, FDR, for being so professional and empathetic to my situation. My $37,000 of credit card debt was settled in 42 months, and they don't get paid until that debt is settled. They were very professional, and I never wait for more than a few seconds for someone to answer when I call. I have recommended them to friends and a couple of family members because I'm confident that FDR will help them as well. Thank you, Freedom Debt Relief. My life is back on track.

Freedom Debt Relief has been the leader in bringing tough regulations to the Debt Resolution industry, both on the state and national levels. Freedom settles more debt every month than anybody else in the industry and charges NO FEES until a debt resolution has been reached for the consumer.

This company has been in business the longest compared to any other debt relief company. Go with experience and reputation. FDR takes care of its clients from beginning to end. I completed the program and took a huge weight off me and my family's shoulders ($62k). Thank you for giving me back to freedom to control my finances.

5 DMB Financial

They don't take all their fees upfront. Instead, they get paid only when they actually negotiate a good settlement. Plus, they were recognized in Forbes Magazine this year. They take the time to explain what your options are.

DMB Financial is the best they work with their clients to obtain the best possible option, and their representatives stay in touch with you so you always know what is going on and what is happening.

DMB is one of the longest-running contingency fee debt settlement companies in the industry. DMB was offering no upfront fee programs two years prior to the FTC's ruling against upfront fees.

DMB was the first company that took the time and patience (thanks, Chris) to explain how it really works, and their fees are tied to my success.

6 Trident Debt Solutions

Read their reviews on Google Maps, and you will see why. Stephen Craig is personable, and he knows debt settlement more than anyone I know. He got my debt down to much less than I was actually expecting to pay. Give them a try...

7 Premier Debt Help

This is a legitimate debt settlement company that took the time to work out the best possible debt program for my personal situation. I can't say enough about how their customer service worked closely with me, and how they completely erased all of my debt in just over two years. (I just finished the program) and I feel like a brand new person. Thank you, Premier!

I was with Freedom Debt Relief and experienced horrible service. When I joined Premier, I was assigned a coach and a separate negotiator. They held my hand through the entire process. I highly recommend them. Best of all, they did not charge me until they settled my debt.

This is one of the only companies that does not charge you a penny unless they make a settlement for you. This debt help service is great, and the customer service was top-notch! Thanks, Premier Debt Help!

This company has the best customer service. They are owned and operated by an attorney and have a very impressive track record. They saved me more than 60 percent. AWESOME!

8 Oak View Law Group

I came across Oak View Law Group 2 years ago. I was in a critical financial condition at that time. I was in the hell of debt like payday loans and credit card debts and few medical bills. I couldn't find any way to get out of this. Creditor's threatening calls made me scared. I looked for solutions in web and found I must say they are superb. So friendly and they answered all my questions. I signed up with them and creditor's call stopped in a month. They settled my debts of around $33,000 and I saved more than $16,000. I'm debt free now and happily living with my partner.

I'm recommending oak view law group to all who are in debt and want to get out of it.

Thanks Oak View Law Group.

Legit law firm

9 Elite Financial Services

Elite Financial was very helpful in arranging settlements with several of our creditors after we experienced financial and medical hardships about a year and a half ago. They made the process bearable under very hard circumstances. We have just completed our program with them and are so happy to be debt free. The representative that handled our accounts was professional in every way and helped to guide us through a difficult situation. We never felt judged or ashamed by our circumstances, thanks to *****. She was encouraging all the way.

My experience with Elite Financial Services started almost a year ago. From start to finish, the representatives that I had worked closely with maintained a level of professionalism that exceeded my expectations. Always available, my representative, made every effort to answer any questions that I may have had, and she truly guided me through this program so that I could be living "debt free". Thanks to the Elite Financial Services team.

Elite Financial Services did all that they promised. I am extremely satisfied with the professional manner in which my accounts were handled. My questions and concerns were answered in a professional way, and my customer reps communicated with me frequently. Everything was done decent and in order. I would highly recommend Elite Financial Services to anyone who would like to live debt free!

I worked with Elite for about 6 months and they were able to resolve over $40,000 I owed on three accounts. They saved me more than half of my balances. I would like to thank all the of people at Elite that helped me out, but especially (name withheld). He was a great negotiator! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to get out of debt quickly.

10 Debtmerica

I had many questions and made many calls to Dan throughout this process. He always answered all of my questions in a manner that left me feeling assured and comfortable with this program.

The Contenders
11 Ooraa, Inc.

After losing my job, I was only left with unpaid credit card bills of $50,000. I was not able to understand what to go ahead and do, and was just thinking that I was stuck in a dump of credits. That's when I saw the OORAA ad on T.V. and thought of giving it a try. The girl, Sonia, helped me a lot and answered all my queries patiently. They put me at ease, that too without any kind of interest. It's been 8 months working with them, and they already settled 2 of my major cards. I just feel so free now. Just wanna thank Sonia and all the others who are still helping me in clearing my debts. God bless you all!

The people at OORAA Inc are truly miracle workers! They settled my $24,000 Bank of America account for 24% and my $5,000 Chase account for 27%! I feel free like a bird as these bills were really creating a lot of mess in my life for a long time. They also taught me how to keep my payments good in the near future. Thank you OORAA for everything.

One of the best debt settlement companies to work with. Great customer service. In almost 24 months, I'm debt-free! Feeling like I'm on cloud nine.

Thanks Ooraa for getting me out of debt.

12 ClearOne Advantage
13 Financial Rescue LLC
14 McCarthy Law PLC

National debt attorneys experienced in negotiating your debt with the law behind them. Over 100 locations across the nation. We meet you in person for a free consultation.

15 Debit Settlement Group Inc
16 United Debt Settlement
17 CareOne Credit

I've dealt with this debt consolidation period a few times and have always been helped thoroughly. I highly recommend!

18 Golden Financial Services

Golden Financial Services is the only debt relief company that offers multiple debt relief programs including an attorney based debt settlement program, debt validation, debt dismissal and consumer credit counseling. The company has zero customer complaints and an A+ BBB rating. Trusted Company Reviews just ranked Golden Financial #1. How is Golden Financial not on this list of top ten?

19 CreditAssociates
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