Best Debt Relief Services

For those who are struggling under the weight of debts that are on the verge of, or already are getting out of control, there are professional debt relief companies who work to help consumers get their finances under control. Depending on the debt relief company and your personal situation, these companies may offer services ranging from financial planning to credit counseling to debt consolidation to debt settlement. whether you are looking for help getting your debts paid off faster or needing a lifeline to save you from bankruptcy, it may be worth your time to research your debt relief options.

This list is a collection of the best debt relief companies in the United States.
The Top Ten
1 Accredited Debt Relief Accredited Debt Relief is one of the largest and most reputable debt consolidation companies in the United States. Founded in 2008, they have helped nearly 300,000 clients consolidate and rid themselves of $4.77 billion dollars of combined debt. more. Visit Website
2 Freedom Debt Relief

They lifted a huge burden off my shoulders. Freedom Debt Relief got my credit card companies to settle for $60K less than what I owed! Today, I'm debt free - which is something I never thought possible!

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3 CareOne Debt Relief Services Visit Website
4 Money Management International
5 Superior Debt Relief
6 Ooraa, Inc

I have been a customer of Ooraa Debt Relief since transferring from another debt management company in January 2010.
The service I have received in this time has been way above and beyond what I would have expected.
They show a genuine personal interest in me as a client in that I feel like they are dealing with me and me alone.
The personal touch is very clear; I feel like I am talking to a friend and not a company and the confidence I feel in their dealings with me and my finances is fantastic.
It's not just about taking my money. If I ask them to do something on my behalf; I consider it done as they are prepared to make calls for me and will always return my call with an outcome.
This plan has always been about me and what I want from it, not what is best for Ooraa Debt Relief.

It's hard to believe that after working through the program, I've finally completed it! And thanks to all of you, I managed to turn a potentially devastating situation into a positive one, full of lessons learned and goals achieved! I couldn't have done it without your help! Your program is a god-send and I am so grateful for its existence! Despite my challenges throughout the program, you've treated me with courtesy and respect during each and every contact. Thanks Atosa

Relief, Relief, Relief! That is what the Ooraa Debt Settlement gave us. We cut our monthly payments in half and were out of debt in 18 months! We recommend the Ooraa Debt Settlement Company for anyone who has a serious need to get help with their debts.

This program is so simple it's unbelievable! We paid off one bill the first month, and 68,000 in bills in less than four years. Keep up the good work! I would recommend this service to anyone who is sincerely interested in having financial freedom.

7 Credit Solutions
8 Christian Debt Consolidators
9 End High Debt
10 Debt Free Company
The Contenders
11 Premier Debt Help
12 Settlement Processors
13 United Debt Settlement
14 MyCreditGroup
15 CuraDebt Specializing in debt relief services, CuraDebt offers solutions for individuals and businesses struggling with debt. The company provides a variety of options including debt consolidation, debt settlement, and credit counseling. CuraDebt aims to offer personalized debt management plans to help clients regain financial stability.
16 Golden Financial Services

These guys offer debt settlement services and will pay you just for your referrals. They are A+ B rated and have been in business for more than 10 years. Help your clients with a reliable debt settlement program and make extra money at the same time.

17 Debt Wave Credit Counseling

These guys offer credit counseling services. They are non-profit and pay out companies just for their referrals.

18 Key Credit Repair

This is an A+ B rated credit repair company. Their state of the art software allows you to submit business right from their software and then pay you a generous marketing fee.

19 Tax Group Center
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